Top 10 Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Wireless Routers 2017

best wireless routerIn this day and age, a typical family evening is sitting next to each other, or even in separate rooms and instead of spending time together being on phones, laptops, TVs or tablets, as we live in a technological era. I guess you understand what I am talking about, and if such kind of phenomenon exists in your family too, then you need to have a good wireless router that will be able to meet everyone’s needs at the same time. I want you to focus your attention on 10 major points before buying a wireless router.

  1. Your Internet top speed

You can find out your Internet top speed by looking at your account details or contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP). As you know, the speed is measured in megabits per second  (Mbps) and your routers minimum speed depends on the Internet speed. For example, you will need a router that can hold at least 100 Mbps if your Internet speed is 100 Mbps.

  1. Size and style

A lot of people like to set their routers in visible areas of their house. So, buying a stylish router can make it a part of your home decor. If you have limited space for the router, make sure you pick the suitable form and size. If you are interested in the portability of the router too, then pay attention to travel routers.

  1. Price

You need to outline your budget, as sometimes the advertisement of discounts can be deceptive and you can easily spend more money on a modem and a router than it is needed. You can spend around $200 and buy both of them with high quality. Also, if you have a modem, you don’t have to purchase it again, so buying only the router will be normal.

  1. Single or Dual band?

Wireless routers work on two frequency bands; 2,4GHz and 5GHz. The 2,4GHz one can be used by a large number of devices, and the 5GHz one provides a faster connection. Dual band routers offer both frequency bands, using them simultaneously.

  1. USB ports

USB ports on routers are now mainly used for cheap network storage. You can plug a flash or HDD and share data with any device on the network. USB port can be used to create a networked media hub for streaming music, TV shows, or movies. Also, if you don’t have a wireless printer, then the USB port is a necessity.

  1. Security

Make sure your router is secured with a WPA2 encryption, especially if you live in an apartment block or a crowded area. You will need to enter the password into each device only once. Then they will remember it.

  1. Number of connections

One important thing to consider before buying a wireless router is the maximum of devices that can be connected simultaneously. N routers can handle the maximum of 30 devices, whereas AC routers near to 100.

  1. Frequent houseguests

Do you know that you can use a guest network instead of your regular one? It is available almost on all routers. If you don’t want to give your regular security password to your guests, use this second network that provides online access.

  1. Warranties

Warranty is always provided with the equipment. However, the length and terms of routers’ warranties can vary. Always consider buying a router with a better warranty, which means the ones where the manufacturer is committed to supporting the product.

  1. Feedback from other people

Nowadays, you can find a lot of online forums and discussions on different products and topics. It is sensible to look at what others have found. In this case, you will be able to buy the best router.

All in all, having a good-quality and wireless router is a necessity in these days, as we live in the Internet age. I think no one imagines their life without the use of Internet and media now. So, consider these helpful top 10 points before buying a router, not to waste your time and money when looking for the best router and after buying not to regret it. Have a nice shopping!