Top 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Bathroom Heater in 2017

Best Bathroom HeaterIt’s cold outdoors and you need to take a shower Brrr. That is all we can think of, the bitter cold and getting out of the warm shower to dress is worse. Has this happened to you before, we are sure it has.

This is where the best heater can solve your bitterly cold problem in the bathroom. There is nothing more inviting than a warm bathroom when taking a bath or shower during the cold months. With a warmer available, it removes the cold, leaving you with serenity and peace.

Before heading out to buy the best portable heater for the bathroom – do you know what to look for when buying one? If you are not sure, we suggest you read our top 10 things to consider before buying the best bathroom heater in 2017 for yourself.

Ten Important Things to Consider when You Buy a Bathroom Heater

Once you buy yourself a heater for the bathroom, you are buying an investment for long-term use. They provide you with heat all year round and not only used in the winter.

Buying just any bathroom heater is easy. However, there are important things you need to take into consideration when choosing one. Here you can find key features to mull over when choosing the best one for your bathroom.

  1. Which Type of Bathroom Heater do you need?
  • The Portable Heater

If you are in need of a heater only to use during the winter months, the portable heater is your best option. They are great if you are renting an apartment or house, as you do not need to mount it on a wall. All you need is a power outlet to plug it in and you can move it from one room to another. Once summer arrives, you can pack the appliance away until winter arrives again.

  • The Ceiling Heater

If you own a home, the ceiling heater is a great choice for permanent heating. You do not need to find space to mount it on a wall and they do not leave obstruction in your way.

  • The Exhaust Fan Heater

One of the most humid places in the home is the bathroom as steam accumulates. If you want to prevent this from happening the exhaust fan heater works well. With the fan, it draws out the moisture in the air and provides warm air to heat up your bathroom. This helps prevent damage to the ceiling and walls caused by dampness.

  • The Wall Heater

This heater mounts to a wall and you can buy them in different brands and models. Here the best option is to choose one recommended and safe to use in the bathroom. They work well in small bathrooms with limited space.

  1. How much will it cost to run the heater?

You do not want to spend thousands on your utility bill every month. Here you need to consider the wattage of the unit as each model has a different output for generating heat. There are other options available as well compared to using an electric heater such as gas heaters.

  1. Do you need horsepower?

When buying a heater with horsepower they have an elevated heating capacity and best to view the model specification. On the specs, you will find important information related to the voltage, wattage, size and more. These types of heaters are normally expensive compared to the best small heater for a bathroom.

  1. What is the size of your bathroom?

Estimating the size of your bathrooms important as this determines what type of heater you need to buy. If you have an average bathroom, a small heater is perfect and more cost efficient as well. The portable heater is also a great choice as you can move it around.

  1. Where will the heater stand in the bathroom?

Here you need to think of the different types of heaters we discussed as this determines where you want the unit to stand. Do you want to mount the equipment, hang it from the ceiling, or have it standing to move around? Not every type of heater is suitable to use in the bathroom and best to decide before making your purchase.

  1. How safe is the heater?

You know that electricity and water do not mix. This is why safety features are important. You want to keep your bathroom, safe for the family to use. When choosing the best bathroom heater they come with all the safety requirements you need. Some of the features you can look at are as follows:

  • Does it have an overheat protection that shuts down automatically?
  • Does it have an over tip protection includes?
  • Look, if the heater is waterproof, but please remember never let an electric appliance get wet even if it has.
  • Can the heater handle dampness if you are uncertain you can check the specs.
  1. What is the Safety Certification of the unit you are buying?

Many users forget these important features. When you buy a heater for your bathroom it goes through different standard regulations and test. If you want a heater suitable for the bathroom, make sure to check if the products listed in the following places:

  • The NRTL – National, Regional Testing Laboratories
  • The UL – Underwriters Laboratories
  • The CSA – Canadian Standard Association
  • Made in America – this is another safety consideration as many appliances, imported into the country does not follow the safety standards of products made in the United States
  1. Other Features to Consider

As important, as safety features are there are other features you can look at when buying your heater.

  • Some heaters have an automatic timer
  • Certain models come with an exhaust fan to prevent moisture buildup
  • Another standout feature on some units is the digital clock
  • Other models have front mounted thermostats with remote controls
  1. What guarantee is offered with your purchase?

One important thing to consider is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. This is a very vital thing, as you need a brand, backed by a warranty or at least a guarantee for a year. When suppliers sell a product and back their appliances with a warranty you know they stand behind the products they sell in case it does malfunction.

  1. How is the customer service?

Is the company you are buying from ? It does not help you buy the best bathroom heater with a great warranty and you cannot get hold of the sales person or staff to provide you with information when needed.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found our 10 things to consider before buying the best bathroom heater in 2017 helpful. Follow these simple steps to ensure you are buying the best appliance suitable for your lifestyle and needs. This will help you to make the right decision to choose the best one suitable for your bathroom and safety.