Best Pellet StoveBuying the best pellet stove may be what you need to heat up your home this winter. With the cost of electricity, it takes out a huge chunk of your household budget.

Buying a stove that uses pellets as a fuel source is a great investment as it helps you save costs on your home expenses. The great thing is that pellets are an affordable option and made from biomass waste.

This type of stove does look similar to your wood stove, but on the inside, it is a sophisticated appliance giving you low-cost heating. Further, using pellets as a heat source is beneficial for your home as it burns cleaner and produces more heat.

However, there are important things you need to look at before you decide to buy one for the home. Here we have the top 10 things to consider before buying the best pellet stove available in 2017.

Ten things you need to consider before buying a pellet stove

Using a stove that works with pellets is safe and offers you effective heat to warm up your home. They have a unique build and have a fan that helps to circulate hot air throughout a room. Further, they are less messy and have different automated features depending on the hopper size you buy. This is why you need to consider the following steps before making a purchase.

  1. Consider the size of the pellet stove

The heating capacity available determines the size of stove you need. A model with an output range from 40,000BTU to 50,000BTUs is the best pellet stoves to buy. These types of stoves give off a heat efficiency of 75 – 90%.

The important thing is to decide what the purpose of the stove is. If you plan to heat one room, you can consider buying a smaller one with a lower heating capacity. However, if you want to warm up most part of the home you need a bigger one.

  1. Think about the fuel you want to use

A stove designed to use pellets comes in different fuel sources from corn pellets, wood pellets, and a multi-pellet. Consider the availability of the pellets you plan to use. It does not help buy a stove that uses corn as a fuel source if it is not available in your region. Further, consider the costs of the different pellets as some of them can be expensive to buy. The best option is to choose a stove that has the multi-pellet design.

  1. Where do you plan to keep the pellets

Using pellets in a stove does have its drawbacks and one of them is you need to keep it dry. So consider where you will be storing the pellets. Moreover, depends on the type of fuel you buy as storing corn pellets can lead to rodents and insects making a home of your shed.

  1. How do the pellets feed through the system?

The stove has a hopper design and there are two types available. One model is where the pellets fed from the top, or the other model type that you feed the pellets from behind the unit. When using a bottom-designed feeder it does not need a quality, low-ash pellet compared to the units with a top feeder. The reason for this is the ash pushes through to the ash pan for retrieval.

  1. Where do you plan to use the stove

You can buy yourself the best pellet stove, but you still need to decide where you want to use it. WHY, it needs electricity to keep your home warm. The best option is to choose one with a battery backup or you will need to buy an extra generator in case of power failure.

  1. How easy is the stove to maintain and use?

These units have many moving components and sometimes you need to disassemble them for maintenance. While others are easier to clean as the parts stay intact. You want a unit that you can easily access when the in need of cleaning. Further, if the appliance has controls you do not want to struggle using it. The best options available are the ones with automatic ignitions and have buttons with digital displays to use. Try looking for one with a large ash pan, making it easier to retrieve and clean.

  1. What external design does the stove have?

Here your personal preference is important as the best pellet stoves have a neutral color. They fit in with your current décor, however, you can buy them in a stand-alone design, inserted into an existing fireplace or have it wall mounted. Other units have a large ceramic or glass viewing area, allowing you to see the flames burning.

  1. What do you expect to pay?

Pellet stoves start in the range of a $1,000 and can cost you up to $3,000 with installation costs. They could become a bit more expensive related to the fuel and it needs a power outlet to work. The positive side is it does not need emission as it produces little smoke compared to a wood burning stove and safer for the environment. Further, it has a viewing screen and much safer to use in the home. Moreover, the risks of sparks sent out are not possible.

  1. Other features you can consider

As important, as the above things are to consider you can also think about the following features:

  • Do you need an automated system? Alternatively, do you prefer doing it the manual way?
  • If you consider using a manually controlled one the controls may need adjustments made of the inlet dampers.
  • Does the pellet stove have an air wash system – this feature helps to keep the glass clean by blowing warm air over it.
  1. Is the stove EPA Certified?

When buying a stove using pellets to fuel it and it has an EPA Certified stamp on it, the stove burns clean and is efficient to use. Further, it protects the air in the home you breathe. This type of unit complies with the strictest production regulations to help reduce energy costs and pollution. This certification implies that the stove offers a great heat output, produces less creosote, and burns completely.

Final Thoughts

With all the great designs and styles available on the market, we hope the important considerations help you to find the top rated pellet stove for your home.