Best Electric Wall Heaters 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Electric wall heaters offer a modern way to warm the modern households. These heaters require mounting on the wall for efficient operation. Besides their cost convenience, they also save up on space thus convenient for most households. Where your area is large, these heaters serve offer supplemental heating to meet your needs. They feature a fast operation, heating up within a minute or two hence an attractive package for your household. Despite these attractive features, most buyers still ask why electric wall buyers are the ideal home solution and not any other type of heater. This buying guide will offer you the answer to this question and ensure you settle for the best electric wall heater for home use.

Types of electric wall heaters and how to select the type that suits you

Best Electric Wall HeatersWhile most people focus so much on warming their rooms during winter, you will realize that during the other seasons, you will still need to keep your home warm. Among the areas you will need to invest in include the bathroom, hallway and bedroom. For this reason, electric wall heaters are a must-have. The best electric wall heaters, unlike the central heating system, have a wall mounting feature that saves up on your household space. These heaters are also energy efficient, generating more heat faster and at low costs for your rooms. Electrical wall heaters comprise three major components:

  • Metallic rough-in can that mounts the heater inside the wall
  • Heating unit consisting of the fan and heating elements
  • Safety cover that holds the heating elements

While electric wall heaters come in many types and brands, you need to select a heater that suits your lifestyle if you are to enjoy the full benefits. The best wall mounted electric heaters come in three major types based on their heating technology. Some of these heaters have fans to aid in the heat distribution while others do not depend on the brand and model. They include:

Radiant heaters: These heaters are ideal for personal heating in small spaces. They supply warmth to the room via halogen tubes. The instant heat they supply goes directly to the individuals in the room for absorption without warming the air. For this reason, these electric wall heaters are ideal for use in draftier areas.

Convection heaters: Unlike the radiant heaters, these heaters distribute heat evenly to a room. Heaters using the convection power heat up the air and releases it to the top of the room’s space. Some convection heater models feature a fan to speed up the air heating process.

Micathermic heaters: These heaters are convenient in large areas as they employ both radiation and convection technologies to heat up a room. With their fast warming speed, they use less power hence energy efficient.

Why should you go for electric wall heaters?

Electric heaters, unlike other heating appliances, offer a wide range of benefits to the user that makes them stand out in the home heating alternatives. These benefits include:

They are easy to install: Installing an electric wall heater does not require you to be an expert. You only need to read and understand the instruction guide to be safe. Once you do this, run either a 120V or 240V wiring to your heater and mount it at a safe position on the wall. Next, turn your electric wall heater on and enjoy the moment.

They are highly affordable: besides their initial purchase costs, these heaters are ductwork free, unlike the HVAC systems cutting off the overall costs.

Energy efficient: The overall consumption of these units is generally as a result of the timer and thermostat controls. Moreover, since they heat specific spaces and with their spot heating features, their energy consumption further goes down especially with a smaller space or proper insulation.

Special Features that we need to consider

When it comes to selecting the best wall mounted electric wall heater, among the special features you should consider are:

Cost: Generally, the cost of an electric heater depends on the heating power, method and elements the heater has. Electric wall heaters with more heating appliances will cost more than those with fewer appliances. These appliances include the fans, thermostats and timers. In this case, heaters with timers, for instance, will be costly due to the efficiency they add to the heater’s operation in the long run compared to those without. By switching your heater on and off as necessary, timers save up on the running cost. With the energy use efficiency as the overall effect, you will realize that paying for the initial high cost of such heaters is worthwhile.

Design: Where you want your heater to match the theme of your house, consider one with aesthetic value. With the current technology, you can get heaters with polished designs and colors to match your household décor. However, ensure that you do not compromise on quality while settling for a heater based on the model. To accomplish this, consider high-quality heaters made of galvanized steel. Besides the shine, these heaters are also strong and durable.

Safety features: When it comes to such appliances, the safety of your household is paramount. Thus before purchasing your heater, check the safety features including overheating, ground fault protection and moisture tolerance.

Another essential safety feature to check before purchasing wall mounted electric heaters is whether they are UL listed. With UL certification, you will know the minimum distance you should place your heater from adjacent surfaces and other household surfaces to ensure your safety. To further equip yourself with your wall heater’s safety standards, ensure you read the instructors manual to avoid typical household accidents. During installation also, ensure that you mount your electric wall heater at a safe location on the wall, preferably where there are limited movements around.

Control settings: Electrical wall heaters have two types of settings namely the remote control and programmable timer. If comfort tops your heater needs, then purchasing one with these features will serve you best. The programmable timer is convenient for its automatic functions. However, heaters with this function come at an extra cost.

Installation: Electric wall heaters require wall mounting. Where you are not conversant with the installation process, then it is essential that you factor in need to hire a qualified professional to do this for you. This will save you from unnecessary damage cost.

Technical specs

In addition to your specifications and preferences as a buyer, you need to check the technical specifications of the heater to ensure it meets your needs. These specifications include the thermostat, warranty and wattage.

Thermostat: Thermostats are an important safety feature for all electrical appliances. With electrical wall heaters, a thermostat will prove useful in preventing system overheating that may pose a potential risk to your household. Thermostats perform this function by registering the room temperatures such that when it is too hot, it will go off. Some electrical wall heaters have built-in thermostats while others have a different thermostat package. In both cases, ensure that the thermostat is properly functioning and compatible with your heater.

Warranty: Warranties are an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product quality. Thus, as a smart buyer, consider heaters with more extended warranties to also save up on the maintenance costs. Where your heater operates smoothly throughout the warranty period, you can rest assured of a more prolonged service after its expiry.

Wattage: This refers to the heat output from your electric wall heaters. The heater size is proportionate to its wattage. Therefore, it is important for you to establish your room size and hence the appropriate heater size and wattage. The insulation levels in your room will also dictate the wattage of your heater with well-insulated rooms requiring less wattage. Well insulated rooms require a lower wattage. Poorly insulated spaces, on the other hand, need a higher wattage. Some poorly insulated conditions that may necessitate going for higher wattage heaters include old leaking houses and houses with a bigger floor to ceiling distance. As a rule, therefore, for every square foot, consider a 10 watts heater for well-insulated rooms and up to 15 watts for the poorly insulated rooms.

What is the best electric wall heater?

Our lifestyles and environments dictate the type of electric wall heaters we pick for our households. For this reason, settling for the best electric wall heater may prove cumbersome with shallow information. Thus, a review of the features of the top three high ranking electrical wall heaters is necessary to aid your purchase decision. These include:

Efficiency versus heating space convenience: When it comes to heating efficiency, every homeowner desires to get an appliance that consumes a lower electric voltage for high heat output wattage.  The size of the space you want to heat will dictate the most energy efficient electric wall heaters you purchase. Thus, when buying a heater for either a small or large room, consider the Cadet 67507 Com-Pak Plus Fan Heater 2000 W, 240 V, White. This heater is not only efficient but economical. In large rooms, you can mount several heaters to disperse the heat effectively. On the other hand, small rooms can warm up efficiently with one heater. This heater’s efficiency is courtesy of its heating coil elements that heat up and radiates heat to warm an ample space of up to 200 square feet. The heater also features efficient fans which add to its heat distribution efficiency hence a lesser time to attain full room warmth. If your heating space is small, then King PAW2422 2250-Watt 240-Volt Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater, Bright White is the ideal purchase. When used alone, in a small space, this heater will provide sufficient heat to warm up the space faster. However, where your space is big, consider using this heater for supplemental heating.

Wall mounting convenience: If you want a heater that provides for you to mount in any of your rooms with convenience, then Stiebel Eltron CK 15E 120-Volt 1500-Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater should top your purchase list. This heater is ideal for use in the hallways, kitchen, and bathrooms, turning your home from cold to cozy. When used in bathrooms; the heater offers an ideal way for you to make your bathroom temperatures convenient and comfortable with its digital display unit with which you can read and adjust your temperatures accordingly. In addition, its frost protection feature enhances its usage in the bathroom. This feature ensures the heater remains in perfect condition where you employ low electric power in the operations. Thus, even after your thermostat switches off, your heater’s temperatures will remain above the freezing point regardless of the ambient temperatures.

On the other hand, if you are considering installing your heater on the ceiling, then the Cadet 67507 Com-Pak Plus Fan Heater 2000 W, 240 V, White is a suitable recommendation. This, however, will be possible for the 1500 watts output or less.

User safety: just like other electric appliances, your safety should be a priority. To ensure this, consider the King PAW2422 2250-Watt 240-Volt Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater, Bright White. This heater features a 20 gauge powder coated grill and a Thermal Cut Off safety device. The latter feature ensures your safety by switching off the heater when an obstruction occurs in the heating process. The one-piece grill component of this heater also features rounded corners to prevent snags. Alternatively, you can consider the Cadet 67507 Com-Pak Plus Fan Heater 2000 W, 240 V, White which besides being UL listed, has an overheat protection feature that regulates the heat released hence reducing on fire risks. Moreover, it does not have sharp edges thus ideal for use even where there are small kids and pets.

User comfort: As a user, you want the heater to do all its adjustments on its own without interrupting your rest. Thus, to achieve this goal, Cadet 67507 Com-Pak Plus Fan Heater 2000 W, 240 V, White is the ideal purchase. This fan forced wall heater has a built-in adjustable thermostat that aids in the regulation of room temperature. Also, if your comfort is subject to a quiet environment, then the above three heaters are an ideal option. However, to be more precise, Stiebel Eltron CK 15 E heater leads regarding the quiet operation. This feature is courtesy of its galvanized steel and radial type blower. King PAW2422 2250-Watt, on the other hand, embraces a high mass steel element, Cframe motor and a squirrel cage blower that ensures its quiet performance.

Design and uniqueness: If you want to step out of the ordinary way in your wall heater purchase, then the King PAW2422 2250 wall heater purchase should be your number one priority. This heater embraces a unique design that allows the user to change the wattage output simply by connecting the terminals which are color-coded depending on the wattage.

FAQS about electric wall heaters

What are the important safety aspects of electric wall heaters?

Electric wall heaters safely mount on the walls posing less risk to homeowners. However, to ensure you remain safe, install it away from furniture to avoid blocking the direct flow of air. Also, since they use electricity in their operation, locate them free from liquids and open flames. Where you are not sure about their maintenance and safety, it is appropriate to seek advice from a technician.

Are there mounting restrictions on my electric wall heater?

In order to be on the safe margin, mount your electric wall heater at least 20cm from the floor or 15cm from your ceiling. This location should be free of obstacles like curtains and furniture.

My heater is not generating sufficient heat. How do I check the problem?

Some issues may cause your heater to be inefficient in heat supply. If you notice this, start by checking your heating element to ensure it is getting hot. However, do not touch it. You should also check for clogging and clear the system. If everything appears to be okay, consult a qualified technician for further check. A replacement of your heating element may probably be the last resolution where everything seems to function well.

Electric wall heaters continue to increase in popularity for their attractive features. In fact, with technology, new models are coming up with better design and performance features.  As the above guide depicts, it is evident that these heaters offer a safe way to warm your space and therefore are a must-have appliance in your home. In fact, if correctly installed, these wall mounted electric heaters can serve for a long time without causing any harm to the users. With their affordable costs and environmental friendliness, using electricity, you will keep your house warm and remain a healthy user. Further, they are cheap and easy to maintain which is why you should consider installing them in your home. In the long run, while other heating options may seem attractive, with the right information and advice from your dealer, if you purchase the best wall mounted electric heaters you will realize how best they stand out in their cost, convenience and environmental aspects.