Best Waterproof Backpack Buying Guide 2018

Getting the right waterproof backpack is much more than a simple matter of getting anything that can hold your belongings on a cherished adventure. Having provided you with the best backpacks around, we realize you need a few guidelines to assist with the choosing. By the end of this guide, you should have enough tools to make the right choice for your needs. Let us have a closer look at what you should look for when choosing a best waterproof backpack.


Best Waterproof BackpackAny personal investment should begin with one thing and that is defining your intentions with the product. You need to have a clear idea on what sort of activities you will be using it for. When it comes to backpacks, there is not such a thing as a general fitter. These bags are designed differently and they are adapted towards different consumer preferences. There is a wide range of activities requiring different types of bags and these include travelling, hiking, rafting, fishing, cycling and carrying belongings to work or school.

Having defined your purpose as a starting point, you need to get further and consider the following points:

Is It Really Waterproof?

There exists three waterproof levels that you need to know before you buy a waterproof backpack. The first level is what is considered as just being water resistant. This implies that the backpack is capable of being exposed to light rain or water sprays without letting the water in but cannot offer much more beyond that. These bags are not bad for more basic uses like going to school and cycling while keeping the necessary caution of staying away from anything more intense.

Waterproof backpacks have much more resistance to put on the table. You are basically assured of safety in terms of keeping your belongings dry in wet conditions such as heavy rains and wet grounds. These backpacks can let you hike or cycle inside considerably wet environments but may have reservations when it comes to going through rivers and swimming, as they may not really hold the water off completely.

If you are into extremely wet activities or sports such as rafting, there is a genuine need for what is known as a 100 per cent waterproof backpack model. These are at the extreme level as they simply can manage to shut the water out completely no matter how aggressive the wet conditions are. In addition to having exceptional water resistance properties, they house buoyancy properties which enable them to float when they happen fall into the water body.

Is It An Appropriate Size?

Now let us move on to size as an important factor worthy of your consideration. You do not really need to be an Einstein to know that you should select something that is capable of holding all your belongings. Make sure you have an idea of the bags volume in liters before buying anything and you can find this information in our best waterproof backpacks in 2018 guide.

But generally, if your adventure is something that will take you a single day like a short hike or a one day cycle, you can do with a small sized waterproof backpack. For those who are more extreme, for instance, long hikes and extended travel periods, bigger bags serve a great deal of convenience.

The Weight

No one fancies a backpack that will add a load on top of the already heavy stuff they are carrying. This makes it a must for everyone to look at the kilograms or pounds a particular bag is holding before any purchase.

Choose something that is as light as possible in conjunction with other factors otherwise brace for the annoying back and neck aches.

The Material

You cannot buy a waterproof backpack without considering the material as it affects a lot of the bags properties including durability and comfort. The following are the common materials used to make back packs and their properties:

Cotton canvas: Canvas is a heavy and rough weave cotton material made from synthetic and natural materials. Its advantages include enhanced waterproof capabilities, less weight and low price.

Pack-cloth Nylon: This is a slick and shiny version of backpack material. Its advantages include excellent abrasion and puncture resistance and enhanced waterproof properties.

Corduba: It is in essence a nylon fabric that is specially treated with air. It has the lightweight and resistance to abrasions as its main advantages.

Rip-stop nylon: This is goes along way providing extra protection and enhanced waterproof capabilities and lightweight.

Polyester: This famous material provides high resistance to UV degradation when compared to nylon. Its strength is also exceptional and it proves an affordable option as well.

Compartments And Pockets

Another factor you cannot afford to ignore is the way the compartments and pockets are organized inside and outside the bag. You don’t want a backpack that has the capacity to hold all your stuff while at the same time making it a pure hustle to access your own belongings. More pockets inside and outside allows for better organization of the stuff you are carrying and saves you a lot of time in the long run.

If you are up for a long trip out, it does a lot of good to avoid backpacks that don’t offer you much more than just the main compartment and a front pocket. Choose something that helps with keeping you smart and organized.


An obvious factor indeed is the price tag associated with your bag. You surely want something that provides good value for your money whether it is a substantial amount or not. Generally, the more expensive a particular bag is, the more the features it can offer.

If you are more of a casual user, you don’t need to break your bank account for a gargantuan priced bag. With under 50 dollars, u can still get something that provides a lot of appreciation for your coin. For those who are more of stern adventurers or daredevils and love to brave extreme weather conditions and a good number of days out, you definitely need something that offers a bit more. You need something that offers durable material, a lot of storage options and an overall prolonged lifespan. This translates into a hike in terms of the amount of coins you will have to fish out of your pockets.

All in all, never settle for something because it’s considerably cheap as you may get nothing but mediocrity. On the other hand, a bigger price does not always give you the quality you are looking for, make sure every penny counts.

Consider The Egornomics

One of the things you don’t want in life is having a backpack that wreaks havoc on your back and shoulders. A backpack that is more of a constant pain can spoil the fun in the adventure and that is why you need to check for all the features related to your comfort. Firstly, make sure the backpack makes a provision for adequately padded straps. Straps keep your bag properly aligned with your body to make sure the weight is properly transferred to the ground with minimal muscle effort. A backpack that combines shoulder, waist and lower back straps provides the strongest support and saves your back and shoulders a great deal of pain. Along with the straps, the lighter the weight of the backpack, the more stressful it is on the body which translates into extra comfort. Another factor you need to consider is the material over the padded back area. Most bags have a meshy back rest that helps with efficient circulation of air.

No matter how cool it may look, never settle for a backpack that sacrifices your safety and comfort for looks. You will end up locking it up in a closet.

Learn From Others

If you limit yourself to technical specifications and base all your decisions on a set of specs, you might be missing something crucial. Experience almost always counts and a glimpse of it through other people’s views can give you some subtle strengths or weaknesses you may not see in product specifications.

Get out of the comfort zone and have a look at reviews given on amazon for each product. In general terms, if a product is getting an overwhelming avalanche of negative feedback then it will serve you well to ignore it. On the other hand, if a product is getting a considerable rate of positive reviews, it is a logical decision to consider it. Never make a decision based on one positive or negative review.


In a nutshell, these are some of the useful guidelines that will make your backpack choice better a thousand fold. In short, take a deep breath, define how you will be using the backpack, look for the right specifications as outlined in our best 2018 backpack guide and then get what is best for you.


Question: What is a 100% waterproof backpack?

Answer: A 100% waterproof backpack can be submerged underwater completely with no water leakages inside the backpack. It is not limited to providing resistance to rains and splashes, it is optimized for extreme conditions.

Question: What are some of the most durable backpack materials?

Answer: There exists a range of materials including leather, polyester, nylon and Corduba.

Question: What are some of the safety features I need to look for when purchasing a backpack?

Answer: Firstly, you need to see if the backpack makes a provision of adequate straps to distribute the weight effectively. These include waist straps, lumbar straps and shoulder straps. Additionally you need to see if the straps are adequately padded so that you avoid the discomfort that comes with unpadded straps.


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