The 3D printing pen allows turning your imagination into a reality. It is a real handful gadget for creative people, artists, and designers or just for those who want to have fun. Nowadays, the 3D pen is very demanded, and it is predicted that till 2020 its market will grow to $34 billion. Sounds surprising! Before going to the magic world of 3D pens, you need to know some exact things, to buy the best printing pen for you. Here are ten things to consider when buying a 3D printing pen.

  1. Does the 3D pen work on almost every surface?best 3d pen

A good-quality 3D pen has to work on every surface, as it doesn’t use regular ink. It works with plastic. This feature is important for the buyer, as you need it to work everywhere, to reflect what’s in your imagination. A pen that works only on one surface has no use.

  1. Expensive or cheap 3D pen?

In some cases, the quality of the product depends on its price. In this case, you have to decide what are you buying the 3d printing pen for. If it is just for fun, you can buy it for less than $30. If you want the pen for some projects and professional work, you can find a 3D pen nearly up to $300.

  1. Plastic coming out time

You always have to be aware of timing, as heat makes chemical liquid, which is necessary for working. But overheating can cause a color change, and as a result, you will have strange outcomes. So, check the reviews of other people on the printing pen before buying it.

  1. Cooling time

A good 3D pen should cool down in minimum time. If the pen takes a lot of time for cooling down, you will have to wait often between your works, not to have mixed colors. Waiting longer means you will waste your time and have less productivity. Buy a pen that cools down in a very little time.

  1. Will it work in required temperatures?

3D pens work by heating, and the surrounding temperature must not affect its work if the pen has a good quality. It is important to read the technical description of the printing pen before buying it, so you will know if it suits your working environment or not.

  1. System clogging

When cooling down, the plastic can easily get stuck inside the container. If the plastic clogs down quickly, and you have to replace it often, then it will cost more for you. A good pen should have a well-working clogging system, to prevent the plastic from flowing in until you start writing again.

  1. Light indicators

Some models of 3D pens have light indicators, which keep you aware of their state. For example, when the light turns green, you can start to use the pen without having concerns whether it is ready or not. Or when the pen is turned on, it releases light for you to know.

  1. Automatic shut-off

I guess this feature is critical, specifically when you are buying the pen for kids. Some models have an automatic shut off from several minutes if you don’t use the pen.

  1. Filament colors

Different models have different amounts of filaments colors. When choosing a 3D printing pen, I advise choosing the one that will have more colors of the filament. It is always interesting to create something with more colors.

  1. Warranty

Last, but not least. Always choose a pen that has a warranty. Almost every seller offers a warranty, but its conditions can differ and be tricky. Look for a pen with an adequate warranty, which will be helpful in case of damage or loss.

3D pens are helpful and exciting gadgets to express your imaginary world. But before buying them, I recommend paying attention to the points mentioned above so that you will choose the best pen. And also, after the purchase of a pen you need to have some skills and creativity. I guess these words are challenging and motivating. Good luck in your shopping and creating fun stuff!