Rik Flaxman

The CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Rik Flaxman is a tech enthusiast who has been in the tech industry for long. He has vast knowledge and experience in technology development, and he is always keen on emerging trends. Technology has provided amazing solutions to problems facing humankind. It has enabled invention and innovation of revolutionary product that has changed the way we live. Rik realizes that not everyone knows the ins and outs of technology, but everything one is fascinated by it. As such he developed this platform to bring you the most comprehensive product reviews, insightful buying guidelines and unbiased verdicts on which products are superior.

Rik ensures that every review of the product is accurately and factually curated. He goes out of his way to get together a team of experts, who test, research on and analyze different products, to give professional advice on their performances. Technology brings along fantastic products. They come at a cost though. Rik has made it his business to ensure you get quality and top-notch technology, for the right price. He uses this platform and his expertise to share insights into best buying practices for various products. The reviews explore the features of different products and compare them with others to come up with an unbiased verdict on which one is best.

Rik loves to travel and play football. He has traveled far and wide to experience different technology advancements across the globe. It is out of this experience that he can compile insightful advice on various products that technology has to offer.  Football is one of the areas that enjoyed tremendous improvement as a technological advancement. From training equipment to match control, technology has played a major role in shaping what football is today. Rik finds this scenario quite intriguing. It couples his passion for technology and football enthusiasm to give him epic experiences.

Rik works with great passion and drives to always keep up with the latest technology trends. The information you find on this platform will always be up to date. He aims at ensuring you get to enjoy the ease of doing various tasks, that is made possible by various technological products. He also wants to make sure nobody is left behind with outdated technology when the whole world is moving ahead with revolutionary inventions. He finds tremendous pleasure in being able to guide you to make informed purchases.

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