Authors Team

Allan D:

Allan is an electrical technician. He owns an electrical solutions company that does repairs and new wiring in houses. He has been working in that field for over ten years. His line of work has put him in the path of many electrical appliances. He is a useful member of the writing team who helps a lot when we are reviewing electrical products. Allan strongly believes in appliances that consume less power but not at the expense of good performance. When not doing electrical installations or writing, Alan likes to read. He reads creative, informational and analytical pieces, a practice he admits makes him a better writer.

Over the course of his job, Alan has come across many types of electrical appliances. He brings that wealth of experience to the table to help review various products. He provides useful insights about safety features of electrical appliances and signs you should look out for to know your appliance might be faulty. He also provides guidance on best maintenance practices of various products. He writes informative, factual and concise reviews. He loves to keep up with technology advancements in his field of work, as it helps him deliver quality services.

Lydia M:

Lydia is a stay at home mom. She has three kids aged between 4 and 14 years. Over the course of motherhood, she has interacted with many home solutions appliances. She is an exceptional writer too. She shares her experiences with the forum through writing informative reviews based on her experiences of using different products.  She buys new home appliances from time to time, uses them and writes a review about their effectiveness. She is a very active contributor to the writing team. Lydia likes to play with her kids or cook during her free time.

Being a mother and a cooking enthusiast means Lydia has had to interact with many products. Mainly, she contributes reviews on kid’s products. She likes to pay special attention to how these products are designed to ensure kids safety. She also writes reviews on kitchen appliances. Her constant interaction with such products enables her to provide factual information. She likes to experiment with new products on the market to ensure her reviews are up to date. She writes her reviews using first-hand experiences. These are the best in exploring the effectiveness of a product. Lydia has been a contributor to the reviewing team for a long time.

Belinda S:

Belinda is a software developer and a tech enthusiast. Many products today have incorporated the use of software to make them more effective. Belinda is always fascinated by various ways in which software programs used in different products. She loves to review tech products. She writes professional reviews that highlights all the technical aspects of different products. She presents her insights in a detailed but simple manner, which makes it easy for the average reader to understand. Belinda’s other hobbies include coding and music. Her experience in the tech industry enables her to critically review the technical aspects of various products.

Belinda adds her wealth of experience to complement the team in technology matters. High-tech gadgets are becoming very popular by each day. In the next couple of years, virtually every other product will be high-tech. Consumers of such products do not have the knowledge that would enable them to tell how effective they are. It is through people like Belinda that we can present factual, clear and concise information, which guides people while making purchases. Belinda is a very enthusiastic member of the team. She has helped the review team to scale new heights.

Victor J:

Victor is a marketing consultant. He has knowledge and experience in marketing strategies and market forces. He understands the chain of distribution of products from the manufacturer to the consumer. Victors contribution in writing reviews is very significant. It helps connect the dots why some products are more expensive than others, even though the features are identical. Victors write about matters branding and marketing trends too. Our products reviews explore prices too as we seek to ensure you get the most value for your money. Victor’s wealth of knowledge in matters marketing helps separate the effects of market trends, and those of quality, on the price of a product.

Marketing and distribution as a crucial part of ensuring products reach consumers. It is through marketing that many people, including us, become aware of certain amazing products that are available. Victor writes eye-opening reviews that help the reader understand what should or should not inform their decision of purchasing a particular product. Victor is an active author who pens informative and engaging reviews. Victor is passionate about technology too, as it has had major impacts on marketing trends. He loves to swim during his spare time.

Irene N:

Irene is a music producer. She interacts with a large volume of electronic products. She is a source of very significant insight for the team. The writes reviews on various electronic gadgets. Irene love music. Her passion for music had made her explore a lot of musical instruments. She also works with a lot of electronic gadgets related to music-making. She writes engaging and informative reviews on various products. Her engagement with electronic helps her explore different aspects of the operation. Irene loves to dance when she is not writing or making music. Irene has been contributing reviews to the team for a long time.

Irene participates in the organization of many music EDM festivals. She has considerable experience in electronic music equipment. This puts her in a great position to explore their effectiveness and write reviews based on first-hand experiences. Electronics are a big part of many peoples shopping sprees today. People do not know the technical aspects, or at least what is expected of a good gadget. Insights from people such as Irene helps us bring to make that information available, to ensure buyers get quality products. Irene loves to travel too. She writes most of her reviews while traveling.

Patrick E:

Patrick is a freelance writer. He spends his time analyzing various products on different platforms. Patrick is very good with numbers too. He analyzes the reviews statistically and makes presentations that give an overview of the effectiveness of the product. E-commerce platforms are the most preferred shopping spots today. The number of people buying products online is rising every day. The reviews these products get are an actual reflection of performance the products. Patrick helps to judge the authenticity of the reviews and then collects data from verified buyer reviews for analysis.

Patrick is a profound writer who articulates his finding in a precise and simple manner. He has been a member of the team for quite a while. He provides statistical data on various products that help in making verdicts about them. He is especially very useful in comparing the reception, among consumers, of various products with similar features. These comparisons are important in identifying the circumstances under which different products perform best. Patrick’s data presentation skills are useful in presenting findings to our readers. Patrick is a great researcher and is involved in numerous research projects. He loves to watch football in his free time.