Keeping fit has never been as paramount as it is today. The exercise bike is a great component of gym equipment. Your gym will be incomplete without the exercise bike. Many people may not be able to go out riding on normal bikes, especially in densely populated cities. The exercise bike gives them an option in such circumstances. It is a great tool for cardio exercises. It is also great for building leg quad muscles. Athletes find the exercise very resourceful in building lean leg muscle and endurance. You need to have the best exercise bike to realize these benefits. The best type of exercise bike should be versatile, easy to operate and durable.

More people are becoming health conscious every day. They are opting to have personalized gym space in their homes and places of work. The demand for gym equipment such as the exercise bike is, therefore, growing. Gym equipment brands have moved in to cash in on the boom. They are a lot of variety of exercise bikes on the market today. They come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. If you went looking for one today, you would most likely be left confused about which one is the best. There aren’t many exercise bikes review either.

Worry less! Our team of experts has been looking into the various exercise bikes available and have come up with a list. The list contains bikes that they established were best suited to various circumstances. This is a review of these exercise bikes. It highlights their features, pros, and cons. After going through the review, you will be in a better position to choose the best indoor bike for yourself. Let’s dive in and get you a great exercise bike. First, below is a comparison table of the various exercise bikes featured in the review.

Best Exercise Bikes 2019

NamePriceResistance levelsProgramDesign
Keiser M31 Indoor Exercise BikeCheck Price100Upright
Assault Airbike Exercise BikeCheck PriceUnlimited4Upright
Exerpeutic Folding Exercise BikeCheck Price80Folding
Exerpeutic 900XL Exercise BikeCheck Price80Recumbent
Stamina Elite Exercise BikeCheck Price-0Recumbent
Marcy Recumbent Exercise BikeCheck Price80Recumbent
Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1002 Exercise BikeCheck Price-0Upright
FitDesk Exercise BikeCheck Price-0Upright
Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise BikeCheck Price50Upright
ProGear Foldable Exercise BikeCheck Price80Foldable
Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Exercise BikeCheck Price-0Upright
Diamondback 51OSR Exercise BikeCheck Price1620Recumbent

1) Keiser M3i Indoor Exercise Bike

best exercise bikeWhen you get immersed in your training routine with the exercise bike, you don’t want anything to distract you. The Keiser M series are renowned exercise bikes. The Keiser M3i comes with a quiet magnetic flywheel system, and 24 levels of resistance. The exercise bike has Bluetooth connectivity through which you can connect your smartphone and monitor your workout data. This is a great feature, especially for professional athletes who need to closely monitor their progress. The bike is sold with a floor mat and media tray. Its base also has wheels that help you move it easily. The saddle is fully adjustable. The bike can, therefore, be used by almost everyone.


  • It has a 4-way handle
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity
  • The seat is fully adjustable
  • It weighs 85 pounds
  • 24 resistance levels


  • The adjustable saddle and handlebars make the bike versatile. It can be used by virtually anyone.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to conveniently monitor your workout data through your smartphone.
  • The four-way handlebar provides various positions of holding on. This keeps your hands comfortable
  • The wheels make it easy to move the bike.
  • It has attractive ergonomics
  • It has industrial grade pedals that allow smooth cycling
  • The magnetic resistance system is quiet. It makes no noise.
  • It has a water bottle holder


  • The exercise bike has no pre-programmed workout.
  • It arrives unassembled. Many people will find it difficult to assemble it. A technician may also cost more money.


The Keiser M31 is a great bike for home use. It delivers great versatility. It has a wide range of resistance levels, allowing people to be able to use it. The levels could also help you to fit in different work out routines on the exercise bike. The identified shortcomings do not interfere with the effectiveness of the bike in any way. The Bluetooth connectivity is a great addition. Keiser M31 should be one of your tops of the list options. This is arguably the best upright exercise bike.

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2) Assault Airbike Exercise Bike

best indoor bikeThe Assault airbike is yet another popular exercise bike. This bike seems like the ultimate work out bike. It has an unlimited resistance that allows you to push your upper and lower body to its threshold. It comes fitted with 20 sealed ball bearings across the frame and pivot joint. These allow a smooth and sturdy feel while cycling. The bike has a 25-inch steel fan, which delivers the resistance. The saddle is fully-adjustable. You can set it to your most comfortable position. The bike is also computerized. This adds a lot of convenience to your workouts.


  • The exercise bike is fitted with 20 ball bearings in the frame and pivot joints
  • It has 25-inch diameter steel fan that delivers maximum resistance
  • The saddle is fully-adjustable
  • It has pre-programmed work out routines
  • It comes with an advanced computer display


  • The pre-programmed routines will help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently
  • The saddle can be set to be comfortable for many people
  • The limitless resistance allows you to challenge yourself
  • The computerized system is very convenient. You can easily monitor your workout data.


  • You might be tempted to push your body too much. This may cause injuries and complications.


The Assault airbike is a top of the range exercise bike. It is a great tool for professional gyms. It is important that you keep the resistance within your physical limits. You can consult your doctor or gym instructor before trying to push anything beyond your limits. This is the ultimate exercise bike, for anyone passionate about achieving certain fitness goals. You can keep challenging your limits with this bike. The computerized system also makes it very convenient.

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3) Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike

best stationary bikeThe Exerpeutic folding bike is designed to be a compact, heavy-duty home use exercise bike. The bike can be folded for easy storage and to save on space. The bike should be used on a hard and flat floor. It is equipped with a large LCD display screen for monitoring your progress. It is fitted with a hand pulse monitor that displays your heart rate on the monitor as you continue exercising. The seat is large-cushioned and adjustable. It can accommodate persons between the height of 5’3 and 6’1. The Exerpeutic bike comes with an 8-level magnet tension control system and a 3-piece crank system.


  • The exercise bike weighs 300lbs
  • It has a large-cushioned seat
  • It comes with a heart rate monitor
  • It is fitted with an 8-level magnet tension control system
  • It has an LCD display


  • The folding design saves space when you want to store the bike
  • The bike is easy to assemble
  • It has a variety of tension levels
  • The heart rate monitor is an amazing addition


  • It is not suitable for over-weight persons.
  • The resistance levels are too limited for intensive training
  • It is rather heavyweight for a home exercise bike


The Exerpeutic folding bike is a great bike for light workouts. It would be a handy tool for elderly and young persons who are looking for a basic exercise bike. It is not the exercise bike you go for if you want to have intensive workout work out sessions. It most likely comes at a favorable price too. You could go for it if you are on a compressed budget. It has its limits, but it works great within those limits. This is the exercise bike to go for if you are looking for one, for your elderly parents or young kids. It is a cheap exercise bike too. This is the best bike under 500 that we have in the review.

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4) Exerpeutic 900XL Exercise Bike

exercise bike reviewsThe Exerpeutic 900XL is similar to the one above in most aspects. That exercise bike has 8 tension levels and a 3-piece crank system. The Exerpeutic 900XL differentiates itself by its recumbent stationary design. The design allows the rider to sit comfortably, and not strain their back and joints while cycling. It is a cardiovascular training bike. It is also great for lower body toning. It comes with a large easy to read LCD, which displays you training data such as distance covered and the speed. The bike is also equipped with a heart rate monitor. The monitor is attached to your wrist to monitor your pulse and display the heart rate information on the LCD screen.


  • The bike has a recumbent stationary design.
  • It has 8 tension levels
  • It comes with a three-piece crank system
  • It weighs 300 pounds
  • It has an LCD display


  • The recumbent design releases pressure from your back and joints
  • It is a great bike for cardiovascular training
  • The large LCD screen is very convenient
  • It has a variety of tension levels


  • The bike may not work well for upper body training
  • The tension levels are limited. It is not an appropriate bike for intensive training


The Exerpeutic 900XL is yet another exercise bike fit for light home exercises. This bike is the most appropriate for elderly people. The design relieves stress on the back and joints and allows you to work out more. Elderly people and young children do not have much endurance on their joints and backs. This exercise will work great for them. It is designed for cardiovascular exercises which improve breathing and blood flow.

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5) Stamina Elite Exercise Bike

recumbent exercise bike reviewsThe Stamina Elite is yet another bike that considers the comfort of the user to some extent. The bike is designed to enable both upper and lower body exercise. It has upper paddles for handles and low paddles for the legs. It is fitted with a padded, recumbent, adjustable and comfortable chair. The chair is angled to ensure minimal pressure on your back. The bike has a quiet magnetic resistance system. It comes with a multi-functional display screen that displays various parameters related to your workout. The bike is also equipped with a pulse monitor that displays your heart rate on the screen.


  • The bike weighs 117 pounds
  • It has a magnetic resistance
  • It comes with a multi-function display unit
  • It has two pairs of pedals. Hand and foot pedals
  • It comes with an angled and padded seat
  • It has pulse sensors
  • It is equipped with base wheels


  • The wheels make it easily movable
  • The bike allows both lower and upper body exercises.
  • The angled chair relieves pressure from your back while riding
  • The foot pedals are textured and have straps. Your feet are well secured on the pedal.


  • The hand pedals have no resistance when you are also using the foot pedals
  • There is no resistance while pedaling backward on both pedal pairs
  • The resistance is not enough for intense training


The Stamina Elite is a top of the range exercise bike. It may not have optimum resistance, but it has a great design that ensures comfort and a considerable level of exercise. You can exercise both your upper and lower body, without putting too much pressure on your back. The multi-functional monitoring and display system is also very convenient. The Stamina Elite should be one of your options if you are looking for an all-round exercise bike.

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6) Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

indoor exercise bikeThe Marcy Recumbent exercise bike is yet another bike whose effectiveness is banked on being comfortable to ride. It comes with eight resistance levels and a step-through design. The step-through design allows your legs more room to generate pedaling force. The seat is reclined and is padded with thick material to ensure maximum comfort. The pedals are counter-balanced. None of your pedaling energy is lost. It goes into toning your leg muscles. The bike is equipped with a large computer screen that displays various parameters such as speed, calories burnt, and distance covered. Many recumbent exercise bike reviews identify this as one of the best bikes.


  • The bike has eight resistance levels
  • It features a step-through design
  • It weighs 60 pounds
  • The pedals are counter-balanced
  • It has a large computerized read screen


  • The bike has a variety of resistance levels
  • The step-through design allows more room for the legs to generate push
  • The bike is rather lightweight. It is easy to move around
  • It has attractive ergonomics
  • The reclined seat ensures minimal pressure on your back.


  • The bike does not allow upper body exercising
  • The resistance levels are limited


Mercy Recumbent exercise bike is a fantastic option for light home exercises. It is lighter than most of the bikes we have seen in the review so far. The reclining design is also great for protecting your back and joints against excessive pressure. The computerized screen helps you to conveniently monitor your progress as you exercise. It may not be the best option for intensive professional training, but it works amazingly within its scope. It also comes at a pocket-friendly price. It is a great option if you are on a compressed budget. It is arguably the best budget exercise bike in this review.

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7) Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1002 Exercise Bike

stationary bike reviewThe Sunny health SF-B1002 is a heavy-duty bike, suitable for light and medium workouts. The bike is fitted with a 49-pound flywheel that delivers varying levels of resistance. It has a top-down press brake to vary the levels of resistance are you continue to ride. The bike uses a belt drive system that gives you the feeling of real road experience. The saddle is fully adjustable to fit various heights. The pedals are built with toe cages to ensure your feet remain strapped in position. The handlebars can also be adjusted up and down to fit the height of the rider. The bike can accommodate riders of up to 275 pounds in weight.


  • It has 49 pounds flywheel
  • It has a pushdown brake system
  • The saddle and handlebars are fully-adjustable
  • It has a belt drive system
  • The paddle has toe cages


  • The bike has great and adjustable resistance levels
  • The saddle and handlebars can be conveniently adjusted to fit the rider
  • The belt-drive system is noise and maintenance free
  • The brake system adjusts the tension levels while you are still riding


  • The resistance levels may not be enough for intensive training.


The Sunny health SF-B1002 seems like a great bike for above average work out routines, but not very intensive. It has good and easily adjustable resistance levels. It could be a resourceful tool if you’re a looking for considerable personal fitness development. The saddle and handlebars are conveniently adjustable, and it can, therefore, be used by many people. The bike also has base wheels that make it easy to transport it around.

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8) FitDesk Exercise Bike

best exercise bike to lose weightThe Fitdesk exercise is one of the most revolutionary indoor exercise bikes we have on the list. The bike is more of a comfort inducing bike than a training bike. The bikes come with high quality and durable gearbox that will deliver years of service. It works with a twin belt system, which makes your pedaling smooth and noiseless. The flywheel is high velocity. It delivers medium level resistance. Its desk features are the most exciting. It has easy access drawer, and massage roller beneath your arms to allow you to type while cycling. It is equipped with a digital resistance meter that tracks the mileage covered and the calories burnt.


  • The exercise bike is fitted with a high-quality gearbox
  • It has a twin belt system
  • It has a high-velocity flywheel
  • It has a digital meter
  • The saddle is full-adjustable


  • The exercise bike allows you to work while exercising
  • The adjustable saddle makes it versatile
  • The digital meter helps you monitor the various parameters conveniently
  • The twin-belt system ensures minimal noise levels


  • The exercise bike has very low resistance levels.


As remarked at the beginning, the Fitdesk is a comfort inducing exercise bike. It offers a certain level of exercise while providing a soothing effect to allow you to work. You can comfortably type while cycling the bike. It is not the bike you go for with looking to lose weight or build muscle. It is meant to help you concentrate on your work. It is amazing that you can work and get fit at the same time. It would be a great addition to your office.

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9) Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

best upright exercise bikeThe Schwinn AD6 exercise bike is a heavy-duty intense training exercise bike. It is most appropriate for professional gym training. It would not hurt to have it at home either. The exercise bike has a wide and varied range of resistance, with high resistance levels that are great for working out. It is equipped with a single stage belt drive system, and a wind resistance system which ensures you your cycling is seamless. The self-balancing foot-pedals with straps ensure your feet are secured in place while cycling. It has stationary footrest bars for stepping on while concentration on upper body exercises. Schwinn prowess has been identified by many stationary bike reviews.


  • It has a single-stage belt drive system
  • It is equipped with a wind resistance system
  • The foot-pedals are self-balancing and strapped
  • It has an LCD console
  • It has stationary footrest bars


  • The single-stage belt delivers high resistance levels
  • It has an RPM gauge to ease interval training
  • The self-balancing pedals ensure none of your energy is wasted
  • It has a quiet and frictionless fan that will keep you cool
  • The LCD console conveniently displays the parameters.


  • The seat adjustability is vertical only.
  • The bike has no programs or user profiles


The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne is a great bike for your intensive training requirements. It has numerous features that make it very convenient to use. The lack of programs and seat adjustability are a bit of a concern though. They affect the versatility of the bike. It cannot be used by many people. Athletes will find this bike very resourceful though. It is among the best high-intensity exercise bikes we have on the list.

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10) ProGear Foldable Exercise Bike

best type of exercise bikeThe ProGear foldable exercise bike is a convenient bike designed for home use. It comes in a compact foldable design. It can, therefore, fit in squeezed spaces. The bike has an eight levels magnetic tension adjusting system, with a dual transmission flywheel that delivers high tension levels when needed. The saddle is well cushioned, and it can be adjusted to accommodate a person of between 5’1 and 6’. It is equipped with an easy to read computerized LCD display to display the various parameters related to your routine. It also comes with a pulse sensor that indicates your heart rate.


  • The exercise bike has a pulse monitor
  • It has a user weight threshold of 220lbs
  • It comes in a folding design
  • It has an 8-level magnetic tension control system
  • It has a computerized LCD screen
  • It is fitted with a dual transmission flywheel


  • The exercise bike has a variety of tensions levels
  • It can be conveniently stored in squeezed spaces
  • The computerized display allows you to conveniently monitor your progress
  • The dual transmission flywheel delivers high tensions


  • The saddle has no back support
  • The exercise bike has no exercise programs


The ProGear Foldable exercise bike is yet another home friendly exercise bike. It is ideal for light home-based exercises. Whether it is the morning routine or the late-night cycling session, it will deliver the desired results. The bike has slightly higher tension levels than most bikes with an eight levels tension control system. You can push your exercises a notch higher and build a little bit more muscle and endurance with this exercise bike.

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11) Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Exercise Bike

most comfortable exercise bikeWe encounter yet another Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike. This pro model is similar in many ways, to its sibling in the review. It comes with high tension and a smooth chain drive mechanism. It comes with a 40-pound flywheel that delivers high tension levels. It has a heavy-duty crank system, and the tension levels are adjustable. The seat and handlebars are also fully adjustable. It is a convenient exercise bike fit for home workout routines. The flywheel and chain design deliver good levels of tension for productive workouts.


  • It has a 40-pound flywheel
  • It comes with a heavy-duty crank system
  • It works with a chain drive system
  • It has base transport wheels


  • The transport wheels make it easy to move it around.
  • The heavy flywheel delivers high tension levels
  • The chain drive system is maintenance and noise free
  • It has a pushdown break that adjusts the tension
  • It gives you the feeling of real road cycling


  • The tension level may not be enough for high-intensity training.


The Sunny Health and Fitness pro is a very effective exercise bike for medium intensity training routines. You can lose an incredible amount of weight using this exercise bike. This bike is a great option for your cardiovascular exercises. The base wheels make it easy to move it around the house. It has moderate tension levels, and you can use it to build endurance on your lower limbs. Overall, the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro is an above average exercise bike. This could be the best exercise bike to lose weight for you.

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12) Diamondback 51OSR Exercise Bike

best budget exercise bikeLastly, we feature that Diamondback 51OSR recumbent bike. This bike with a very well sculptured chair with armrests. The chair ensures no pressure on your back and joints as you exercise. The exercise bike also comes with 20 fitness programs to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. It has quickset buttons that allow you to choose the programs you want. It has 16 levels of resistance and an eddy current braking system to adjust the resistance at any time. It has other interesting features such as mp3 connectivity and an inbuilt speaker. You can listen to your favorite music as you exercise. It is equipped with an LCD display panel that gives realtime feedback on your performance and displays your training parameters. The bike could be described as a smart exercise bike.


  • The bike has a recumbent design
  • It has 20 inbuilt training programs
  • It has 16 levels of resistance
  • It has an integrated speaker system
  • It has mp3 connectivity
  • It used an eddy current braking system


  • The bike has a wide variety of resistance levels
  • The seat is designed to ensure no pressure on the back and joints of the rider
  • The mp3 connectivity is a great additional feature
  • It has a variety of training programs. They can help you achieve your training goals more efficiently.
  • The LCD user-interface is very convenient.


  • The exercise bike does not allow upper body exercises.


The Diamondback 51ORS exercise bike is a great option if you are into intense training routines. It will deliver the required amount of tension. Recumbent exercise bikes with high tension levels are uncommon. The Diamondback 51ORS, therefore, easily stands out as one of the best recumbent exercise bikes. It is a great option for home use if you have the space to place it. The training programs are also a great resource. They are well researched by training experts, and they can help you achieve your training goals faster and more efficiently. It is the only exercise bike we have on the review that has an mp3 connection and inbuilt speakers. You can play your music and motivate yourself during the workout.  The Diamondback 51ORS could arguably be the best exercise bike we have in the review. It is one of the most comfortable exercise bikes available.

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Best Exercise Bikes 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

The exercise bikes above are all great for use in different circumstances. These bikes have been established to have strengths in different aspects. The best stationary bike for you is therefore subject to your specific situations. You know better understand the aspects surrounding a good exercise bike. How do you narrow down to a choice among several you have identified are great? There are various factors you are supposed to consider, before settling on a particular exercise bike. The factors are;

  1. Tension/Resistance

The tension of the bike is the level of difficulty of pedaling. This difficulty is the one that exercises your muscles and whole body and helps you to either build more muscle or lose weight. Everyone has a limit as far as their physical strength is concerned. If you only engage in light exercises, a bike with less tension is good enough for you. It is never bad to challenge yourself though. You should do it responsibly, to avoid injuries. If your training routines are intense and demanding you will need an exercise bike which can generate high levels of resistance. The exercise bike that has more tension level variety tends to hit higher tensions.

  1. Saddle Height

Most exercise bikes have fully-adjustable saddles and handlebars. They can, therefore, be used by anyone regardless of their height. However, some are not. You need to check whether you fall within the height range indicted on the bike. You will not have productive workouts if you get a bike which is either too long or too short for you. You also run the risk of getting serious injuries. The high range will always be indicated on the package of the bike. Only very short or very tall persons should have a concern about the height though. Many of the exercise saddles are designed to cater for all standard human heights.

  1. Comfort

Exercising on a bike involves are a lot of energy use and many moving joints. You, therefore, need to be in a very comfortable position. If you suffer from back or joint issues, it would be prudent that you get exercise bikes with a recumbent design and reclined seats. Young children and elderly persons should also get such exercise bikes. This design helps to avoid too much pressure on your back and joints. You may not be to exercise the upper body, but you don’t want to run the risk of getting injured either. Your well-being is just as important as fitness is.

  1. Space

The exercise bikes come in different shapes and sizes. You need to determine whether you have the space to store them when they are not in use. For squeezed spaces, the ideal exercise bike is the foldable one. The design may affect the effectiveness of the exercise bike depending on your requirements, but you cannot have an exercise bike you don’t have anywhere to store either. If you have space, you have the freedom to pick any exercise pick that you want.

  1. Programs

It is great to have an exercise bike that gives you tips on how to get the most out of it. There are bikes that come with training programs. These are very desirable. These programs are carefully developed and are more efficient than your random picks of training routines.

  1. Price

The exercise bikes differ widely in prices. Those with many and superior features are expensive. There are budget exercise bikes too. They tend to have fewer tension levels as well as convenience features. Ultimately, the amount of money you have is the ultimate decider of the exercise bike you get. It is prudent that you take time to compare the different exercise bikes within your budget and find out which one of them delivers more value for your money. Never compromise on quality though. Always go for the best quality that you can afford.


The review aims at putting you on a better pedestal to choose the best stationary bike for yourself. After going through various exercise bikes, and developing a buying guide, you are now most likely better positioned to make an informed choice. Getting the best stationary bike will guarantee you fruitful exercise sessions. It will also guarantee you long service from your bike. Durability is a commonly desired aspect of anything that we purchase. The review is quite lengthy though. It will be next to impossible for you to recall all the details in it. As such, below is a summary table, of all the features exercise bikes and their respective features and prices. The table could be resourceful when you need to make a quick decision. You can quickly skim through it and find the best exercise bike for yourself.

NameCore FeaturesPrice
Keiser M31 Indoor Exercise Bike
  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • 4-way handle bar

  • Fully adjustable seat

  • Floor mat

  • Media tray

  • Base wheels

  • Check Price
    Assault Airbike Exercise Bike
  • 20 sealed ball bearings on the frame

  • Unlimited resistance

  • 25-inch diameter fan

  • Programs

  • 6-way adjustable seat

  • Check Price
    Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike
  • Fully adjustable seat

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Folds up for storage

  • 8-levels magnet tension control system

  • 3-piece crank system

  • Check Price
    Exerpeutic 900XL Exercise Bike
  • Recumbent design

  • 3-piece crank system

  • 8-level magnetic tension control

  • Herat rate monitor

  • Check Price
    Stamina Elite Exercise Bike
  • Quiet magnetic resistance

  • Multi-function display unit

  • Upper and lower hand and foot pedal respectively

  • Angled seat

  • Strapped pedals

  • Check Price
    Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • Recumbent design

  • 14-gauge steel tubing

  • 8 resistance levels

  • Read only computerized screen

  • Counter-balanced pedals

  • Check Price
    Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1002 Exercise Bike
  • 49 lbs flywheel

  • 275 lbs maximum user weight

  • Base wheels

  • Belt drive system

  • Pushdown brake

  • Check Price
    FitDesk Exercise Bike
  • High-quality gearbox

  • Twin-belt drive system

  • Non-slip work desk

  • Massaging rollers

  • Digital resistance meter

  • Check Price
    Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike
  • Single-stage belt drive

  • RPM gauge for interval training

  • Quite frictionless fan

  • LCD console

  • Stationary footrest

  • Check Price
    ProGear Foldable Exercise Bike
  • 220lbs maximum user weight

  • Pulse sensors

  • 8-levels magnetic tension control

  • Dual transmission flywheel

  • Check Price
    Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Exercise Bike
  • 40-pound flywheel

  • Heavy-duty crank

  • Smooth chain drive

  • Fully adjustable seat and handle bars

  • Base transport wheels

  • Check Price
    Diamondback 51OSR Exercise Bike
  • Recumbent design

  • Mp3 connectivity

  • 20 programmers

  • 16 resistance levels

  • Integrated speakers

  • Check Price

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