Best Place For Your Wireless RouterSo, you have gotten a hold of one of the Best Wireless Routers 2019, and want to install it. The only dilemma you have is where you should install it. Many people don’t realize that the point where they place the router affects how it serves them. Our aim is to always ensure you have the best experience with your wireless router. We spend time exploring and scrutinizing various wireless routers, to see how they perform. We bring you factual and insightful information about various wireless routers. We pride ourselves in making sure you have all the information you need about wireless routers.

This is a precise explanation of how you go about deciding where to place your wireless router. The position of your router majorly affects its range. The range of a router is the measure of the coverage of the router. You need your router to have as much coverage as possible, or at least to cover a particular space. You should be able to pick the most convenient spot to place your router depending on the space you want to cover.  Below are a few guidelines you could follow to determine where you should place your router.

1) Central Point

The most basic step of determining where to place your router is determining where the central point is. You choose the central point with regard to the space you want to be covered. The router will broadcast WIFI signal in all directions from that point. The central point rule works great in public places and institutions. Whether it’s a lobby or a hall, the router should be placed at the center-most point. You can always extend the range of your router using one of the Best Wi-Fi range extenders 2019. You may not need to worry too much about the central point if you can afford a range extender.

2) Obstacles

Obstacles such as walls affect the overage of the router significantly. You will notice a router will have more coverage in an open space, than inside a building. The most logical thing is to ensure you put the router where there are east obstacles. If it is at home, you may need to place the router at a high point where there are fewer obstacles. Some home routers come with range extenders though. You won’t have to worry about the obstacles.

3) Type of Router

Some routers need to be plugged directly into the socket. You may not have a choice with regard to where you should place such a router. You will have to plug it in where there is a socket. You can always install a socket at a convenient spot though.

Having your router at the correct spot will ensure you it serves you optimally. You can experiment with different spots using the guidelines above, and find your most convenient spot. The Best wireless router for home 2019 comes with one or more range extenders. They will save you the hassle of wondering where to place them.

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