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Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground pool, or even just an inflatable pool for the kids, you’ll want to get a pool skimmer to clean up leaves, dirt and debris that falls into your pool. The filters in above and inground ground pools will help with this but there’s always some leaves and bugs that you’ll want to clean. With inflatable pools, you’ll have to leave the water out every few days unless you have it covered, which can still somehow lead to debris getting in. Because of these reasons, you want the best pool skimmer that is durable and gets the job done easily so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

There are a lot of pool accessories you can get to clean your pool, like automatic pool cleaners, telescoping poles, vacuum cleaners, pool shocks, test strips and more. But if you need a simple and trustworthy pool skimmer then check out these reviews.

Keep in mind that some of these come with telescopic poles, and some do not. For the purpose of this article, we are reviewing the durability and effectiveness of the pool skimmer nets.

Best Skimmer Net for Swimming Pools

1. ProTuff Silt and Leaf Rake Pool Cleaner and Skimmer Bundle

ProTuff Silt & Leaf Rake Bundle - Unlimited Free Replacements - 2-Items: 23 Inch Medium & 17 inch...
  • 𝗦𝗔𝗩𝗘 𝗪𝗜𝗧𝗛 𝗔 𝟮 𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗠 𝗥𝗔𝗞𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗕𝗢 𝗕𝗨𝗡𝗗𝗟𝗘 - Get two of our best selling pool rakes (23 inch leaf rake and 17 inch...
  • 𝟭𝟬𝟬% "𝗡𝗢 𝗤𝗨𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗦 𝗔𝗦𝗞𝗘𝗗" 𝗟𝗜𝗙𝗘𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘 𝗚𝗨𝗔𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗘 - If any portion of this professional grade,...

If you want the best pool skimmers then this bundle is for you. You’ll pay a little more, but they will last you forever and get what they are meant for. The 23″ leaf rake will get the bigger debris with ease. Then skim the pool again with the 17 inch rake to get smaller particles like sand, silt, dog hairs and pollen. The frames are made of durable aluminum alloy with a plastic rim that won’t scratch your pool, or deflate an inflatable pool.

You can also buy these separately if you only need one of them, as well as choosing them in smaller net sizes.

With a lifetime guarantee backing their ProTuff products, you won’t be searching again next summer to look for another pool skimmer – and you’ll wish you paid more to get these fellas.


  • 2 rake bundle for large and small debris
  • Double-stitched nylon leaf rake
  • Silt mesh net
  • Durable aluminum alloy frames
  • Plastic rim over aluminum frames
  • Unlimited free replacements


  • Heavy duty pool skimmer
  • Catches everything from fine sand or pollen to insects and leaves with the bundle
  • Skim pools easily without the durable aluminum frames bending or breaking
  • Never worry about the plastic rim scratching your pool
  • For large or smaller pools of any size
  • Easily glide through the pool with a strong feel that they won’t bend


  • Bundle is more expensive, but worth it as you’ll never need to buy another set again

2. US Pool Supply Professional Heavy Duty Pool Leaf Skimmer

U.S. Pool Supply Professional Heavy Duty 19" Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Rake with Strong Reinforced...
  • Fast Pool Cleaning: Heavy duty ideal daily use pool rake for fast, easy and efficient cleanup of leaves and debris from pools. Safe for use in all types of pools and it won't mar pool liners. Fits...
  • Heavy Duty 19" Aluminum Frame: Net has a strong lightweight aluminum alloy frame that won't bend, twist or break under a load. The durable ABS plastic covered frame has a beveled leading edge that...

Once again we have a durable aluminum frame handle that you can trust. It has a wide 19″ frame with a plastic rim cover to protect your pool. It has a deep mesh nylon net that collects a lot of leaves and debris.


  • Reinforced aluminum frame handle
  • Deep nylon mesh net bag
  • Plastic trim over aluminum frame
  • Commercial grade materials
  • EZ clip buttons for poles


  • Won’t bend or break thanks to commercial grade materials
  • Quickly clean and skim polls with ease
  • Catch a ton of leaves and debris with large net
  • Don’t pitch your fingers thanks to the EZ clip buttons when attaching a pole
  • Fits standard 1-1/4″ telescopic poles


  • Doesn’t have the finer mesh to catch pollen and sand

3. Swimline HydroTools Premium Aluminum Pool Leaf Skimmer

HydroTools by Swimline Premium Aluminum Pool Leaf Skimmer
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame
  • Light and strong frame

The last thing you want is to get a plastic pool leaf skimmer that may last a summer, but it may not. Especially if you put a telescopic pole to it, you’ll want a skimmer with a sturdy aluminum frame like this one from Swimline. Even though its an aluminum frame, it’s still lightweight enough to breeze through the water picking up debris along the way. With a large casting net, you will be able to run it through the whole pool before having to empty it out.


  • The frame is made of heavy duty aluminum
  • Lightweight but durable frame
  • Large mesh net
  • Fits 1.1-1.25″ poles


  • Gets out leaves and debris with ease
  • Quickly and easily cleans your pool
  • Fits standard telescopic poles
  • Better than plastic frame skimmers
  • Catches insects and even dog hair
  • Great for using by hand with smaller pools


  • Doesn’t fit all pole sizes
  • Finer mesh is needed for sand in pools

4. Swimline HydroTools Aluminum Handle Pool and Spa Skimmer

HydroTools by Swimline Aluminum Handle Pool and Spa Skimmer
  • Comes with a 12" aluminum handle
  • Ideal for use in small pools and spas

Another from Swimline, this HydroTools Skimmer comes with a 12″ aluminum handle. This is perfect for inflatable pools, smaller pools or spas where you want to do it by hand. Similar to the other HydroTools pool skimmer, its sturdy with an aluminum frame as well as the handle. The mesh picks up everything from inspects to leaves with ease.


  • 12″ aluminum handle attached
  • Cleans leaves, debris and insects
  • Long lifespan and durable
  • Meant for smaller pools, inflatable pools and spas


  • Perfect if you have a smaller pool or like to clean by hand
  • Cleans small pools quickly and effortless
  • Feels very durable and not like it’s going to break like plastic would
  • Attached aluminum handle so you don’t have to find the right pole fit


  • Not for larger pools

How to Choose the Best Pool Skimmer Net: Buyer’s Guide

To pick the best pool skimmer for your needs, price, and pool comes to a few factors. But first, let’s discuss your pool skimmer options, as well the as the types of pools you’ll be cleaning, and lastly what features to look for in those skimmers.

Types of Skimmers

Pool Skimmer Baskets

These automatic pool skimmers attach to the inlet of your pool and suck water thru the hose into a basket to clean your pool. While these are more sophisticated, as well as automatic, they are also slightly more costly and have a setup. These are meant for above-ground and in-ground pools, and can’t be used in inflatable pools. The only downsides besides the price is that you’ll want to use them when the kids aren’t in the pool and you don’t have the control of picking something up quickly that you see like manual pool skimmers.

Automatic Pool Skimmers

These automatic pool skimmers are either battery powered that include nets, or attach to the return jets of a pool to suck in debris which tend to give more suction than catching them in automatic pool skimmers.

Manual Pool Skimmer Nets

Manual pool skimmers are usually attached to telescopic poles that can be lengthened for larger pools, or without poles for using in smaller pools, hot tubs or inflatable pools. They come with a mesh net that helps to catch debris. Some have finer mesh nets that catch particles like sand, dog hair and smaller insects, while others are larger and meant for leaves. These are a great and more affordable addition to automatic pool skimmers that help to quickly and easily clean pools as you see the debris. They are also perfect for inflatable pools or hot tubs.

Solar Pool Skimmers

Solar pool skimmers are more advanced, and due to this solar technology, more costly. Thanks to the solar polar they roam around your pool picking up everything in sight. The great part is you don’t need to install them with a hose to your pool inlet so getting started is a breeze. Your pool will need to get a lot of sunlight and not be covered by shade for most of the day for these to work.

Pool Types

Skimmers for Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools may not be as big, but you’ll still want a pool skimmer with a telescopic pole. Above ground pools should also have filtration that helps to catch debris, but you’ll still want a pool skimmer whenever you see leaves or bugs in your pool.

Skimmers for Inground Pools

Inground pools may have a better filtration system, but once again you’ll still want a quality pool skimmer for quick clean-ups.

Skimmers for Hot Tubs or Spas

If you leave the cover of your hot tub open a lot, maybe to listen to the fountain features of if lights display at night, then leaves and other debris may get into your hot tub. This makes a great reason to get a smaller manual skimmer without a pole to quickly clean them either inside the hot tub or standing outside.

Skimmers for Inflatable Pools

If you got an inflatable pool for the kids, or even for adults to enjoy some refreshing water, then you’ll definitely want a pool skimmer. Otherwise you will be letting the water, and the air, out of your pool a lot to clean it out when it gets dirty from too much debris. You could get a pool cover to help with this, or use a tarp with some string to be more budget friendly, but you’ll still need a small handy pool skimmer for quick clean-ups to have the water last longer and look cleaner.

Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Pool Skimmer Net

So we’ve covered what types of skimmers are out there and the types of pools you would use them for. Hopefully by now you know what type you need for the pool you have based on your preferences. When you’ve figured out what type of pool skimmer you need there are a few more factors to think about.


When it comes to manual pool skimmers, you don’t want to have to buy a new one every year. So if you are looking for a manual pool skimmer, like for durable aluminum frames instead of cheaper plastic frames that may break. Sure, you may save a few bucks on the plastic ones, but you’ll be back to buy another skimmer soon. Spend a little more and get a strong pool skimmer for in-ground or above ground pools, or even inflatable pools and hot tubs.


Automatic pool skimmers are great because – they’re automatic! But, you’ll still need to connect it to the hose and let it loose in the pool. Then cleaning it out after just as you would a manual pool skimmer. Consider if you want something more on-demand like a manual pool skimmer or something that you can set and forget in between your swims like an automatic pool skimmer.


Cost always comes into play but that doesn’t mean go for the cheapest. Imagine having a pool party and you’re skimming the pool and your plastic frame breaks. No one wants to jump in and clean by their hands or a half broken net. Spend a little more and get durable and strong materials that will last a long time.

Ease of Use

Solar pool skimmers are a set and forget it with no setup. You’ll spend more on these but cleaning pools has never been easier. You may still want a manual pool skimmer in addition though as leaves fall into the pool as you’re swimming and you don’t want to put the solar pool skimmer in with kids in the pool.


With manual pool skimmers the only setup is attaching the pole to the net and you’re ready for action. Automatic pool skimmers and pool skimmer baskets have some setup involved, but then do the cleaning themselves. Solar pool skimmers setup involve them getting enough sun and they are ready to go.


Hopefully the above reviews and buyer’s guide help you to make the best decision for cleaning and skimming your pool with a pool skimmer net. Remember, you don’t want to have to buy another one this summer, so pick a sturdy and durable pool skimmer that can get both large and small debris, like the bundle from ProTuff.

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