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Getting an alarm clock that will fit your lifestyle is unnegotiable. That is true, especially if, like most people, you have a regular nine to five (or any other engagement) that you need to get to early, and you have the habit of leaving the covers a little bit late. There are tons of alarm clocks available in the market. Getting the best alarm clock requires careful evaluation of the aspects surrounding alarm clocks. This time, your decision will go beyond just getting one of the cool alarm clocks and shift to getting the best alarm clock to suit your needs.

With tons of them out there, we understand how daunting this task can be. It does not even help that manufacturers have come up with a slew of new features that are bound to get your mouth watering for some taste of that fancy world. What you don’t know is that those features might end up being things that don’t matter.

So that you don’t get caught up in such ships again, we have come up with a detailed guide of some of the very best alarm clocks you can buy without having to break the bank.

This time is the best to get a pen and paper. Quite frankly, we don’t see how you will finish with this list and not have come up with more than one suitable option. Let’s meet again at the end of the list and compare choices, shall we?

Things to Consider Before Buying

Like any other piece of gadget that you will be having around your house, the purchase of an alarm clock is something to be treated with a good deal of thought. Before you reach into your wallet to put money down for that morning ringer, here are some things you should think about


Your preferences when buying an alarm clock should take into consideration the kind of display that would be on the clock.

If you are more of a traditional person, then you are welcome to keep the retro style alarm clocks. If, however, you are someone that likes to move with technology, you will find out that the digital clocks of nowadays are a beauty to behold.

You could go for those with LED/ LCD lights with proper settings to make sure they don’t hurt your eyes even in the dark. You will be surprised that some of these clocks will even project the time onto the wall, so you can always tell what part of the day it is by looking at your wall on waking up.

Power Source

The power source is one thing a lot of people consider last when they are getting a new alarm clock. We say last because they only think about it either when they get home, or when a mess up occurs.

You don’t want to be the guy that got late to work because your alarm clock failed to wake you up. You will also not want to be the lady who missed a significant appointment because her alarm clock was unplugged, or there was a power outage.

Depending on your locale and the supply of power to such areas, you will want to choose an alarm clock that fits. Some usually border on the side of caution by choosing one that works on both AC power sources as well as batteries.

Additional features

A lot of us like the idea of having something do so much more than it was meant to. That is why you should look for an alarm clock that offers you something extra.

True, the appliance aims to get you out of bed or remind you of important things. But then, won’t you like it if the same alarm clock had an FM/ AM radio, supports the use of microSD cards or other suitable external storage media to play your music and so much more?

Some alarm clocks even have a smartphone dock attached to them which ensures you never have to wake up to a drained battery on your phone anymore, and that is just scratching the surface.

If you have made a note of what you want on your alarm clock, then we think you are ready to see the hottest options to buy on today’s market. Without further ado.

Top 11 Must Have Best Alarm Clocks

1) Brandstand BPEBL Alarm Clock

The Brandstand BPEBL Alarm Clock is one of the most beautiful alarm clocks you can get on the market today. The good news is that the clock is more than just aesthetics.

The first and foremost thing to note is that it is a simple alarm clock. The unit comes with a good number of buttons to ensure setting up, and manipulation is as easy and user-friendly as possible. It also allows you set the alarm for either a single day or one that would be recurrent over time.

Whichever opinion you choose, you will still get an alarm clock that features support for Bluetooth. Simply, that means you can now enjoy your music from the comfort of your buzzer. Additionally, the alarm clock will take care of auto daylight savings by itself, always updating to meet the global standards so that you never have to miss a minute ever again.

The inclusion of USB power cords and a charging outlet completes the external design of this alarm unit. In the case of power failure, the unit still has you covered. Shipping with a backup battery, you can sleep easy while being assured that a power outage won’t mean your waking up late.


Installing the alarm clock does not require any technical know-how. There are no parts in the package so that you can use the alarm clock straight out of the box.

It can also be set up on even your finest furniture. This is because the base has been made in such a way that it will leave the least footprint possible. Before first use, it is advisable that you get the device charged for a few hours (about 8) so that you can get the best out of it going forward.


Quite frankly, the Brandstand BPEBL Alarm Clock will do better than most alarm clocks on the market. Already, it is proven to wake you up when you want. It then goes on to add more features for you to enjoy.

For example, you can now get rid of the inconvenience from straining to charge and use your gadgets by plugging to one of the USB ports available. Before you sleep, or at any other time of the day, you can make use of the Bluetooth feature to treat yourself to some good music too.

Clear LCD digital screens make for easy viewing of time. The soft blue light has been specially designed to make sure your eyes are not hurt in the dark. Finally, on the display panel, the numbers have been made large enough that you can even see them from a considerable distance.


The buttons on the alarm clock are very user-friendly and easy to use. The large key on top controls pretty much everything. This large button is used primarily for snoozing the alarm clock.

You can also hold it for about 6 seconds after which various adjustable parameters (Year, month, day, hour, minute, etc.) will start to blink. You can adjust them by rotating the knob around the Snooze button till it gets to your desired value. Press the knob to confirm your value and then move on to the next one.

A dedicated Bluetooth button helps to get the connectivity option active. Just search for the device on your Bluetooth-enabled gadget and connect to it. You can then start playing your desired media. As a guide, you should look at the bottom of the packaging cube for other instructions.


  • A large button on top is a utility button
  • Lots of control options on the alarm clock
  • Bluetooth support for media playback
  • 2 USB ports
  • Two power outlets
  • Backup battery to provide for power outages
  • Surge protection to protect alarm from electrical damages and faults


  • Cords are a little bit on the heavy side

2) Philips Wake Up Light – Cool Alarm Clock

Philips is not a newbie to the home appliances scene, and they reinforced their experience in that niche with their introduction of a Wake-Up Light. This is one of the most unconventional offerings we have ever seen, combining light technology with traditional alarm features to wake you up.

The unit will start getting gradually brighter anywhere from 30-40 before your wake-up time. This light simulates the kind of rays you would get from the sunlight to create a natural feeling about your waking up. In fact, the unit allows you pick from 5 different nature sounds to wake up to.

Philips claims to have clinical data to back up why you should choose this unit. With more than 90% of testers claiming they woke up in a great mood when using this unit as compared to the others, there is a small chance that you can go wrong with choosing it.

It is also worth mentioning that the setup is such that you can wake up to your favorite FM radio station. With a sleek and modern design to boot, the alarm unit will automatically dim its brightness according to the ambient light at night, saving you power in the process.


Philips has made it very easy to install their Wake-Up Light by making sure no pre-assembling is needed. You can just take the unit out of its box and start using it.

You will have to plug the light into a power source, so you should locate it as close to an outlet as possible. Make sure the outlet you pick is also one closer to your bed. That way, the light, and sound can have the maximum waking effect on you.

You will not need a replacement bulb since the one attached has been built to last. Coming with its own power cord, the unit is one of the representations of a plug and play model


The first thing to be noted regarding performance is a stunning 92% success this unit received among testers. The alarm clock features a simulated sunrise simulation which can start as from 40 minutes before your desired waking time.

The light gradually increases till it gets to your pre-set time, at which point your favorite radio program can then come up. You can even choose to have the sound a natural one, such as that of a chirping bird. We don’t know about you, but that is sure to get almost anyone out of bed with a calm mind.

At night, there is a dimming light feature and soft sounds that will help you sleep better. On top of that, you also get to choose from 20 different light settings to get your preferred brightness levels.


Philips’ Wake Up Light comes with a guide to hold you by the hand through the configuration. If you must know, the setup is not technical in any way. After plugging, the unit can then be configured to display current time settings. Afterward, your preferred waking up time can then be set, which goes on to be looped daily.

You can choose from the 20 different brightness levels. When you are done with that, select which FM radio station you would like the unit to bring on for you at your waking hour.

Instead, you could go for natural sounds – bird sounds, birds in the forest, gentle piano, Zen garden and seaside sounds – to help soothe your mind in the mornings. There is no snooze button on the device. To snooze, just tap on the light.


  • The sleek, modern-day design makes it fit in with home décor
  • Provides for a calm way to wake up
  • Five different natural sounds
  • FM radio
  • Large and clear display
  • 20 different brightness settings
  • Tap to snooze
  • Children friendly since the light is safe to touch
  • No replacement bulb needed


  • Doesn’t work with batteries
  • Tap to snooze can sometimes be a pain

3) Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock

Where the Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock first gets it right is in the futuristic design. Those with poor eyesight and people who don’t like to strain their eyes will find the large digital display worth all the money. However, we are not here to talk about the beauty of the unit.

Made of plastic, the 7-inch unit will sit down well on your bedstead and not give you any footprints.

In addition to being a great alarm clock, it also offers one thing we have not yet seen on this list – projection. No matter the angle where you place the alarm clock, you will be able to see the time anytime you open your eyes. The projection brightness can even be adjusted so that you don’t hurt your eyes viewing the projected display.

At the back of the unit is an integrated USB support for charging your phone and other USB-compliant units. For entertainment, you will find the FM/AM radio support just right. One other thing that this means is that you can choose to wake up to your favorite sports radio channel or go for the traditional buzzer.

The ball is in your court to go for which one better suits your needs. With support for incremental volume alarm ringing, this unit quickly passes for the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.


Mesqool understands that not everyone would have the technical know-how to set things up, so they have made their buzzer assembly-free. All parts of the Projection alarm clock have been set up from the box. All that left is for you to just take it out of the box and plug it in.

The radio function works just the same as your conventional radios. The only installation you will need here is searching for stations and saving them for later referencing. On the back is a simple plug and play USB port for your Android and iOS devices, as well as other gadgets that can be charged via USB. Make sure you get a suitable cord for that though.


Asides the essential alarm functions, the Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock allows the user enjoy radio (FM and AM) right from the comfort of their unit. The large 7-inch display makes it possible to view the time from a considerable distance. You can set up the alarm clock anywhere and make it project on the wall of your room so that you’ll be able to check the time from any angle when you wake up.

Dual alarm function allows you choose to wake up to the sound of a pre-set buzzer or your preferred radio station. If you are concerned about waking up with a drained battery, you can simply plug your smartphones into the alarm clock while using it. Even if you fall asleep, your unit comes out all charged and ready to go in the mornings.

In the case of a power outage, the unit will keep your alarm settings active. That is thanks to a system of AAA batteries (2 pieces) that the unit relies on for such situations.


On getting the unit out of the box for the first time, you will need to set the current time and date. After that, you will proceed to set your preferred alarm time. There is a detailed guide on the cuboid casing to help you.

Even though the light on the LCD digital screen has been made to suit your eyes, you can still adjust the brightness further to your taste. To project the time onto a screen/ wall, tap the dedicated button thrice (repeatedly). You can improve the focus of this projected image so that it comes out sharp on your displaying medium.

Waking up to your preferred sound as not been as easy. A dual alarm option allows you pick from a radio station or a buzzer ringer type to wake you up.


  • Ability to project time on a screen
  • Easy to use with multiple buttons
  • FM and AM radio
  • Dual alarm clock option
  • Support for backup power
  • Large display for easy time viewing
  • USB port for charging devices
  • Easily adjustable projector


  • Does not update time automatically
  • The snooze button is rather small

4) Brandstand CubieTime Alarm Clock

This is more like the first one on this list from the same manufacturer, but it takes into consideration those who think size to be an issue. The Brandstand CubieTime Alarm Clock has pretty much the same configuration as its brother, but that is where the similarities end.

On the of the unit is a multipurpose knob that can be used to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from snoozing the alarm clock to adjusting the date and time.

There is a simple setting on this alarm clock that allows you input a configuration for only one day or set it to one that will be recurrent over days. Being small doesn’t mean it trades great features though. At least, you still get as much as 2 USB ports for charging your devices and two power outlets too.

Unfortunately, you don’t get all the extra functions of FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity with this buzzer. Set to wake the owner with a beeping sound, it could easily be the best alarm clock for people wanting something basic and portable.


Much like its cousin, the Brand-stand Cubie-Time Alarm Clock requires minimal effort to set up. Just take it out of the box and plug it into a desirable power source to get it active. It can be set up on your bedside table or any other location in the house that you need it in. Make sure you are near a power outlet to enable you to plug this in.

Due to the absence of FM and AM radio support, you will not be able to set up this function. Bluetooth has also been left off this unit in the bid to trim off the extra weight.


Even though a lot of sacrifices has been made on this unit, that does not make it less of a performer. The simple beeping system is sure to wake you up from a deep slumber. Also, each unit ships with two different USB ports that you can use to charge your devices.

You will need to get suitable cords for this. That is one way to be guaranteed your android and iOS units (or any other gadget in the house that charges off USB) is never drained when you wake up in the morning.


The Brandstand CubieTime Alarm Clock is pretty easy to configure for use. There are some buttons on the top and a very obvious one for completing the most operations.

The big knob on the top should be pressed and held for 5 – 7 seconds, which would then cause the ‘Year’ on the display panel to start blinking. The knob should then be tuned to the desired year, then the knob pressed once. That moves it on to the next values until you are satisfied. Should you miss a step, you can always start again.


  • Small and solidly built
  • 2 USB ports for charging
  • Support for backup battery power
  • Uses minimal space
  • Two power outlets


  • The absence of FM/ AM Radio
  • Does not support Bluetooth media playback

5) Eletrophome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

When it comes to the Eletrophome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock, we have quite a lot to say. We can begin with the rather large and bright digital display on this watch. Not only will it wake you up, but it will also serve as a secondary clock in your home.

At the side of this massive screen is a projector that sends whatever is on the daily onto a suitable screen that you direct it to. Waking up in the middle of the night and telling time just got easier.

Asides from time and date, the unit is also designed with a thermometer to let you know what the ambient temperature is. Reaching further into the spec sheet, you will be amazed to know that this alarm clock not only allows you use the radio function to access your favorite AM/ FM channels but even gives you the chance to play media from your devices.

That is made possible via the 3.5mm jack through which you can pass a cord to both your phones/ tablets and the alarm clock at the same time.

Furthermore, the alarm clock allows you set two different wake times. That can come in handy if you are a heavy sleeper or if your partner has a different waking time than you. Speaking of alarm functions, you will also be able to choose what wakes you up – the built-in buzzer system or your favorite radio stations. Preconfigured to set the correct time by itself, all you need do is input what time zone you are in and watch the clock do its magic.


There is pretty much nothing left for the user to do on retrieving this unit from the box. The alarm clock, cum projector unit has already been arranged and assembled by the manufacturer. All you would need to do is just plug it in for first-time use. You will want to search and pre-set radio stations on the alarm clock for further use – listening when you are idle or busy with something, or as your preferred wake up call.


After seeing everything those alarm clock can do, performance is one thing we are sure it is big on. For starters, the alarm clock has a buzzer system that you can go for should you not preferred to be woken up by your favorite radio stations.

You can go on to set two different waking times too. One can be for you and the other for your partner. Both can even be for you – the first allowing you to wake up from a deep sleep, and the next taking you out of bed.

Audio ports on the top of the unit allow you connect to your phones and tablets/ other media devices and use the alarm clock as a mini speaker. Perhaps one of the most important features is the projector support. You will now be able to view the time on walls/ screens that you direct the projector to at any point in time you wake up at night.

Finally, a temperature sensor gives you the conditions of the room where the alarm clock is in, while backup batteries ensure your settings are not lost in the case of a power outage, failure or accidental unplugging. With all these performance points, combined with the design, this is one for those who are in the market for cool alarm clocks to buy.


Configuring this unit can be best described as being a breeze. Once you plug in the unit, it takes it onto itself to automatically set the date and time for you. You will have to input the time zone you are in though so that the clock can adjust itself accordingly. All other parameters (such as temperature) will be set up by itself.

The alarm clock can be set to include two waking times. Afterward, you can go on to pick the buzzer option or set up your favorite radio station to wake you up. Whatever option you choose, you will still be able to choose the chance to turn off the alarm on weekends. After setting the unit once, you can leave it for life and never have to deal with any issues from your buzzer anymore.


  • Support for a projector
  • AUX cord port for media playback
  • Double alarm setting
  • Backup battery option
  • Weekends can be turned off
  • Very sturdy in design
  • Come with a thermometer


  • No nap time settings
  • Even at low settings, display light can be too bright for some

6) Marathon Classic Silent Alarm Clock

If you would like something with the retro feel that still fits in well with the modern-day home, you should cop yourself the Marathon Classic Silent Alarm Clock. Seriously. It takes into consideration what the basic alarm clock does and sticks to that. For those who do not just want an alarm clock, but would also like a table clock too, this is a great fit for you.

The clock makes use of a big, round analog display as is typical with standard units. It is lacking in all of the fancy features that manufacturers now slam on alarm clocks, but very efficient when it comes to doing its job. The clock has a very generic ring (like a kitchen bell timer) that is neither too loud (lest it wakes you up all agitated) or too low (lest it fails to wake you up at all).

The best part of the design is its portability. It does not weigh much, allowing for people always on the move to carry their unit along. For that though, you will have to contend with using this unit with batteries.

Available in a variety of colors, the annoying tick that is usually synonymous with analog clocks has been done away with on this piece. Finally, the user will find all the buttons they need on the top of their clock.


Installing this unit is one of the easiest things you might ever have to do. After taking it out of the box, you will find that there are no parts that need assembling. You can easily go on from there to add batteries to the provided compartments at the back.

The good news is that your first set of batteries have been included in the pack, and they are sure to last long.


This is not just an alarm clock with a classic design, but a great substitute for a table clock too. The second’s hand of the clock was engineered with a silent, smooth sweep technology that ensures you don’t get irritated by the annoying ticking sound common with analog clocks. When placed in low light areas, an ambient light sensor triggers illumination with a soft glow. This will help you see the dial even when the light in the room is dim.

The snooze buttons on the top of the alarm clock are perfectly placed so much that they can rarely ever be missed. Making use of a simple kitchen timer bell-esque sound, the alarm clock is sure to wake you without getting you aggressive.


Setting the alarm is as easy as pie. After putting the batteries into the clock, you should turn the dial on the back. This dial keeps moving till it gets to the desired time, after which you will press the red alarm button on top.

The clock has a neat future that will let you know when the alarm is on or off. The big red button is spring loaded, and it will pop out whenever the alarm is not active. This red button will come in handy on weekends or vacation days when you don’t need a buzzer to get you out of bed.

Since that is what it does, there is nothing else you will need to set up on this clock.


  • Simple style retro design
  • Alarm ringer is not annoying
  • Spring-loaded on/off button helps determine when the alarm is active
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The unit sacrifices a lot of great features
  • No support for AC power

7) Sonic Alert Dual Alarm Clock

If what has always been on your mind is a beautiful and compact unit, with the touch of today’s technology, the Sonic Alert Dual Alarm Clock might have been made for you. The simple alarm design might hide most of its awesome features. We will expose those.

The features worth mentioning start with a giant display that can make the buzzer function as an ordinary clock at every other time of the day. When in operation, the large display (with red light) will go into a blinking frenzy to help you wake up.

Of course, some blinking lights will not wake up the mild to a deep sleeper. That is why the alarm clock comes with a noise rating of 113db. Trust us when we say that is enough to get everything inside your bedroom rattling. The deepest sleepers will find the bed shaker even more innovative, given that it is powerful enough to jolt you out of bed.

There is a dual alarm setting that allows you choose between a 12 hour and 24-hour format too. On top of that, you will be able to back up your configurations for up to a week after a power outage, all thanks to the backup battery power feature. Finally, the unit has been made with the latest green power technology to ensure you consume at least, 60% lesser energy than the unit should have taken on a normal day.


All parts required for the alarm clock to work have already been assembled by the manufacturer. You are required to just take the unit out of the box and set it up for use. Since it contains no FM/AM radio function, you will not need to set up stations/ channels and frequencies.


The Sonic Alert Dual Alarm Clock can easily be considered the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. A 113db noise rating can get anyone out of bed. As at the waking time, the series of flashing LED lights will also help the user wake up fully.

As if that is not enough, a powerful bed shaker will create the needed vibrations to simulate a shaking motion for the user. Combined, that is sure to wake the deepest slumbered.

To make up for power failures and time when the unit is mistakenly disconnected, there are backup batteries that can keep the configurations saved for up to one week. Additionally, the alarm clock makes use of a large LCD-display to make viewing of time – even in low light situations – easy on the eyes.


Instructions on setting the time and date values, as well as the alarm itself, can be found on the packaging. The user can choose from 5 different dimmer levels to adjust the brightness of the display to their taste. Even though the alarm clock can ring at a very loud 132db, the tone and volume could be adjusted to fit the needs of the user. Furthermore, you can set the duration of the snooze time which can be anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes.

Asides the snooze function, you are also allowed to choose the duration of the alarm clock (1 – 59minutes). The bed shaker can be used to recreate a vibration motion on your bed to jerk you out of bed if all else fails. It can be used as a combination with other features too, should you not want to leave anything to chance.


  • 132db is a very high sound level for an alarm clock
  • Bed shaker
  • Flashing red lights to help user adjust their eyes to the dark
  • Backup battery power
  • Dual alarm function
  • Ability to set alarm ring time and snooze duration
  • Adjustable volume and tone settings


  • Alarm clock doesn’t come with additional features such as radio

8) RCA Digital Alarm Clock

During the build and design of the RCA Digital Alarm Clock, simplicity and utility were probably the watchwords of the engineers in charge of the project. The alarm clock offers one of the simplest interfaces on the market, throws in a decent 1.4-inch LED display on an LCD screen and rounds that up with a battery backup support.

There is a slew of interactive buttons on the unit that makes use and controls very easy. Depending on your eyesight, you can even adjust the brightness settings on this unit.

This clock won’t sit on the shelf with those that claim to be the cool alarm clocks, but you can rest assured that it’s the best alarm clock for someone who doesn’t want all the extra baggage that comes with owning a buzzer to get them out of bed in the mornings.


The alarm clock performs only the most basic feature of an alarm clock – to get you out of bed. To that end, it does not ship with all of the additional baggage that you will find on some other units.

Installation is thus as easy as getting the clock out of the box and plugging it in for the first time. You will find relevant information to set up your unit with the package it comes in. Even without that, the alarm clock is something you can easily set up in a matter of minutes.


If it is to wake you up, then the RCA Digital Alarm Clock got you covered. One thing it does more than that it tells you the time at every other hour of the day. It can be used as both a desk clock and a bedside alarm clock, depending on which area you spend the most time. A large 1.4-inch display with black background and red display makes the time visible from afar.

There are no add-ons to the features this alarm clock brings to the table. To make sure you don’t lose important configuration or wake up late in the instance of an overnight power outage, there are backup batteries to keep you covered. Note that you will have to get your batteries for the unit.


Information needed to get the alarm clock configured ships with the package. You will be able to get up and running in a matter of minutes. Make sure you populate the backup battery section with batteries (2 pieces of 9v Alkaline batteries preferably) so that you don’t get caught out on a bad day with a power outage.

The large snooze button on the head is hard to miss even when you are still groggy from sleep. You can adjust the brightness levels to suit your eyes with the hi/lo brightness display present on the click.


  • Basic alarm clock
  • Rings loud enough
  • Large display
  • Brightness levels can easily be adjusted
  • Large snooze button
  • Simple build
  • Uses backup batteries


  • Does not carry additional features

9) Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock

The best part of this alarm clock is not just that it also has a night light – something we find amazing. It is that the design and technology on it make sure it is a great fit for even children. Parents who have been looking for something to keep their children in bed longer and get them out at just the right time could hit gold with the Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock.

For children, the alarm clock signals a yellow light at night which tells them it is time to go to bed. A green light is supposed to come up in the morning to tell kids to wake up. Should they wake up before the green light has come on, they know it is better to go back to bed and wait for it. This works for children because it is fun. Their fun makes sure you get fewer disturbances during your peaceful sleep too. Win-win for everyone, don’t you think?

The easy to program unit does one more by including a nap timer. Got tired during the day and wanted to catch just a few minutes of shut-eye? This got you covered. Asides being easy for parents to set and manipulate for settings such as brightness, lights and time, the toe buttons have been made suitable for kids too.

Overall, we are yet to see an alarm clock that is targeted at improving the sleep of the entire family as this one.


The alarm clock is made easy for anyone to install. You just get it out of the box, put in the batteries and start making use of it. Being kid friendly, even your kids can set it up themselves for first-time use. They might need your helping getting the instructions on the packaging right so that they don’t mess things up though.


Mirari’s OK to Wake! Alarm Clock was made with the best interests of the family at heart. Targeted at kids, parents can also enjoy the alarm clock. The color-changing night lights can be activated by parents so that their kids sleep at the right time and stay in bed more in the mornings.

A yellow light will tell your kid it’s time to go to bed while the green light lets them know it’s time to go. There is an alarm clock to go with the light too, helping to get kids out of bed faster.

Additionally, parents will enjoy the nap time feature that this clock comes with. You never have to worry about oversleeping when taking a daytime nap anymore. To further give the clock a personality, your kids will find the animations exciting.


It is sure that kids will want to play with something a beautiful as this, so there are kid toe buttons there for them. These will perform the function of lighting and animations that your kids will surely find wonderful. At the back is a panel that can be opened for the parents to set the necessary values on the alarm clock. From there, you can set your kids’ bedtime, waking up time and activate the lights. For personal use, you can also set the nap timer from this control panel.


  • The alarm clock is very kid friendly
  • Allows the entire family have a better sleep
  • Kid controls
  • Subtle light and illumination
  • The light is safe to touch


10) Sonic Alert Loud Alarm Clock – Best Alarm Clock For Teenager

Those of you with a flair for something unique, the design on this Sonic Alert Loud Alarm Clock will get you reaching for your wallet. What makes the deal better is that this alarm clock has more than just a pretty (well, depends on how you see it) face.

The skull alarm clock – as the design largely represents – is an extra loud alarm clock that can give sounds as high as 113db. If that is not enough to get you out of bed, wait until you learn about the powerful 12volt bone shaker included in the package.

There are a series of alert lights on this unit, one of them being the red flashing lights from the makeshift eye socket. There is a test function in the engineering that helps you check if your settings work well. That helps you stay safer than you would be sorry.

Beyond that is the MP3 input function that allows you wake up to the sound of your music. To wrap it all up, the 5-level dimmer function will help you adjust the light you see on waking up to your absolute taste.


All parts of this alarm unit, including the shaker and main box itself, have been assembled by the manufacturer. The alarm clock should just be plugged into a wall socket and set up according to the instructions that come with the package. The shaker does not need an extra setup, neither does it need its battery. Once the main unit is plugged, the shaker also works just fine.


There is noise, and there is a lot of noise. 113db of noise is something that we will call a lot of noise. Even the heaviest sleepers will find out that they simply cannot beat this alarm clock into not waking them up unless they unplug it and tuck it away.

Should the noise not be enough to get you running out of bed, the shaker will do the magic. This shaker is powered by a 12-volt power source, so you can just imagine how strong the vibration will be.

For those that would love to wake up to their music, there is a special MP3 function in there for you.


Setting the alarm to display the correct date and time values should be the first thing you get on plugging it. Afterward, you should go on and set the desired alarm time, so it knows when to start its buzzing and vibrations.

Talking of buzzing, you could opt to have the traditional (pre-set) buzzer system wake you up or prefer to be woken up to the sweet tune of your music. For those that like to set dual alarms, that is one feature that is missing on this unit.

The eye parts of the socket will blink bright red and orange lights at waking time. You can adjust the brightness of these lights by using the 5-level dimmer function until you get something your eyes can get accustomed to in the dark.


  • High noise level sure to wake heavy sleepers
  • Vibrating mechanism to help heavy sleepers wake up
  • Bright lights for easy illumination
  • Adjustable controls for the light’s intensity
  • The MP3 function allows you wake to your music
  • Unique design
  • Supports battery backup


  • Vibrator might cause a startling wakeup

11) Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Standing at 4 inches, the Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock might look like a darling during the day, but it is not one during your wake-up time. Unlike other alarm systems that start at the base of their voice and gradually climb up the sound, this unit automatically starts ringing at the loudest when your set time hits.

One thing that should be noted in the design of this alarm clock is that an analog build was made use of. That does not tell the whole story though. Combining that with latest design and engineering, the alarm clock provides the perfect blend of retro and modern designs.

Because it tends to get dark inside in the evenings and at night, there is a manual light illumination system in the clock. That way, you can always tell what the time is without having to stare at all that bright light from your smartphone.

The inside of the clock is made with a neat dial on top of stereoscopic numbers, which we agree is much better than the common cardboard prints found on the market these days.

Operated on a single battery, the second’s hand of this clock has been made with silent sweep technology in mind. You don’t have to go to bed while worrying about an annoying tick-tock sound anymore. Simple, yet functional, the ease of use of this alarm clock is nearly next to none.


Get the alarm clock out of the box and put in the batteries. Getting started with the unit is as simple as that. Requiring a single battery unit, it is advisable that this is rated at 9V. This information is necessary because the alarm clock does not come with batteries in the pack.


For a great bedside clock, this is the thing. For an ideal table/ desk clock, the Pea-keep Twin Bell Alarm Clock does well too. Above all, it delivers in its service as an alarm clock.

Featuring a neat design, the alarm starts ringing at the top of its voice so that you can get out of bed as fast as possible. The On/ Off buttons, as well as the snooze dial, are all large and easily accessible from even your sleeping position.

The alarm clock considers your calm sleep with its clean sweep technology. That makes sure the second-hand doesn’t make an audible tick when it is moving across the face of the clock. One of the numerous important buttons is one for backlight which allows you view the time at any hour of the night. The light is gentle on the eyes too, so you might want to consider ditching the idea to always dive for your smartphone with all the bright lights.


This is a simple alarm clock that doesn’t need much regarding configuration. Get it out of the box, plug in the batteries and set the time retro style – by simply turning the dial on the back. Additional instructions on setting the alarm time come with the product for your use. If you had been using an old alarm clock though, this should be a walk in the park for you.


  • Retro design with a modern touch
  • Simple, elegant and easy to use
  • Very loud ring
  • Soft illumination to tell time in the dark


  • Doesn’t work with AC power

Wrap Up

Alarm clocks are an integral part of one’s life. Even if you are a light sleeper, a day is going to come when you are going to be so tired that you might oversleep. Guarding against those days is what your alarm would be for.

Depending on what you need, this list contains a diverse pick of great alarm clocks on the market. At this point, we know you should have come up with some cool choices for yourself too.

Best Alarm Clock – Buyer’s Guide (DEEP INSIGHT)

Here is a comprehensive buying guide for the best alarm clock to have a deep insight for a better decision.

Can you wake up in the morning on your own? If you can without the help of an alarm clock, we take our hat off to you, as we cannot. These days no one can wake up in the morning without the help of these amazing creations.

A good sleep accompanied by a good wake up morning is an ideal way to start off your day. In fact, you will agree that the way you set your mood and attitude in the morning dictates the rest of your day’s joy. With a poor alarm selection, every other day will be a nightmare. Alarm clocks have been there since time immemorial with the first clock getting its patent in 1848 courtesy of a Frenchman, Antoine Redier. The most saddening fact, however, is that despite the advances on this clock, human beings continue to exhibit the same snoozing behavior on clocks until they go off without accomplishing their mission to wake up. Just like you would shop for a wrist or wall clock, you equally need to identify the best alarm clock to use depending on whether or not you are a heavy sleeper. Keep on reading.

Types Of Alarm Clocks And How To Buy The Best

The human mind continues to advance the alarm clock by employing technology in its make. Unlike the early days’ alarm clocks that were mostly mechanical, today’s alarm clocks feature digital features including built-in radios, dual alarms, nature sounds, programmable snooze buttons and CD payers. Even with these features, inventors continue to come up with more sophisticated models, providing more alternatives to buyers. With this in mind, there exist several types of alarm clocks. These include:

Quartz Analog clock: this clock, made with silicon dioxide utilizes a quartz crystal to track time. The battery-powered clock embraces either the traditional or digital display face. In order to function, the quartz in the clock changes shape when an electric current passes through it, resulting in vibrations. The oscillator counts the vibrations in a predetermined frequency to determine the seconds and passes this information to the other clock components.

Digital clocks: Similar to quartz, these clocks use a predetermined frequency to track time. The difference, however, is that unlike the quartz clocks that rely on a resonator, these clocks plug into an electrical outlet at a 60-hertz standard frequency. Moreover, their display screen is either an LCD or LED. These clocks, though they require a constant connection to the power line offer maximum reliability.

Atomic clocks: this clock functions mostly in the United States where time measure is against the Naval Observatory’s Master Clock. Just like the above clocks, these clocks also use a predetermined frequency oscillator to keep time. In atomic clocks, however, it is the electrons that surround the atom which undergoes oscillation to attain frequency for timekeeping. Thus, depending on the atomic component used in the clock, there exist three types of atomic clocks namely: rubidium, cesium and hydrogen. These atomic clocks also are more reliable compared to the other types of clocks.

Special Features To Consider When Buying An Alarm Clock

As a smart buyer, understanding the features of your alarm clock vis a vis your needs is critical in purchasing the best alarm clock. These features include:

Display feature: If you insist on holding on to the past alarm clock models, then a retro alarm clock, having the traditional clock faces and technology are an ideal purchase. However, if you want to keep up with the latest changes and trends, then your alarm clock will be much better with digital display. For this reason, consider clocks with either the LED or LCDs. The display should also be easy on your eyes with a standard brightness so that you will not have to strain to look at the time. You may also consider digital watches with the projection ability to ensure readability of the time even from the wall. Remember, waking up is more than getting out of a dark room hence you need to allow your eyes enough time to readjust accordingly to the light by avoiding bright lights immediately you wake up.

Alarm type: The alarm type implies the kind of sound the clock produces and how loud it is. Alarm clocks today offer the radio play options, unlike the traditional clocks which mainly produced a bell ring sound. To further make the waking up the clocks further embrace a less traumatizing Humane Waking System ( HWS) where the alarm buzzer starts with a low tone that increases as the alarm continues to ring.  Vibrations also add to the beauty of this feature such that you get a physical stimulus to wake you up from dreamland. Thus, whatever your preference, as a buyer, you need to look out beyond the visible features.

Additional wake-up features: While waking up may not be an interesting time, you need to understand your body’s response before settling for an alarm clock. Some people experience shock when they hear any sounds while others, especially children cry once you force them out of bed. Thus, to avoid these confusions, start by considering clocks with the AM/FM functionalities in order to access the right music at the right time. If you are the kind of person that wakes up angry almost every other day, you may require some soothing in the morning to rid off the anger before you wake up. Therefore, buy an alarm clock whose functionality provides you for listening to your best love or worship song. This will help soothe and prepare you for a new day. Alternatively, the guys can consider waking up to hear the news from their alarm clock. Other features to find include the light features and sensor. The alarm sensors will shake up your mattress, triggering you physically to wake up.

Snooze and timer buttons: sleep is so sweet that we are never ready to wake up. If you constantly find yourself postponing your wake up time every day, then it is time to shop for a new alarm clock. Of importance includes the snooze button which besides being easy to access should be programmable to save you from manually waking up to snooze. Alternatively, if you have different work schedules for your days, then an alarm clock with a timer is ideal. The timer buttons will save you the hustles of poor settings, ensuring you maintain a constant wake up schedule despite the number of shifts you have in a week.

Source of power: Imagine waking up late in the morning after everyone has gone to work simply because there was a power outage that interrupted your alarm clocks functionality? Unfortunately, the power source availability dictates the performance of your alarm clock. For this reason, if you live in a place constantly affected by power outages, purchasing a digital clock with a battery backup is ideal.  This implies going for clocks with rechargeable batteries and backups. Revolving around the power source is portability where since a digital clock requires a constant connection to a power source, traveling with it is quite difficult. Thus, by factoring in the power source feature as a consumer, you will decide on whether to purchase the battery powered or electric power alarm clock or both where your resources are not limiting.

Smartphone dock: With technology, the world is becoming a village where individuals can connect despite the geographical limitations. It is thus common to find a millennial spend almost all the day on the internet without taking breaks to charge. If you are one of these affected parties, who even fall asleep with their phones on the chest only to wake up with a low battery and little time to charge. Then consider an alarm clock with a Smartphone dock to ensure you wake up daily to a full battery charge phone.

Warranty: companies who warranty their products build customer confidence while using the product. This is not only because of the guarantee of a refund in case of a problem but because of the product quality. Thus as a smart buyer, play safe by purchasing among the top brands with longer warranty periods.

Finally, in addition to the above features, you can also consider some luxury features for your alarm clock especially if you are operating on a flexible budget. These include the temperature, time zones and date features.

Choosing The Best Alarm Clock For Your Lifestyle                                               

The best alarm clock is one that wakes you effectively and adds aesthetic value to your house design. Among the top reviews and features of these alarm clocks include:

Simplicity and convenience: If you like low profile but quality equipment for your household, then, consider the charging Brandstand BPEBL Alarm Clock which despite its simplicity has amazing features. Featuring Bluetooth and two USB ports, this alarm clock ensures you enjoy your music with or without wiring. Moreover, with this clock, you can charge your phone at night courtesy of its power docks. The alarm is easy to set a Switch Alarm feature. This clock embraces the CubieBlue in its design hence tops among the cool alarm clocks.

Security and safety: as a good buyer, never compromise your safety when buying a product. Thus when it comes to the best alarm clocks, consider the Brandstand BPEBL Alarm Clock which features surge protection and c-clamp security features. Also, its adherence to the UL standards makes it safe equipment around you. This product also has a one year guarantee, thus a quality guarantee. Alternatively, while you may also want to enjoy the comfort from a high-class alarm clock, you can consider the Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock which features a one-year replacement guarantee and more than a year extended the warranty period. This clock is also convenient with a battery back up in the case of power outage. Its USB charging feature makes it an excellent accompaniment for the Android cell phones. The comfort of this watch is also in the fact that you can project the time on your wall using the projection button and still see the time clearly at any time of the day.

Comfort and stimulation: as seen earlier, while stereotypes consider alarms as a disturbance to their sleep, informed persons would agree that technology rules out this possibility. Well, going practical, the Philips Wake-Up Light alarm clock is all that you need to get the best out of your sleep. This clock features a light therapy lamp that aids in sleep improvement and hence your overall energy and well being. In fact, this clock has clinical proof of helping an individual wake up feeling refreshed. This is courtesy of its natural light. The wake-up light imitates the yellow early morning ultraviolet rays and gradually increases in brightness as your wake up time draws closer until the alarm sounds. Also on board is its five soothing wake-up sounds that brighten up your mood and prepare you to face the day by the time you set your foot on the ground. Thus, if you are still searching for cool alarm clocks, then Philips Wake-up light bears your solution.

Maximum entertainment and class with minimum strain: if you want a classy watch that serves you just right in the comfort of your bed. Then Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock is what you should purchase. This clock features up to 20 preset radio stations that entertain you while your phone charges.  The radio tuner allows you to enjoy a wide range of music, sports and talk shows of your choice. With the preset feature, you can access these stations easier and faster anytime you want. Just like the Philips alarm clock, this clock also features an easy to read LED display with an adjustable setting to suit personal preferences.  Moreover, to ensure you are awake as a heavy sleeper, this alarm features a radio alarm to accompany its dual alarms. The alarms increase in sound for every cycle to awake you in the friendliest way.

As an alternative also, you can consider the Philips Wake-Up light for maximum entertainment with minimum strain. The clock features an FM radio that you can listen to at the comfort of your warm bed. Also, if you are not ready to wake up, this clock features a tap-to-snooze feature hence you need not open your eyes to snooze it. While you tap, you can employ all confidence since the clock has a non-slip rubber fit that secures it in place. Also, with its customized light settings, you can adjust the lighting in your room to ensure fewer struggles for waking up. For this reason, Philips Wake-Up light is, therefore, the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers

FAQs About The Best Alarm Clocks

  • What happens when a clock is overwound and how should I fix it?

When you describe a clock as overwound, it means that the clock has a problem that is making it not run as it should. Usually, when the clock fails to wind, we tend to disturb its make in an attempt to rectify the problem. This, however, does not solve but worsens it. Thus where you have not inspected the movement appropriately before embarking on your “fix,” it is difficult to establish the exact condition of the watch.

  • What happens when my alarm clock winds loosely?

Sometimes your alarm clock can either wind loosely or just move to the right and left than embrace the circular movement in time count. Where you notice either movement, probably the mainspring is broken and needs repair. This breakage prevents power transmission to the other watch elements to ensure overall proper functioning.  To solve the problem, therefore, either repairing or replacing the spring. In most cases, repairing will be the ideal choice.

  • How can I adjust my clock’s speed?

It is a common problem for watches to either be ahead or lag behind time. This, however, is not a major problem and the time difference can be something between 1 to ten minutes. Whether yours is lagging or going far ahead, utilize the opening at the back of your clock to make the adjustments. Upon establishing the correct lever to move on your watch, move it either to the – or + direction depending on whether you want to slow or increase its pace.  Adjust the moves slowly to ensure the clock runs at the standard time lest you go ahead or below others in time.

  • My clock runs slowly at times while other times it just stops. What could be the problem?

Sometimes, exerting an unreasonable amount of force on your clock will affect performance. This is usually the case where you are changing the battery. Thus be gentle enough when removing and placing back the battery and cap and observe how your clock responds. If the problem persists, consider replacing the battery with a brand new one. For a long battery lifespan, consider the alkaline batteries.

In conclusion, the best alarm clock is one that will suit your budget and still wake you up. Thus as a smart buyer, by factoring in the above guidelines in your purchase decision, you will agree that alarm clocks are advancing towards becoming customized products. This notwithstanding, even if you make the best selections without understanding your sleep patterns, the coolest models may not be as efficient as you can imagine.

Care to share? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments sections.

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