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Are you a creative soul looking for the right tool to help spurt out your creativity? You should probably try using a 3D printing pen. Although these pens are relatively new to the market, they have gained popularity mostly due to the fantastic features that they have. They also come in distinct types. Each has different specifications which you should consider to ensure you get the best 3D pen. But first, it is essential to explain what a 3D printing pen is and how to use it. Well, it just looks like an ordinary pen, maybe a bit bulkier. It also uses plastic instead of the standard ink or lead used by regular pens. Is it cool? How do you use it? These are some of the questions probably popping into your mind, primarily if you have never used it. The pen is, however, quite similar to an ordinary pen, only that it offers some features which allow you to use it differently.

To use the pen, you just insert a plastic filament which gets heated inside and melts the filament into a liquid. It uses a particular technology to heat the plastic meaning no harm will come your way from the heat. Once you are done heating the plastic, you can use the pen to draw or even scribble on anything you desire. One of the key advantages of using a 3D printing pen is that you can use it to write on any surface. Although these pens may be relatively new to the current market, there are some brands with even more set to be created in future. You will probably be confused by the sheer number of 3D printing pens which have different features and even dimensions. Luckily, you can find a review of some of the best 3D pens below:

Best 3D Printing Pen Reviews

1. MYNT3D Professional – Best 3D Pen

If you are seeking for a simple yet efficient 3D printing pen, then you are in luck. The MYNT3D is one of the excellent performing 3D pens in the market considering the quality of services it offers and its cost. Users of this product have found it easy to use and entirely satisfactory with its quality.

A key factor to consider when purchasing your 3D printing pen is its weight. You should not buy a large printing pen as extra weight will make using it quite tricky. When it comes to ergonomics, this pen will never let you down as its lightweight, and classic body makes it one of the top products in its price range. Most people consider products without a display to be a pain.

With the MYNT3D, you will also get an OLED display which can be useful when showing temperature, speed or even the mode selected. Furthermore, its nozzle is easy to remove, a problem that many 3D pens in the market have been facing. Enough with the features, you might be wondering what the Pros and Cons of using this pen are.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
  • Watch imagination come to life with the Professional 3D Pen
  • Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing


  • The relatively large OLED display will allow you to control and set the actual temperature that you desire while also allowing you to easily explore the Pen’s features.
  • It also has an adjustable feed that allows you to conveniently change the speed or flow of the filament even when you are using the device.
  • The temperature setting allows you to increase or even reduce the temperature in small increments (1 degrees) for fine-tuning.


  • Being a relatively new product with extra features, it would have been great to have a comprehensive user manual.

Our Verdict

This is a great product for someone who wishes to have an excellent pen at an affordable cost. Its ease of use, coupled with the OLED display makes it convenient and easy to use for almost all age groups.


2. AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pen

A perfect pen for those who wish to model or even draw structures. It has been specially designed as a great educational tool to help tutors who are teaching complex 3D models to their students. The pen also comes with a bright OLED screen which makes it a convenient pen to use. This screen also ensures that you can easily operate the pen when alternating between the different features.

Do you prefer to draw with precision? This will probably be your best friend. The ability to monitor the flow and speed of the plastic while regulating temperature using 1-degree increments ensures you draw with accuracy.

The style of the pen was also an important consideration when designing this pen. It has an ergonomic feel plus an ultra slim body which allows you to grip it well when drawing. Furthermore, the pen comes with a with a USB charging output which ‘literally’ means that you will never have to worry about low battery levels. Simply plug it into any USB charger whether in the car or at home.Voila, you are ready to use it. Here are its pros and cons.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
  • Watch imagination come to life with the Professional 3D Pen
  • Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing


  • It works well with any PLA material. This means that you will never have to worry about purchasing proprietary filaments each time the filament is over.
  • A bright OLED display makes it easy to use even under daylight.
  • Its high precision nozzle, coupled with the ability to control speed and flow make it one of the best for drawing perfect structures.


  • The ultra-slim design led to a cramming of the interface on the pen.
  • Also, it gets a bit hot on the tip when the temperature gets high.

Our Verdict

Overall, this is a great product if you are looking for a sleek pen with a tight grip. It is also relatively cheaper as compared to other pens on the market. To get a good quality pen and excellent ergonomics, get yourself the AIO robotics full-metal premium.


3. 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

A beautiful 3D printing pen that does not disappoint when it comes to creating excellent structures. This pen works like a magic wand to put your thoughts into reality. With a slim design and a weight of about 10.5 ounces, the pen allows you to use it comfortably. Furthermore, the pen is also designed to go on auto-standby when it is left idle for more than 5 minutes.

It also has an LCD-display which can show you the temperature, filament and even speed of the flow to ensure you have precise structures. It is hard to find the best 3D pen that is exclusively designed with young users in mind. The 7TECH 3D printing pen, however, was specially created to allow youngsters who are above eight years to safely use it.

An aluminum coating around the hit nozzle protects small fingers from burning. Also, it has a sturdy body which allows you to use it for a couple of hours without any qualms.

No products found.


  • Durability is one of the key advantages of purchasing the 7TECH 3D printing pen.
  • It is also an extremely versatile 3d pen with the ability to specify the precise temperature, mode, and speed.
  • Only a few 3D printing pens are kid-friendly and the 7TECH is one of them.


  • A critical disadvantage is that it is relatively complex to navigate through the device, and the instruction manual doesn’t help much.

Our Verdict

Although this device looks small and even compact, it offers some unique features. These include the ability to control temperature, control speed with one finger and jam unclogging mechanism. Also, it can be a great gift for your kid if you want to invoke their creativity.

No products found.

4. Polaroid Draw – Best 3D Printing Pen

This wonderful pen is an exceptional tool for creating beautiful pieces of art, learning objects or even adding some fun to learning especially for the younger audience. What can you do with this pen?

First, you can use the pen to craft some creative décor to add to your home collection. Alternatively, these pens offer a hands-on approach to education as it can help tutors to teach a couple of subjects while making the activity both fun and creative.

The key feature of this 3d printing pen is its ergonomic design which has been designed to comfortably fit in your hand. It also includes a safety feature which shuts off the printing pen during times of inactivity. Furthermore, this pen is suitable for all ages and with a wide range of stencils to choose from.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
  • Watch imagination come to life with the Professional 3D Pen
  • Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing


  • It has an ergonomic design, aside from also being a lightweight device that is easy to use.
  • The printing pen has an LED color display which shows the chosen mode, temperature, and even speed.
  • You can choose from a large number of stencils with the choice of accessing premium stencils if you are a Polaroid user.


  • The filament cools quite fast making it a frustrating process for first-time users as there is little room for making corrections.

Our Verdict

In general, this is a versatile tool that young individuals and even adults can use. You will not even require the assistance of a computer as your imagination is enough to help you create amazing designs. Furthermore, this is one of the best drawing pens that is also relatively affordable.


5. Soyan – Standard 3D Printing Pen for Kids

Another great option if you are looking for an excellent 3D printing pen for children at an affordable rate. The Soyan Standard Pen is one of the most popular 3D pens bought on Amazon due to the number of features on the pen. Some of the notable features on the pen include a quick cooling technology, durable quality and a nozzle that can adjust in size. Although this is probably one of the cheapest 3D pens you can find in the market, it is also one of the efficient 3D pens.

Ease of use is one of the key strengths of the pen as you can use it immediately after unboxing it, without the need to read complex manuals. Furthermore, its ergonomic design makes it a perfect device that will not only ensure it fits comfortably in your hands but will also assist you to make some precise drawings. Its light weight makes it perfect for young kids or even adults with small hands.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
  • Watch imagination come to life with the Professional 3D Pen
  • Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing


  • The Soyan standard pen is one of the most affordable pens on the market, but it is also quite reliable than other brands.
  • Ease of use, lightweight, and its sleek design make it appropriate for individuals of almost all ages.
  • It uses ABS filaments.


  • Although it is cheap and reliable, it does not have as many features as other recent models.
  • Some users have also reported that its tip may sometimes leak plastic, but this only occurs on rare occasions.
  • No LED display which means users have to rely on feel and experience.

Our Verdict

Get this if you want a simple and affordable pen that will get the job done. Safety, a sleek design, and its light weight are some of the features that make it great, even for smaller children.


6. Kuman – 3D Printing Pen with LCD

With the option of an ABS or PLA filament measuring 1.75 mm, this printing pen replaces the use of ink and adopts using plastic to create 3D objects. Not only will you be able to draw on paper but also in the air due to its eccentric features. The pen has an intelligence mode which puts the pen on standby as soon as its left idle for 5 minutes.

This can, arguably, pass as one of the best 3D pens, in its price range, with some unique and advanced features. For example, the pen has an advanced thermal management system which allows the user to select the precise temperature they require. The temperature ranges from 160 to 230 degrees, and it is highly adjustable to ensure you get the most accurate art or 3D structures.

Its ability to detect any filament jamming and a super quiet design are some of the other advanced features that make it a great pen. The ability to create some unique pieces or art coupled with its safety features make it a great pen for creative kids.

No products found.


  • With perfect ergonomic design, the pen has a unique and slender body style which make it suitable for almost all hands.
  • It also incorporates an easy way to change speed with only one finger.
  • The Kuman 3D printer pen has an unclogging mechanism that aids in preventing jamming at the nib.


  • This 3D printer pen has been faulted for having a computer translated manual which doesn’t make a lot of sense for those with no idea of how to use the product.

Our Verdict

Most people will often get confused when seeking to gift their children. The Kuman 3D printing pen is a great gift for your creative child. You should, however, ensure that they use it under supervision, especially if they are young.

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7. KT-PRASE – 3D Pen for Kids

Another great 3D printing pen for kids. With an affordable price, this pen will probably impress you if you are a creative soul. The 3D printing pen offers a myriad of features which make it one of the best 3D pens on the market. Its ergonomic design, for example, makes it easy to handle and operate.

The pen allows you to use both the ABS and PLA filaments although the latter is recommended due to its safe and environment-friendly nature. Not only are they non-toxic but they are also safe and odorless hence its wide use. Furthermore, the pen has a ceramic nozzle which is much safer in comparison with the copper nozzle that most manufacturers use.

The KT-PRASE pen also has a wide temperature range starting from 60 degrees to about 245 degrees. The large temperature allows the user to set a specific temperature that is suitable for their activity. Furthermore, you can set the lower temperatures for children as a safety precaution.


  • It supports mobile power. You will no longer worry about finding a power outlet if you purchase this pen.
  • Incorporates both the ABS and PLA filament. The pen allows the user to alternate between PLA and ABS filaments.
  • Easy to use. This is one of the easiest pens to handle with one button that controls everything.


  • A major complaint about the company is that there is no reliable customer support to handle queries or any issues that may arise.

Our Verdict

This is a great pen if you are looking for an affordable yet average performing pen. Its ergonomics make it an easy pen to handle for people of all ages including children. You will no longer have to worry about power supply as the pen also has a port for mobile supply.


8. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3

The Scribbler pen comes with a hefty price tag on Amazon. With such a price tag, you would expect it to not only perform well but also to have a variety of features, and it doesn’t disappoint. From drawing anything you like to making different crafts, nothing can create amazing designs like the Scribbler pen V3. Thanks to this pen, you now have an awesome tool that will help you create 3D structures with an impressive level of precision.

A large OLED screen on the device allows you maximum control over all the pen details which may include temperature, feed settings among other options. It also has a sleek design, lightweight and even lets you control the specific amount of filament that you need. This pen is also kid-friendly allowing both adults and children to hone their creativity.

Scribbler 3D Pen V3 New Awesome Design Model Printing Drawing 3D Pen with LED Screen Different...
  • AMAZING 3D CREATIONS: Create unique and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up your own style! You’ll find that the only limit for your 3D pen...
  • 3D ART MADE EASY: The Scribbler 3-D Drawing Pen is lightweight, easy to manage, and lets you release the perfect amount of filament for precision crafting and art. It also won’t jam due to the...


  • Large screen. This pen has a relatively large OLED screen which is good since you can get all the useful information concerning the drawing process.
  • Attractive design. Scribbler pen comes in a variety of colors aside from having a great design that allows you to hold it comfortably.
  • Ease of use. Using a 3D printing pen can be quite a complex process. This pen simplifies this process.


  • The pen is quite bulky compared to the standard pen in the market.

Our Verdict

Overall, this pen offers a myriad of features due to its versatile design. It allows you to use different types of filaments which can be a good thing if you can’t get the recommended filament. Although using this may be difficult at first for those used to traditional 3D pens, you will ultimately love this product as you learn how to use it.


9. CreoPop 3D Printer Pen 100% Free Form, No Heat, No Clogging

Quite a riveting 3D pen. You will always find good remarks about the CreoPop pen in any pen review. Although most of the 3D drawing pens require a cord to operate, this is not a necessity with the CreoPop 3D printer pen. It has a sleek casing, slim shape, and high performance; something that you may only find in a movie starring James Bond. But what makes this an excellent pen?

It is cordless. Unlike most of the traditional 3D pens, this one does not use a cord to heat the filament. In fact, it does not even use the heating technology. The pen uses ink gel, but the gel is hardened as soon as it exits the nozzle through photo-polymers plus a combination of three UV lights. Since it lacks a heating system, it is recommended for adults and children of all ages.

The CreoPop 3D printer pen does not use a plastic filament. A significant number of pen users have reported the smell of burning plastic that is caused by the burning of plastic filaments in other pens. By using ink gel, which works the same way as plastic, you can get rid of this smell and enhance your overall experience with the pen.

Great ergonomics. This is one of the best 3D pens due to its sleek appearance and performance. Do you seek a good-looking 3D printing pen that does not compromise on quality? The CreoPop 3D printer pen is just what you need.

3D Pen, CreoPop Professional 3D Printer Pen with Innovative Cool Inks, Safety Proven, 100% Free...
  • THE SAFEST 3D PEN: Non-toxic, no UV, CreoPoP’s ink is cool to the touch so there are no hot parts, no bad smell and no melting plastic. Unlike thermoplastic 3D pens, you don’t need to worry...
  • FREESTYLE 3D DRAWING: With CreoPop, you create your own unique. designs, in different shapes and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up...


  • One of the safest 3D pens with 20+ certifications plus you can touch the gel.
  • A sleek, attractive design makes it a very portable pen.
  • A wide range of ink gels with the option of using scented inks.


  • Relatively larger than other pens.
  • The gel can get messy if you don’t handle it well.

Our Verdict

A cordless pen will give you the chance to maximize your drawing and printing experience. Since it does not use the heating technology in most 3D drawing pens, it is among the safest 3D pens to use.


10. GLYBY 3D Printing Pen

The GLYBY is regarded as one of the best 3D pens in the market despite lacking an attractive style. Although it does not show much potential regarding look, its functionality is greater than most of the average pens, especially in its price range. What are some of the features of the Glyby 3D printing pen?

It is kid friendly. You probably need something that is child-friendly if you have a child regardless of whether the pen belongs to you or your child. It is, however, worth noting that a significant number of features in this pen have been designed with kids in mind. Should you need something more professional, it is highly advisable to shop for another pen that delivers your expectations.

The Glyby printing pen comes with an intelligent standby mode. Your 3D printing pen will automatically switch off after 5 minutes of inactivity. Whenever you take a nap or just a short rest, you will not have to worry about switching the pen off or starting a fire. Heating will then resume immediately you start using the pen again.

Ease of use. This pen is easy to use allowing you to set the precise speed and temperature at the touch of a button. You can easily determine the flow of the filament to create perfect designs. Furthermore, you can set up the speed and freely use the pen without interference.

A lightweight design. With a -3x 1.75mm ABS Filament and a light casing, the Glyby 3D printing pen is not as bulky as other pens in the market. It also offers filaments of different colors with each loop being 10g.

3Doodler Start 3D Pen
  • Designed with no hot parts, completely safe for kids aged 6+.
  • The plastic hardens rapidly allowing kids to literally draw in the air with only one speed and one temperature.


  • Offers good quality at an affordable cost
  • Kid-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Heats up faster than other pens


  • It has a short cord which may interfere with the user experience

Our Verdict

Overall, this is an easy-to-use-pen. You can easily add or even remove a filament by plugging in the pen and pressing the white button at the bottom to let in the filament. Once the filament is hot and ready to use, the button will change colors. Go for this pen if you need a cost-friendly pen that creates awesome 3D structures.


11. Tecboss Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Whether you are drawing or creating 3D structures, the Tecboss 3D printing pen will give you a pleasant experience. Made with a lightweight material and a sleek design, you can use the Tecboss 3D printing pen for hours as it is having a very comfortable fit on the hand. It supports two filaments including the PLA and the ABS filaments which are processed at 160-180 and 180-210 degrees respectively.

The pen also has an LED display where you can choose the material selected and set the temperature range depending on what you need. This display is an excellent feature as it can help you keep tabs the operations of the 3D printing pen.

Another unique feature of the 3D drawing pen is its advanced intelligent chip. This pen comes fitted with an intelligent chip which regulates and control the speed of the filament and temperature of the pen.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen for Teens, Adults & Creators! - Black (2020 Model) - with Free...
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  • It allows the use of two filters; the PLA and ABS filter.
  • The package comes with a pen holder to help cool off the pen when you are done.
  • Attractive style and quality workmanship can describe the pen
  • Kid-friendly


  • Despite having a sleek appearance and quality design, the pen is still wired with no batteries.

Our Verdict

Are you a designer, art enthusiast or even a creative kid who would like to let out your creative side with an amazing 3D printing pen? This will probably be a great fit. The pen is designed to enhance comfort which ultimately makes your drawing easy.


Wrapping Up

Finding the best 3D printing pen may be an arduous task, considering the high number of companies offering their products. With that said, it is important to find authentic and reliable information about the performance and design of each pen you may consider purchasing. While most people experience some challenges when first using, you will be able to create some perfect 3D drawings or even objects after being conversant with the pen. A few features to consider include the size of the pen, ergonomics, safety options of the pen, ease of use, the weight of the pen and the type of filaments accepted among other key features. The review above gives the key features, specifications and some user experience of top 3D pens.

Best 3D Pen – Buyer’s Guide

Here is a comprehensive buying guide for the best 3d pens to have a deep insight for a better decision.

The art and craft industry is advancing from the 2D to 3D drawings courtesy of 3d pens. 3d drawing pens feature an advanced technology that uses heated plastic filaments instead of the traditional ink to draw.  To draw using a 3d pen, fill your pen with plastic filament. The plastic then heats up, courtesy of the pen’s heating technology and comes out in a molten state, allowing you to draw or design anything. This technology is top notch and its capability in enhancing creativity among artists makes 3d pens a popular drawing tool. To attain the best results from using this pen, therefore, the following is a guide on the types of 3d pens, their special features and how to select the pens to match your lifestyle. Keep on reading.

Types of 3D pens and how to buy

The best 3D pen brands in the market fall into either thermoplastic or cool UV ink pens, both of which utilize the heat technology to melt the plastic that aids in the drawing process.

Thermoplastic 3D pens: these are the most popular type of 3d pen. The pens utilize a thermoplastic filament which undergoes heating and comes out through the pen’s tip to facilitate drawing. Two major types of thermoplastic are usable in these pens: the ABS and PLA. The ABS thermoplastic is a polymer with a matte appearance. Unlike the PLA, it offers a quicker drawing solution. The PLA thermoplastic, on the other hand, is brittle polyester but offers a polished finish to your artistic work.

Cool UV ink: this is a less popular alternative to 3d drawing pens. In this model, the cool ink comes out as UV sensitive ink which solidifies upon exposure to UV light. Thus, pens using this technology do not require a heating element hence safe for use even with small children.

The question of how to buy the above types of pens is subject to the following:

The compatibility of the pen with the drawing surface: since a 3d drawing pen is usable in different ways, it should be compatible with most drawing to facilitate use. Thus, check the pen’s specs first before actualizing your purchase to ensure unlimited use of your pen. A good pen will be able to draw on every surface.

Operating temperature: the operation of 3d pens requires melting of plastic to draw. Thus, to settle for the best pen, understand the range of temperature the pen operates at and how the ambient temperature affects the pen’s performance. This, you will know by taking time to read and understand the pen’s technical specs.

Duration the plastic takes to come out of the pen: plastic filaments melt at different temperatures hence come out at different times. Despite this, the pen you buy should have consistent plastic outflow timing.

Cooling time: the pen you select should have an average cooling time to allow the use of the pen within short time periods. A shorter cooling time also makes your drawings free of distortions since, with the solidifying of plastic, no external force will alter the original shape.

Clogging: a good pen should feature a good quality clogging system to reduce the frequency of filament replacements. This feature is ideal for architectural designers and cuts down the costs in the long run.

Special features to consider when purchasing

Besides drawing, 3D pens are also useful in repairing plastic materials among other uses. However, narrowing down to their main purpose, which is to draw, you need to ensure you make your selection wisely if you are to enjoy the full benefits of this pen. For this reason, the following is a list of special features you should look out for before actualizing your purchase:

Design: the fact that you a 3d pen is handheld implies the need to consider this feature. Thus, purchase a pen whose design correctly fits your hands to ensure ease of drawing. In the current market scenario, the slimmer pens take the lead for their ease in holding. Your pen should also be lightweight for ease of handling.

Price: similar to other products in the market, price speaks volume about a product’s quality and performance. However, this factor should not solely dictate your purchase decision. Instead, do a proper review of the low, medium and high price pens, depending on your budget to be able to attain value for your money.

Plastic filaments: purchasing a pen that allows the use of more than one plastic filament not only allows for creativity in your work but also makes the process more fun and adventurous. Thus, during purchase, pay attention to the included filament and its compatibility with your model. Besides the above major types of filaments, there exists other more than ten filament variants falling into under the flexible, specialty, composite and standard categories. The type of filaments also dictates how you hold your pen. As a rule, purchase pens whose filaments are easy to replace as such pens are easy to use hence a higher probability of lasting longer. As a smart buyer also, purchase pens whose filaments specifically meet your needs to derive maximum utility from the purchase.

Control type: while some pens utilize the traditional buttons for control, newer models feature an OLED display that allows for control and viewing of the pen’s status.

Brand: as a smart buyer, it is your responsibility to check and review the most popular brands in the market. In doing this, you can examine the different brands on the basis of their qualities and features before settling on your purchase. While it is advisable to settle for the most popular brands in the market, undertaking a review first and analyzing the different buyer feedbacks will serve as an eye-opener to enable you settle for a brand that perfectly meets your needs. Through a 3d pen review of the brands, you will be able to know how well the product works and any cases of clogging in the course of work.

Corded versus cordless: if you do not want limitations in your task, then top your purchase list with a cordless pen. This pen facilitates easy drawing in both indoor and outdoor spaces as you need not connect to a power source during use. Of importance, however, if you take this route is the cost of rechargeable batteries which is quite expensive.

Tech specs

Besides the pen’s special features, you need to take a closer look at its technical specifications. These features are ideal for determining the pen’s functionality. They include:

Warranty: warranties vary among different brands with some brands having unlimited while other have limited guarantees. As a smart buyer, purchase pens with warranties not only for the quality but also as a security in the event you lose or damage your pen.

Noise level: when heating the plastic filament, some pens produce noise while others feature a quiet operation. To ensure no disruptions as you work, consider the high quality, quieter pens.

Temperatureand Speed control: the quality of a 3D pen varies with the number of controls. The more controls a pen has, the better the quality. These controls include temperature, speed and overheating controls.  The temperature and speed controls represent the important controls of a 3d drawing pen. With an adjustable speed, you can regulate the drawing speed to your liking, thus maximum ease and comfort when drawing depending on whether you are a slow or fast drawer. The temperature controls aid in ensuring a fine drawing by maintaining a consistent melting point of the pen’s plastic filaments. Also, this control ensures usability of the pen with different types of filament. This is because filaments feature different melting points with PLA having a lower melting point than ABS.  A pen featuring several temperature controls will thus be usable with different filaments.

Automatic shut off: during drawing, you may either get an emergency that requires your attention, leaving your pen plugged in the power supply. For this reason, purchasing a pen with an automatic shut off feature will serve to reduce the possibility of a fire hazard in such instances. The automatic shut off feature works by automatically switching the pen once it detects a prolonged time with no use.

Choosing the Best 3d Pens

The best professional pen: If you are looking forward to standard professional artistic work, then the MYNT3D offers you the solution. This multipurpose pen is suitable for printing, sketching and doodling 3D structures. It is lightweight and its slim design and ergonomic shape facilitates handling ease thus maximum drawing efficiency.

The pen features speed controls in a stepless design that allows you to select the optimal speed for your task. Featuring an adjustable temperature control in one-degree interval increments, this pen uses a variety of filaments to draw. Thus, besides the ABS and PLA thermoplastics, the pen also uses 1.75mm wood and bronze plastics with melting points between 130 and 240 degrees Celsius. Depending on the plastic filament you are using, these temperatures will vary with ABS and PLA filaments requiring 210 and 175 degrees Celsius respectively.

An advantage of this pen is its compatibility with all thermoplastics. This feature allows you to become more adventurous in your artistic work. To monitor the operating temperatures; the pen features an OLED display through which you can also attain a variety of effects in your drawing. The pen features a replaceable nozzle, thus in case it fails due to poor temperature settings, you can replace it to continue use. Finally, for convenience, this pen features a USB portable power that allows its use with power banks allowing you to take your projects outside of your normal working space.

The best 3d pen for kids and classroom use: if you are an art teacher, then end your search with the AIO Robotics pen. Featuring a universal PLA printing support, the AIO robotics is the ideal pen to use with children. PLA is environmentally friendly and features a lower melting point hence its praise in favor of the children. To control the rate at which the plastic filament melts, the pen features a temperature control in one-degree increment for different PLA filaments. The OLED display of this pen allows for easy monitoring of the temperature and speed settings, allowing you to monitor the material.

Featuring an ultra slim design and ergonomic shape, AIO Robotics pen eases handling. To facilitate use outside the classroom confinement, the pen features a USB and A/C adapter for battery charging. This pen is of high quality, thus also featuring the ROHS, FCC and CE certifications, it is a safe drawing pen for classroom use. Finally, to promote its use with the AIO robotics, which is the brand’s filament, the pen features a one year warranty if used with the filaments.

The best 3d pen for the money: before settling for your purchase, another pen that should top in your purchase list is the 7TECH pen. This pen continues to receive praise courtesy of its new LCD function and quiet operation. Featuring an unclogging technology, it is safe to use and can last for a very long time due to the ease of maintenance. To facilitate speed control, the pen features a stepless control with which you only need to slide vertically to adjust the extrusion speed to your preference. The temperature is also easy to adjust, given its LCD that allows you to observe the ABS thermoplastic through the melting processes and adjust the settings to your liking. The ABS filament, being non-toxic, makes this pen ideal for use with children. This filament cools immediately after it exits the pen hence the safer to use with the children as the probability of a fire outbreak is low. This feature in combination with the pen’s 65g lightweight ensures ease in drawing. Finally, this pen features a one-year premium warranty. To encourage the purchase of the legit brands, counterfeit pens do not have this warrant cover. This pen has ideal features convenient for all individuals.

FAQs About the Best 3d Pens

The following comprises the commonly asked questions about 3d pens as well as their responses to help you clear the common doubts and solve some simple problems prone to occur when using this pen.

  • Do I need any training to use a 3d pen?

While you may need some drawing skills for a perfect result with 3d pens, you do not need any prior training to use them. With practice, you will be able to use the pen in the long run.

  • How safe are 3d pens for use with kids?

3d pens are usable by individuals in all age categories. However, when it comes to children, the recommended age is eight years due to the hot operating temperatures that may pose reasonable harm to young ones below this age.

  • How can I change the filament on my 3d pen?

Changing your pen’s filament involves determining whether you are changing the color or the type of thermoplastic. When changing the color only, you can either do a continuous feeding. Alternatively, you can first unload the older filament then load the pen with a new one. When changing the filament say from ABS to PLA, start by unloading the material. Next, restart the pen by first disconnecting it and then connecting it to the power supply. Finally, select the material or temperature button and select the plastic mode you want to load the filament.

  • Can I melt and reuse the plastic?

Upon emission from the pen, it is not possible for you as the consumer to recycle the plastic directly. However, at the industry level, ABS, for instance, is recyclable.

  • How should I maintain my pen?

To maintain your pen, consider cleaning it after use. Also, due to the common instances of clogging, make sure you remove any remnants from your pen first before use. When changing the pen’s nozzle and filaments, ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to minimize damages to the pen.

  • My pen is not warming up, what could be the problem?

There exist several explanations for this problem including the power supply and the operation process. To deal with this problem, therefore, first of all, ensure you are operating your pen at the recommended power voltage. Secondly, to heat the pen, make sure you press the filament loading button first. If you try the above but the problem persists, then consider asking a technician for further advice. Similarly, this could just be an indicator that your pen requires replacement.

In conclusion, it is evident that the best 3d pens are here to stay and more advancement will come up in the course of time. As a smart buyer, therefore, keeping yourself updated on the trends at a regular interval to keep up with any additions, beneficial to your artwork. With the above guide, therefore, you can advance your artistic work by settling for a pen with the best features in the market. It is therefore advisable that you take adequate time to study this guide as well as review it to ensure you only settle for an ideal purchase. If you are unsure of a particular spec, liaise with your dealer for further advice.

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