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Did you know unfiltered tap water contains over 2000 contaminants that could cause harm to your body? Ensure that you keep your family out of harm’s way by getting the best faucet water filter. A faucet water filter is an easy-to-install filter that you screw on to the threaded faucet of your tap. Your water company, though under regulation, may not be able to guarantee you clean drinking water. Additionally, tap water doesn’t have the best taste and may sometimes have an unpleasant odor. All these can be solved by installing a faucet water filter or water filter pitcher. You do not have to take unfiltered water anymore. Faucet water filters are not expensive, and their installation is straightforward.

If you went shopping for a faucet water filter today, you would find different varieties. The many different types are most likely going to leave you at crossroads, concerning which one of them is the best. You do not have to worry though! We tasked ourselves with finding out how the various faucet water filters compare to each other. The following is a review of multiple faucet water filters available for purchase. The discussion will highlight the features of each, and the respective pros and cons. First, below is a comparison table of the various water filters we are going to review.

Best Faucet Mount Water Filter Reviews

1. Culligan FM-15A – Best Faucet Water Filter

The Culligan FM-15A faucet water filter comes with an attractive and convenient design, to ensure easy installation, operation, and clean water. The filter has a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute. The pressure of the water is 60PSI. The advanced filter eliminates cryptosporidium, giardia, cysts, lead, chlorine and many other contaminants. It comes with a 2-year warranty, guaranteeing you clean and crisp drinking water for a long duration. The filter eliminates any foul taste or odor that might be in the water.

Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Advanced Water Filter, 200 Gallon, White
  • Provide your family with visibly clean, great-tasting water for drinking, cooking and more
  • FEATURES: Reduces azine, chlorine, lindane, lead, particulates class I, turbidity while removing bad taste/odor; Carbon block filtration method; Flow rate of 0.5 gpm at 60 psi; 30-100 psi pressure...

Core Features

  • It comes with the FM-15RA filter cartridge.
  • It has a pressure range of 30-40 PSI.
  • It has a temperature range of 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The filter is NSF certified
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty


  • The purity of the water is guaranteed by the NSF certification.
  • The filter can be installed to be operated from the left or right side. Right or left-handed people can use it easily.
  • It has a diverter tab that allows quick switch across operations
  • It has an easy installation
  • It removes water odor and bad taste
  • It has an easy to replace carbon cartridge.


  • The filter has a fitting challenge with some nozzles.
  • The materials used to make the filter are fragile, they can easily break.


The Culligan FM-15A seems to have all the features you can expect from a good water filter. The fitting issues and fragile materials have attracted some complaints on Amazon though. The filter is easy to install, and its cartridge lasts through 200 gallons. That is a rather long filter life. The filter has many other impressive features. These features make it a relatively effective faucet water filter.


2. PUR PFM800HX Chrome – Best Pur Faucet Filter

The PUR PFM800HX faucet water filter is an example of where technology and water filtering meet. This filter is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect it to your smartphone and track the progress of your filter as well as get notifications when a filter change is required. The filter is NSF certified, and you are therefore assured of clean drinking water. The filter can eliminate all major water contaminants including lead and chlorine, which give water a foul taste and odor.

PUR PFM800HX Faucet Water Filtration System with Bluetooth, Horizontal, Chrome
  • FAUCET WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM – Enjoy cleaner, filtered water from your faucet with the PUR Faucet Chemical and Physical Filtration System. It’s easy to attach and includes a Mineral Core filter...
  • REDUCES 70 CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL CONTAMINANTS – This PUR drinking water faucet filtration system is certified to reduce 70 chemical and physical contaminants, including lead, mercury and certain...

Core Features

  • The filter has Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has the Maxion filter technology
  • It comes with a monitor display
  • The filter is NSF certified
  • The filter lasts over 100 gallons


  • The filter eliminates over 99% contaminants in water
  • It eliminates water odor and adds a pleasant taste to it
  • The monitor display allows an easy user interface
  • The filter has an easy installation procedure


  • The filter is static once installed hence inconveniencing.
  • It starts to leak after use for a short while


The PUR PFM800HX filter delivers amazing convenience. It keeps you in tabs about the performance of your filter. This is a very desirable feature. The filter has a leaking issue though. This is a major problem as it may lead to water wastage. The filter gives a crisp taste to your water and has an acceptable filter life. Despite the few downsides, the filter’s purifying capabilities are still admirable.


3. DuPont WFFM100XCH Faucet Mount Filter

The DuPont faucet filter comes with a very attractive ergonomic design. It will add on to the bright and crisp finishes in your kitchen. The filter adds a pleasant taste to your water and is capable of eliminating over 99% of contaminants in water. It eliminates sediments, cysts, chlorine and fluoride elements from your water, leaving it tasting great and crystal clear. Its filter lasts over 100 gallons of water. It has an easy installation procedure and comes with faucets adapters that ensure it fits in various faucets. It also comes with two washers and a plumbing tape.

No products found.

Core Features

  • High-Performance filtration
  • It has antimicrobial cartridge protection
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It has 100 gallons filter life


  • It’s ergonomic design is very attractive
  • It has a long warranty period
  • The filter can eliminate over 99% of water contaminants
  • The extra faucet adapter ensures it can fit in most taps
  • It gives water a great taste
  • The filter’s installation procedure is easy


  • The materials used to make the filter are fragile and can easily break.


The DuPont faucet filter delivers acceptable performance concerning water filtration. The filter life is standard, and the capability of filtering water is guaranteed. Its major leverage over others is its attractive design, which adds up as a decoration piece to your kitchen. The plastic material, though with a crisp finishing, is not the most durable. The faucet filter can therefore easily break, as proven by multiple complains about it on Amazon. It still performs pretty well as far as filtering water is concerned.

No products found.

4. PUR FM-3700 Advanced Pur Faucet Water Filter Chrome

The PUR FM-3700 is yet another filter from the PUR series. It is similar to its counterpart above in almost all aspects. The filter has an electronic filtration system that is easy to remove and replace. The filter can eliminate all the common contaminants in tap water. Its convenience is enhanced by the 360 degrees swivel junction, which allows you to direct the water where you want it. It features the maxion technology, and the filter works by blending carbon and ion exchange.

PUR FM-3700 Faucet Water Filtration System, Chrome
  • FAUCET WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM – Enjoy cleaner, filtered water from your faucet with the PUR Faucet Chemical and Physical Filtration System. It’s easy to attach and includes a Mineral Core filter...
  • REDUCES 70 CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL CONTAMINANTS INCLUDING LEAD – This PUR drinking water faucet filtration system is certified to reduce 70 chemical and physical contaminants, including lead, mercury...

Core Features

  • The filter is equipped with an electronic filter.
  • The junction is 360 degrees swivel
  • It has a blending carbon and ion exchange cartridge
  • The filter features the maxion technology
  • It has 100 gallons filter life


  • The blending carbon and ion exchange technologies allow the filter to add helpful nutrients to your water.
  • The 360 degrees swivel junction makes it very convenient
  • The filter can eliminate virtually all water contaminants
  • The filter fits in almost all faucets
  • The electronic filter is easy to remove and replace


  • The materials used to make the filter are fragile and can easily break
  • The filter develops sputtering after the first filter change


The PUR FM-3700 combines convenience and good filtration capabilities to emerge as a top filter. It has several misgivings but is still an effective filter. A faucet water filter is supposed to save you the trouble of pouring water into a filter to purify it. The PUR FM-3700 has good pressure levels that allow a higher flow rate from its tap. The fragile materials are a concern, but they ultimately depend on how well you maintain the filter. The filter, therefore, deserves your consideration when you go shopping for a faucet water filter next.


5. Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

Brita is a popular brand when it comes to water filtering solutions. The Brita On Tap Faucet filter delivers impressive water filtering results. It comes with three settings that allow you to choose the water you want easily. The filter has a regular and smooth stream but has good pressure levels that allow you to create a spray. It features a 3-4 months filter life. It will add a pleasant taste to your water and have you looking forward to drinking water from it. The filter fits on many standard faucets and will in many instances not require adapters.

Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter System, Chrome, 1 Count - 35618
  • Basic Brita faucet water filter attaches to your standard faucet making tap water cleaner and great-tasting; filtration system is easy to install; no tools required
  • Get great-tasting water without the waste; by switching to Brita, you can save money and replace 1800 single-use water bottles per year

Core Features

  • The filter has three settings
  • Filter on
  • Regular stream
  • Spray
  • It comes with two filters
  • It has 3 to 4 months filter-life
  • It has high water pressure


  • The filters have a long life.
  • The high pressure allows quick flow
  • The three settings allow you to set the stream the way you want it.
  • It fits on many standard faucets


  • The material is cheap and fragile
  • The filter’s tap creates two streams at times
  • The high pressure causes splashes


The Brita On Tap faucet filter is a superior filter that has great convenience. The three settings are a particularly desirable feature. They allow you to get a different stream of water when washing or to pour water into a cup. The fragile plastic material will easily break if you do not take good care of the filter. Overall, the filter is a great gadget to work with.


6. Kabter Faucet Mount Water Filter

The Kabter Faucet water filter is a very attractive and effective filter. If you are looking for a filter that can double up as a decoration piece in your kitchen, this is one of the filters you should be considering. It has superior filtering capabilities that will keep you at ease knowing you have clean drinking water. The filter kills bacteria and eliminates scale, lime mold and other water sediments. The filter is made of durable materials and has an impressive filter life.

Kabter Faucet Mount Water Filter System Tap Water Filtration Purifier,Chrome
  • How to clean water?- Filter filled with Activated Carbon,Food Grade Calcium Sulfite Ball,KDF55 that can reduce contaminants(like sediment, chlorine, benzene, asbestos, mercury & lead)
  • Improves taste – Get rid of that horrible chlorine smell and sour taste. Experience just plain water, what you should expect from your tap.

Core Features

  • The filter is made of stainless steel materials
  • It has a chrome finish
  • The materials used are food-grade
  • The filter lasts over 200 gallons


  • The filter kills bacteria and eliminates virtually all contaminants in water
  • The materials are durable
  • The filter fits in almost all faucets
  • The filter has a long filter life
  • It has a very attractive ergonomic design.


  • The filter causes a splash when turned on fully.


The Kabter faucet water filter is an all-around filter. It has great convenience, and it is very effective. It has durable materials and an attractive appearance. The filter life is impressive and the materials used are food-grade. The filter is compatible with many water filter faucets. All these are trademarks of a great water filter. This is arguably the best water filter for faucet we have reviewed so far.


7. InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter

The InstaPure F2BCT3P faucet mount water filter is yet another durable water filter. The filter life is long as well. It has two settings; for filtered and unfiltered water. The installation of this filter is pretty simple. It has an attractive chrome finish.

Instapure F2 Essentials Tap Water Filtration System (Chrome with Chrome Cap) + 1 Filter, Certified...
  • Granular carbon filtration produces great tasting water
  • Small durable design fits most typical kitchen faucets

Core Features

  • The filter is NSF certified
  • The filter has a chrome base
  • It has a filter life of 200 gallons
  • It has two settings for filtered and unfiltered water


  • The effectiveness of the filter is guaranteed by the NSF certification
  • The filter has a long filter life
  • It has an attractive chrome finish
  • The installation of the filter is easy
  • The two settings allow you to prolong the life of your filter as you can set it to unfiltered water for water you won’t be using for drinking.


  • The water stream is not smooth. It has sputtering.


The InstaPure F2BCT3P is anchored on durability. If you are looking for an effective filter that will purify your water for long then this is the filter to go for. The finishing is crisp and makes the filter look attractive. It has a standard water filter faucet that can fit on many faucets. This filter is among the best that we have on this review.


8. Brita On Tap Chrome Water Faucet Filtration System

The Brit brand has yet another faucet water filter on the review. It has similar features to the other Brita water filter. Brita is a superior brand, and this faucet water filter does not disappoint in most ways. The water produced by the filter is BPA free. The filter will eliminate elements such as chlorine, asbestos, and lead from your water, leaving it safe for drinking. It comes with a filter change indicator that will notify you when you need to change the filter.

Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter System, Chrome, 1 Count - 35618
  • Basic Brita faucet water filter attaches to your standard faucet making tap water cleaner and great-tasting; filtration system is easy to install; no tools required
  • Get great-tasting water without the waste; by switching to Brita, you can save money and replace 1800 single-use water bottles per year

Core Features

  • The water produced is BPA free
  • It has 100 gallons filter life
  • It has a standard filter change indicator
  • It is made of plastic material


  • It produces BPA free water.
  • It can eliminate 99% of water contaminants
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • The installation is easy and requires no tools.


  • The filter changes are expensive
  • The plastic material is fragile


The Brita on tap faucet water filter delivers all that is required for an effective water filter. It has amazing convenience and purifies drinking water to the desired levels. The water filter is one of the most popular thanks to its effectiveness. It enjoys more positive reviews on Amazon than most of those we have looked at before. It fits easily into many water filter faucets. The filter changes are expensive though, considering they don’t last very long. The fragile materials are a concern, but it will ultimately depend on how you will maintain the filter Overall it is still a great water filter concerning its performance.


9. Wingsol Healthy Faucet Water Filter System

The Wingsol Healthy Faucet water filter is very durable and convenient. It is probably the best in this review. The filter has a long filter life and is made of stainless steel. The finishing is exquisite, and it will easily add up as a decoration to your kitchen. It has a 360-degree swivel junction which makes it easy to direct the water stream where you need it. The filter features a 5-layered filtration system. The filter is very effective in removing all water contaminants.

WINGSOL Faucet Water Filter 304 Stainless-Steel Reduce 99.6% Lead & Odor 50% Arsenic, 320-Gallon,...
  • Food-grade 304 full stainless steel, high-quality 3mm housing thicker than other brands, Lead-free, No-crack No-leak; Product includes: 1x filter, 4x adapters, 1x manual, 5x gaskets;
  • Above the NSF/ANSI 42&53 Standard- 99.6% reduce LEAD and Heavy Metals, 99.6% reduce Chlorine & Odor, 50.2% reduce ARSENIC; Remove water contaminants and improve taste! ***CAN’T REDUCE TDS***

Core Features

  • It is made of stainless steel
  • The filter has a 200-gallon filter life
  • It features a 360 degrees swivel cord
  • The filter has a 5-layers filtration system


  • The 360 degrees swivel cord makes it very convenient
  • It has a long filter life
  • The stainless-steel material is durable
  • The filter is washable


  • It does not fit onto unconventional filters
  • Washing the filter can easily damage it.


The Wingsol Healthy Faucet water filter has all the optimum features anyone would desire in their water filter. It is durable and convenient with a long filter life. The downsides of the filter do not make it any less effective than the other filters we have reviewed. Overall, the filter is superior in the faucet connection, water filtering, and realm.  The filter has an attractive outward appearance. It should feature at the top of your list next time you are shopping for a filter.


10. Powpro PP-JTP05 Fwat Horizontal Faucet Water Filter

The Powpro is the final water filter we are featuring in this review. The filter boats of five stages of filtration and a Mineral water filtering technology. The filter has a double water outlet. Two people can pour water from the same tap at the same time. It filters all the sediments and contaminants in your water leaving it clean and crystal clear. It features two types of filters and comes with a multi-use interface.

Core Features

  • The filters run through 100 gallons
  • It has a multi-use interface
  • The filter has a double outlet
  • The filter comes with two different filters


  • The filter has easy installation
  • The double outlets allow two people to pour water at the same time
  • The multi-use interface makes it convenient
  • It filters off over 99% of water contaminants


  • The materials used are fragile
  • The filter life is rather short


The Powpro faucet water filter is the final filter we feature in this review. It has a good enough performance and convenience. It compares similarly to most of the other filters we have looked at. It is still a good water filter for someone on a compressed budget. You have not a reason to drink unfiltered water. This filter will ensure every drop you take is clean and healthy.


Best Faucet Mount Water Filter – Buyer’s Guide

Here is a comprehensive buying guide for best faucet water filters to have a deep insight for a better decision.

Water, despite its clear appearance in the natural state, contains contaminants which if not removed can pose serious health risks to the users. These contaminants vary depending on the environments. For instance, where industry presence is at maximum, the water, whether rain or tapped, is likely to contain high mercury and lead levels. Despite the local authorities treating the tapped water from various locations, the water may still be unsafe by the time it reaches the user for consumption. For this reason, having a household filtration system for your water is necessary. With technological advancements, manufacturers are trying to improve the water filtration systems to ensure a quality system for easy installation and cheap maintenance. Among the popular innovations is the faucet filters.

The faucet filters are easy to install at any water supply point with most installations on the faucet’s top part. To ensure an informed purchase, this guide offers some special filter features, technical specifications and reviews to ensure you settle for an ideal filter. Before actualizing your purchase, however, you need to understand the benefits of a faucet water filter. These include:

Complete water purification: faucet filters employ quality multi-stage filters to remove contaminants from water. While some filters remove limited types and levels of pollutants, faucet filters can remove complex organic and inorganic contaminants to ensure you consume safe and healthy water.

Convenience: unlike other water filter options, faucet filters offer clean water on demand. Moreover, these filters feature flexibility by allowing you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water upon demand.

Environmental friendly way to purify your water: by using faucet filters, individuals can access to ready to drink water, cutting down on the use of plastic bottled water hence an overall reduction of plastic waste.  This benefit is noticeable in large families.

Easy installation and maintenance: if you are struggling with other complex water filtration systems, then end your struggle with a faucet filter. These filters are easy to install by simply removing your aerator and fixing it. Also, as part of maintenance, you will only need a special focus on the cartridge filters which require replacement after two or three months. This benefit cuts down the overall costs of obtaining clean water as you do not need technical assistance to run this system.

Affordable water filtration: faucet filters saves you a lot of money. Besides the low initial costs, these filters also save you the money you would spend to buy drinking water.

Types of faucet water filter

Unlike the ordinary water filters, faucet filters allow you to access clean water right from your tap. Once you install the filter, you only need to turn your tap on and enjoy refreshing and clean water from your tap. During shopping, you will realize that there exist different types of faucet filters. Some filters embrace the traditional filtering concept by removing the impurities from the water to attain a fresh and pure taste. Other filters feature a flavor cartridge which, besides removing the unwanted impurities from the water also adds a fruit taste to it. No matter the science behind your filter, the following comprise the basic types of faucet filters:

Direct flow through the filter: this affordable filter attaches to the faucet end. It features an efficient filtration, providing you with good quality water. However, to ensure efficient performance, in the long run, using this filter, you will need regular filter replacements.

Side offset flow through filters:  unlike the above filter, side offset allows for the installation of a bigger filter due to its indirect positioning on the faucet. Thus, these filter cartridges sieve the water more thoroughly and last longer compared to the direct flow through. However, they are more expensive and the weight they exert on the facet can stress it in the long run.

Carbon filters: these filters feature a carbon cartridge that absorbs all impurities in water as the water passes through. Besides absorbing the large impurities from the water, this cartridge also removes chemical remains like chlorine from the water restoring its taste and natural odor. To ensure optimum filtration, change the cartridge on a regular basis.

Reverse osmosis filter: these filters utilize the carbon cartridge together with a thin acetate membrane that employs pressure in sieving.  The membrane removes other water contaminants that the cartridge was either unable to remove or removed only a small percentage. To ensure optimal performance, consider regular replacement of these membranes as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to buy the different types of faucet filters

Before buying any of the above filters, you need to consider the following factors:

Price: before shopping, draft your budget and specify the amount you intend to spend on your water filtration. Filters vary in prices depending on their special features. Thus, if you want a filter with advanced features, project higher costs. Also, as a smart buyer, always leave room for adjustment in your budget to your budget to ensure you attain value. In relation to the price are the maintenance costs. By purchasing a high-quality filter, you will incur high initial costs. However, the long run costs will be lower due to its durability. On the contrary, buying a poor quality filter implies poor performing parts with less durability requiring high maintenance, repair and in some instances replacement costs.

Type of contaminants in your water: the contaminants present in your water will dictate your purchase. These contaminants are different for different locations. Thus, depending on your locality, purchase a filter that will remove the common contaminants in your water.

Special features to consider when buying your filter

To ensure maximum performance on the filter you purchase, as a keen buyer, you need to focus on some specific product features which influence the functionality. These include:

Construction material: the best faucet water filters feature a metal construction. Besides durability, metal offers a tight faucet grip hence better filter results compared to other types of material.

Cartridge life: the filter cartridges sieve the contaminants from your water hence an important element in your filter. Filter cartridges include the heavy and light duty. Heavy-duty cartridges feature maximum efficiency, eliminating more than 70 organic and inorganic contaminants from your water while the light duty cartridges focus more on the common pollutants.

When it comes to the cartridge life, these filters feature replaceable cartridges with limited functionality over a specific period. Some filters lifespan depends on the filtering capacity say 100, 200 or even 300 gallons.  In this case, these filters have sensors that alert you when you attain the number of gallons so that you can replace the filters.  Other filters depend on the time duration such that after the expiry of one or two months, you will need to replace them while others employ a mixed recommendation in which the filtering capacity and duration influence the replacement. Thus, as a smart buyer, check the cartridge lifespan to understand the frequency in which you will need to replace them and weigh them against your ability to replace them at these times to ensure you consume clean and healthy water throughout. A high-quality filter will require fewer replacements compared to a low-quality filter.

Filter change sensors: the filter cartridges are the most important element in the filters for their water purification capabilities. Thus, to ensure optimum operation, they need regular replacements. To ensure a timely replacement, therefore, manufactures install two main types of sensors in different faucet filters. These include the light and the day counting sensors.  The light sensors are the most common type in most filters. During purchase, the cartridge is brand new hence these sensors lights are green. As you continue to use the filter, the lights turn yellow and finally red upon attaining their maximum capacity. When these lights are red, the filtration is inefficient. Thus, to stay safe, avoid consuming water from the filter until you replace the cartridge. The day counting sensor on the other side requires you to set the counter after purchasing a new cartridge. By checking the counter, you will monitor the number of days you are using your filter such that at the expiry of the recommended days, you will replace the parts accordingly.

Size: The filter size only affects the space aspect of your household. If you have enough space, then go for a larger filter, however, if your space is small, avoid further congestion by buying a small size filter.

Finishes: Water filters feature differences in their finish. Thus, finding a perfect match for your kitchen is important to maintain uniformity.  As a rule, if possible, pick on colors that match your faucet for your kitchen facelift.

Technical specifications

Style: faucet filter feature two styles: one that allows filter rotation around their axis and another that allows swiveling through a vertical axis. No matter your preference, these filters will not hinder you from accessing your sink and selecting either type will be a matter of preference rather than performance.

Warranty: buying a faucet filter with a warranty is not only a guarantee of quality but also value for your money. With a guarantee, you can have the peace of mind during purchase that the filter you are buying is worth the money invested.

Choosing the best filter for your lifestyle

The best faucet water filter will vary among users depending on their lifestyles and location. The following is a review of top three faucet filters and their features that make them stand out in the market to suit different lifestyles.

The best design and high performing filter: if you want to combine both efficiency and style to your kitchen, then consider DuPont WFFM100XCH in your next filter purchase. Featuring a chrome finish and 100-gallon capacity, this filter ensures you maintain your kitchen theme and enjoy clean water for a longer time. Its filter removes water contaminants including chlorine, asbestos, benzene, mercury, lead and linden, improving your water’s taste, clarity and odor. This faucet filter also attaches easily to standard kitchen taps without requiring an adapter thus easy installation and use. To improve the filters life and performance, this product features Microban antimicrobial protection that eliminates bacteria, mildew and molds from the water hence a superior filtration. Also, the filter has a three-year limited warranty that makes it a valuable investment.

The best faucet mount filter: different households have different designs including the faucet which can be limited to the type of filter you install in your home. If you want to purify your water directly from the source but find your tap features are limiting, then the Culligan FM 15A is your ideal purchase. Featuring a compact design, this filter is easy to install without extra tools on your faucet.  The filter has an adapter that ensures easy mounting in all standard sinks. What’s more is that by simply pulling the filter’s diverter’s valve, you can easily switch your water from the regular tap water to the filtered water and vice versa. Featuring FM-15RA advanced filters, this filter sieves out complex contaminants such as cryptosporidium, cysts, chlorine and lead. Moreover, this filter eliminates unwanted tastes and odor to give you clear, pure and refreshing water. With a filter capacity of 200 gallons, this filter can last for two months. Also, featuring NSF certification against the 42 and 53 ANSI standards, this system is safe for human use.

Easy to monitor water filter: are you looking for an easy to track filtration system? If so, then end your search with PUR PFM800HX. By purchasing this filter, you will be able to track your filter usage and water consumption from your Smartphone courtesy of its Bluetooth capabilities. This filter also features a CleanSensor Monitor that indicates the status of your filter, to ensure optimal performance and consumption of healthy drinking water. Also, for quality performance, the filter employs the Maxion Filter technology to purify the water. This technology employs activated carbon and ion exchange in its filtration to remove the invisible water contaminants. The filter requires no tools for their initial installation, and its sleek design offers a facelift to your kitchen. Due to its advanced technology, this filter features a certification to remove both organic and inorganic contaminants including lead, mercury and pesticides. Its filters feature a  MineralClear technology that further facilitates the removal of the above contaminants to release a clean, healthy, crisp tasting water direct from your tap.  The filters have a 100 gallons capacity hence last for two to three months. Finally, with a two-year warranty, this filter offers a guarantee for your money investment.

FAQs About The Best Faucet Water filters

  • How do I know it is time to replace the filter?

Besides the sensors on your filter, as your filter approaches maximum capacity, you will notice a slower trickle pace. This is an indication that it is time to replace your filter.

  • What is wrong with my tap water and why do I need a faucet filter?

Tap water is not only readily accessible water supply but also eco-friendly. However, it can host some chemicals which if not removed can pose health risks to individuals in the long run. These include chlorine, fluoride and other organic and inorganic contaminants. For this reason, it is safe to use a faucet filter on your tap water to ensure your general health and safety.

When it comes to the faucet water filter, the NSF standard 42 and 53 is a common term. A filter that adheres to these standards employs strict observation of the contaminant reduction filtration rules hence the water that goes through such a filter is safe for human consumption.

  • How do you install a faucet filter?

Faucet filters do not require tools for installation thus easy to install.  In fact, their installation process takes few minutes. To install your filter, follow the following simple steps:

  1. Begin by shutting off the water supply
  2. Disconnect your faucet’s aerator. This may require a wrench if the aerator tightly attaches to the faucet.
  3. Clean off any build up on your faucet filter using vinegar.
  4. Check and establish whether you need an adaptor.
  5. Attach your filter then mount the collar and filter cartridge.
  6. Allow water to run through your filter for about five minutes to flush out the cartridge and excess carbon.
  • What components does the faucet filter block?

Depending on the model, a faucet filter will remove the following components from the water:

  1. This element is present after water treatment by the local authorities. Its removal improves the water taste.
  2. Solid debris such as dust, sand and rust. The removal of these components improves the water taste and quality, ensuring the overall health of the consumer.
  3. Other organic and chemical compounds present in the water including viruses and bacteria.
  4. Any weird tastes and odor.

In conclusion, while purchasing the best faucet water filter may seem like a simple task, the above guide proves to us that this purchase is more than walking to a dealers shop and picking any filter. As a smart buyer, therefore, the above guide is an important assess if you are to realize the full benefits of your ultimate choice. After going through the guide also, consider questioning your dealer about your final pick to confirm your settlement on the best faucet water filter.

We have reviewed some best faucet mount water filters that we believe could be a perfect fit for you. This review might however not be very conclusive about which one of them is the best. This is because several factors will play a role in determining which the best filter is for you. These factors have a close connection to the reviews above. These factors will enable you to identify the best faucet water filters among many others. The factors are;

Water is a very sensitive commodity, especially when it is being used for drinking. As such you need to ensure that the filter you get is effective and can serve you for long. Go through several customer reviews to get an overall picture of the effectiveness of a particular filter. Also, check the information provided about the capabilities of the filter. These filters are also supposed to have certification, which proves they are effective. Always ensure the water filter you get has been certified. Filter life is another important aspect that determines the reliability of a water filter. A good filter life should not be less than 100 gallons. It is not very convenient to be replacing a filter every week. The filter should be able to remain effective over a longer duration

Faucet water filters are made of either plastic of stainless steel materials. You should consider these materials carefully to ensure that they are durable. Stainless steel is normally more durable than plastic. Plastic materials also differ in quality. Low-quality materials tend to break within a short while, and the filter starts leaking. You do not want to buy a filter that will break up the moment you install it. It is important to realize that you also need to maintain the filter you buy well. Poor maintenance will quickly damage the filter even if it is of good quality.

Faucets are different depending on who did plumbing in your house. The filters are also designed to fit in specific faucets. You need to carefully determine whether the filter you get will fit in your faucet. Some filters come with adapters to ensure they can be fixed on multiple faucets. You need to ensure that these adapters can fit on your faucet. You don’t want to buy a faucet water filter only to find out it cannot fit on your faucet once you’ve reached home.

The whole idea of a faucet water filter is banked on convenience. A good water filter should have features that add convenience to its use. For Instance, we have review filters with 360 degrees swivel junctions. This makes the filters very convenient as you can rotate them and point the nozzle in the direction you want the stream to flow. Bluetooth and other user interface features are also very desirable. In as much as the main function of a filter is to ensure you get clean drinking water, you should also consider the convenience of use.

The size of the faucet water filter and the pressure of water flow determine how much water it can dissipate within a given duration. You do not want a filter that takes forever to fill up a cup. A larger size and pressure is desirable if you have more people in the house. The pressure is a sensitive aspect of low pressure will mean very low flow rate while high pressure will cause sputtering. Striking a balance in pressure is recommended.

These faucet water filters come in a wide range of prices. Your budget always gets to be the ultimate determinant of the filter you are going to purchase. Normally, higher prices mean a more effective filter. Sometimes a filter will be more expensive than others just because of the brand name though. Carefully evaluate the features of the filters in comparison with the prices to ensure you get value for your money. You should not compromise quality for the price. You do not want to be drinking contaminated water just so that you could save a few dollars.


This review is aimed at putting you in a better position to make an informed choice when you go looking for a Faucet water filter. The choice is arrived at by comparing the factors above with the respective features and pros of the filters. The review contains some of the best faucet water filters, and the final choice is dependent on your preferences. We reckon that the review might appear long and detailed for you to recall every little detail. As such, we have compiled a comparison table below. You can skim through it quickly and get the information you are looking for.

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