Top 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Alarm Clock 2017

Best Alarm ClockCan you wake up in the morning on your own? If you can without the help of an alarm clock, we take our hat off to you, as we cannot. These days no one can wake up in the morning without the help of these amazing creations.

The digital clocks available on the market help us to arrive on time for meetings, our jobs, take the kids to school and more.

There are different models available you can choose. Here we have the top 10 things to consider before buying the best alarm clock in 2017.

How do you choose the best alarm clocks?

You can find different designs of alarm clocks available to buy. The days of the traditional clock, you wind up sounding you awake with a continuous ring is outdated. The modern clocks available offer you great features and you need to consider different factors before buying one. Here we explain what you need to consider before buying one and the different types available.

How to find the best alarm clock

Choosing a timepiece to wake you up in the morning needs to be simple to use and most importantly reliable. You do not want a complicated clock with features you’re not planning to use. So what should you consider before buying one?

  • Are you a heavy sleeper – you need a unit with a multifaceted design suitable to appease a light to a heavy sleeper.
  • The timepiece needs to have a good projection – this is a great feature to have. As it allows you to see the time, without you needing to roll over. Here the best buy is a digital clock that projects the time on the ceiling or wall.
  • You do not want to fall out of the bed if you only need a gentle wake up.
  • If you travel a lot, the device needs to have a travel clock design suitable to pack into your case.
  • The designs should fit in with your lifestyle and needs. If you are not tech savvy, a traditional design is perfect, as it needs power outlet or programming.

As you can see these are things you as a person need to consider before buying one that fits in with your needs. However, you can consider some basic features as well. So do not go snoozing off and let us take a closer look at them.

Basic Features to Consider when Buying an Alarm Clock

When you buy an alarm clock, you can look at the following features as well:

  1. How easy is the device to set?

There are different models available that offer you auto-syncing once you plug it in. Further, you get the option of using manual settings and helps when you overshoot your alarm setting mark.

  1. How many alarm settings does the clock have?

You can buy timepieces with different alarm settings, from dual alarms to different alarm tones for each day of the week. The dual alarm function is great if you share a bed or a room with someone.

  1. Can you set the brightness and volume?

Many of the latest brands of clocks available offer you the option of setting the brightness levels and volume. This is a great option to have as it allows you to customize the device according to your needs. They have adjustable snooze times and the choice of how bright the time glows.

  1. Do you need battery backup?

Are you buying a powered clock? This is where battery backups important. This feature ensures that the clock keeps time in case of a power failure during the night. There are different models offering you this trait as the settings never get lost when a system is charged or during a power failure. There are different battery options available from AA to AAA batteries.

  1. Wake up to the radio

If you enjoy listening to music this attribute is a great option as the timepiece wakes you up with the radio playing. This highlight is available on most digital clocks these days.

  1. Do you need Bluetooth and USB ports?

There are many options of clocks offering USB ports to charge your mobile devices on your nightstand. Others have Bluetooth for wireless music streaming.

  1. How accurately does the alarm clock keep time?

This is important as a clock that does not keep time precise defeats the purpose. With the latest devices, you can set a schedule for the alarm and keep track of the time with your mobile device. This helps to make sure that the timepiece is accurate in keeping time.

  1. Do you need an LCD screen?

For some users, this may be a great option but for you, this may not be a need. You can buy clocks with LCD screens allowing you to display images in the memory. The first thing you will see when woken up by the alarm is a picture of your loved one or kids.

  1. The price

The features of the timepiece determine the costs and the more advanced features the clock has the more expensive it becomes. Here it is best to consider your budget and needs before settling for the best alarm clock costing you hundreds of dollars.

  1. Warranty

Another important feature to consider is the warranty of the product. The best is to choose a brand that stands by their product by providing you with a guarantee or at least a warranty on the product.

Final Thoughts

Buying an alarm clock may seem like an easy task, but most importantly the product you buy needs to give you a dependable use. In your busy life, you need a reliable clock to wake you up in the morning. We hope that our article on the top 10 things to consider before buying the best alarm clock in 2017, gives you all the information you need in choosing the right one.