Top 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Electric Wall Heater 2017

Best Electric Wall HeaterYou might agree it is much more affordable to buy the best electric wall heater than turning your central heating system on during the winter months. The place that gets very cold and uncomfortable is the bathroom, and choosing the best bathroom heater is difficult.

You may wonder why choosing one is difficult…

Because you need to consider different things before you make a purchase, especially with wall-mounted heaters. We are here to answer the important questions related to wall heaters.

HOW with the following top 10 things to consider before buying the best electric wall heater in 2017.

Things to consider when buying a wall electric heater:

The majority of homes have a central heating system and heats up different zones throughout the house. However, there are times you do not need to have the heating system running, it’s actually a waste and leads to a high electricity bill.

This is where the wall heaters cost efficient to use as it only warms up room in the home, for instance, the bathroom.

Now choosing the correct heater to warm up one room takes some consideration. Here are some helpful tips you can look at when buying an electric wall heater best suited for your home and needs:

  1. How cost efficient is the heater, you choose.

This all depends on the type of heating element the model has. Further, the power of the heater and the method it uses to heat up is just as important. You can buy heaters to mount to a wall with a fan. Once it’s on, it provides ample heat to warm a room.

They do cost a little more when using them for long periods, but keep the room warm longer after switching it off. However, if you do want to conserve energy and keep your utility bill low you need to check the energy saving modes available on the heater to help minimize power usage.

The important thing is to remember, the more power the appliance has, the more expensive they are to use. This is where the next point is one to consider as well.

  1. How powerful is the heater?

If you have a small room, you need a heater that uses 1.5 – 2kw power, while one that offers you more than 2kw is perfect for larger rooms. You need to be careful when reading, the power information provided by manufacturers, as it is not always reliable. This is vital when looking at efficient heaters as they offer you 95% to 100% efficiency. While other brands offer you 75% efficiency. What does this mean? This means that the device might waste power drawn from the power supply. The less power the appliance converts the fewer heats supplied to heat up the room.

  1. Who is going to install the wall-mounted heater?

This is one of the important considerations to think about. Who is going to install the heater as it is electricity? There are different safety concerns if you are not a qualified electrician. This thought needs adding to the next important tip following here.

  1. What is your budget?

As mentioned with the installation of the wall heater you need to consider the amount with the type of heater you plan to buy. There are different heaters you can use to mount to a wall. However, you need to consider the following:

  • What size do you need, as heaters have different sizes and heat output? Make sure to measure the room you plan to use the heater.
  • Where do you plan to place the appliance? Read the clearance of the manufacturer indicating the minimum clearance of the product as it allows the heat to spread and warm up the room. If you plan to use the best bathroom heater available, consider the humidity and best to check if you can use it in the room, you desire to use it.

When viewing prices of wall-mounted heaters you can still find a price that fits in with your budget as they typically start from $50 up to $300.

  1. What type of heater do you need?

You can buy different models of heaters made with the following three technologies:

  • Convection – this heater supplies a whole room with even heat
  • Radiant – this type of heater only provides heat in a certain spot and suitable for small spaces
  • Micathermic – these types of heaters are perfect to heat up a widespread area fast and saves space

Another consideration is the appearance and design of the wall-mounted heater. If you need, the appliance to fit in with your existing décor you may want to consider one that is visually appealing. There are different designs from contemporary ones and polished chrome designs.

  1. Take safety features into consideration

Depending on where you plan to use the wall-mounted heater, safety features are important. Consider the following:

  • Is the heater safety certified?
  • Will the heater shut down when it is over heating?
  • Can the heater handle moisture when used in a bathroom?
  • Is the plug used ground fault protected?

Safety is another important feature as you may have kids or pets around and you do not want the appliance causing a fire.

  1. Does the heater have a thermostat?

Heaters with built-in thermostats are superb as it allows you to save money on your electricity bill. If the unit you buy does not have one we, recommend you buy one. The thermostat allows the appliance to run until it reaches the desired temperature and shuts the heater off. Once the temperature starts dropping, it will turn the unit back on.

  1. Does the heater have control settings?

If you do have a huge budget, the different control settings available on the wall-mounted heaters are great to have. Some heaters have the following automated programs available:

  • Remote controls – these are great to have if you plan to use it in your main bedroom. Who wants to get out of bed if you can use a remote control to set the wall-mounted heater?
  • Programmable timer – this is a nice feature to have when lying in bed as it automatically shuts off and turns on when you need it in the cold early mornings.
  1. Other features to consider:

Other features you could consider are a built-in fan as it helps to circulate warm air throughout the room. Some models have humidifiers incorporated into the system and great when used in bathrooms or in the basement.

  1. Warranty and After Sales Service

No one wants to buy an electric heater only to find it does not work or needs maintenance and it does not have a warranty. Having a warranty and after sales, service shows that a manufacturer trusts their products and backs it with an excellent guarantee.

Wrapping it up

We hope that our top 10 things to consider before buying an electric wall heater in 2017 helps you to buy one best suited for your lifestyle and needs. Choosing a wall-mounted heater is the best choice you can make if you need a permanent space warmer in the home.