When the sun is out, and you are cruising down the highway with your windows down, it is always a good feeling. With a super clean windshield, the view of the road and the landscapes on the horizon is a sight to behold. However, if your windshield is not well cleaned, it sucks the fun out of the whole experience. It can also be dangerous as it greatly hampers the visibility of the road. It may lead to an accident be it running over someone’s dog or a major head-on collision with an oncoming truck. It is best to keep your windshield crystal clear at all times.

The best way to achieve this is by investing in the best windshield wipers you can find. Some drivers go for cheaper options and end up paying dearly for it (pun intended). When it comes to the quality of your wipers, the price should not be the deciding factor. Make sure you get the right quality first before you check whether it works with your budget. Get to know the specifications. What makes them right? What makes them wrong? How will they benefit you? Once you have all this information, it will be easier to make the right decision. It takes a lot of time and research to collect this data, but you don’t have to do it anymore. It is all here for you. Let’s look at a breakdown of the best windshield wipers for your car this year:

Best Windshield Wipers 2019

Bosch Aerotwin 3397118979 0.64 ouncesAerodynamic steel frameNoBracketlessCheck Price
ACDelco 8-44224.8 ouncesAll metal frameNoDogleg blade designCheck Price
Valeo 60011 600 Series3.2 ouncesGalvanized steel frameNoSynthetic rubber bodyCheck Price
Michelin 8026 Stealth9.6 ouncesAerodynamic coverNoSmart flex technologyCheck Price
OEM QUALITY AERO11 ouncesPremium rubber with DuPont Teflon coating NoBracket-less designCheck Price
Bosch ICON 26A8.8 ouncesAll-weather materialNoFX dual rubberCheck Price
PIAA 950556.4 ouncesSilicone rubberNoAerodynamic frameCheck Price
Trico 25-2404.8 ouncesHighGlide rubber technologyNoVorTec aerofoilCheck Price
Valeo 9001810B4.8 ouncesNo metal superstructureNoTec3 advanced rubber technologyCheck Price
Michelin 8024 Stealth9.9 ouncesAerodynamic coverNoSmart Flex technologyCheck Price
Rain-X 5079279-17 ouncesRubber-encased substructureNoSmall j-hook adapterCheck Price

1) Bosch Aerotwin 3397118979 – Best Windshield Wipers

best windshield wipersThe Bosch Aerotwin is a pretty good performer on all fronts. It is a bracket-less wiper blade built using the latest OE design for you to utilize its maximum potential. Compared to other Bosch wipers, the quality has significantly been stepped up, and it now has a long life while maintaining its high performance. Cleaning and consistency are crisp thanks to the dual coated rubber compound that was specially made for this product. It performs at high speed while still maintaining its grip on the windshield as a result of its precise curvature.


  • High Quality: The bracketless OE design is the latest technology in the market right now. More and more brands are beginning to embrace it because of its quality.
  • Easy To Install: The Bosch Aerotwin comes with ready-to-go adaptors for easy mounting. They are compatible with the standard wiper frame so it does not require any special skill to attach the blades.
  • They Are Precise: The Bosch Aerotwin blades are curved in a way that ensures they maintain contact with the windshield all through and do not miss even a single spot.


  • Not For The Old: Since they are made using the latest technology, older car models may not be compatible with it. The mounting adaptors are made with fairly modern cars in mind.

Our Verdict

Overall, Bosch Aerotwin is the type of windshield wiper you get when you want something that gets the job done with no questions asked. There is no hype or gimmick about it. It simply does the work it is intended to do swiftly and efficiently.

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2) ACDelco 8-4422 – All Season Metal Best Wiper Blades

best windshield wipersIf you are looking for the best windshield wipers to last you a very long time and save you loads of cash, the ACDelco wiper blades are the ones for you.  These wiper blades are not about beauty or design. They focus on wiping your windshield more and hurting your bank account less. They are made up of all-metal frames with every element precisely fitted in their respective positions. If you have ever used any ACDelco product, then you know what to expect since they deliver the kind of performance the brand is known for. ACDelco was built with all the vehicles in mind. Whether you are driving a GM or non-GM machine, you are covered.


  • Cheap: ACDelco wiper blades are among the cheapest wiper blades in the market. They were meant to cater for the average driver who cannot afford the more expensive ones.
  • Durable: With all-metal frames, they are made to last you the longest time possible.
  • Good For Harsh Environments: For those people living in rural areas and environments with a certain level of hardship, ACDelco wiper blades will be right there with them through the tough times. They don’t wear or break easily.
  • Easy to Install and Use: Since the main target was the average driver, they are very easy to fit and use. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to handle them. New drivers will have an easy time.


  • They Don’t Work For long: They may be metallic and tough but they don’t last that long. They break down after a few months and may become harsh on your windshield. If you use them for too long you may end up getting a scratch.

Our Verdict

The ACDelco is a cheap option that saves many people the agony of breaking the bank. Sadly, the cheapness reflects heavily on their short lifespan. However, they are perfect for their price. You get exactly what you pay for. For the few months when they are in peak condition, they do an excellent job. You might have to replace them a lot more often though.

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3) Valeo 60011 600 Series – Best Winter Windshield Wipers

best windshield wipersWhen winter comes, and you have no choice but to drive to work, the only wiper blade that should come to your rescue is the Valeo 60011600 series.  A lot of consumer magazines have consistently recommended it as the best windshield winter companion. Its exterior is made of galvanized steel that cannot be corroded by the ice or water droplets. It will still last you long after winter is gone. It has a very advanced rubber built using the Tec3 technology to ensure that it maintains contact with your windshield come rain come sunshine. No weather can beat it.


  • Good For Harsh Weather: Valeo is built to help you beat all the harsh weather conditions. It will serve you during winter and also be fully functional during heavy rains.
  • High Tech: Its rubber is highly advanced. The Tec3 technology is known to produce very good results.
  • Durable: The exterior made of galvanized steel cannot be worn down by any environmental factor. It will continue staying fresh and new for a very long time.


  • Not Well Attached: It’s elements are not that well attached. The pieces sometimes fall off and they need to be put back in place rigidly.

Our Verdict

If you were wondering what the best windshield wipers are, ones that can last you through all seasons, then the Valeo 60011 600 Series has all the answers. They can stand the test of time. They are especially good for winter as many magazines have attested. However, you have to be careful. Make sure you have all the elements held tightly in place so that they don’t fall off and disappear along the road. That will greatly hinder their performance. Other than that, they deliver.

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4) Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper

best windshield wiper bladesThe Michelin brand is synonymous with world-class performance and reliability. When you see that name on a wiper blade, you already know that quality is guaranteed. Just to prove how reliable they are, an independent study was conducted, and the results were as good as expected. A lot of people prefer them over other industry standard wiper blades. The most interesting feature is the Smart Flex Technology. This allows the wiper blades to adapt to the shape of your windshield. They flex according to its curvature to maintain maximum contact all over the surface. Using the law of aerodynamics, the Michelin blades can avoid the accumulation of debris on its surface without any struggle.


  • Harsh Weather: The Michelin 8026 is another wiper blade suitable to help you get through any imaginable weather condition. You will no longer be stressed during winters and heavy rainfall.
  • Adaptability:They can basically work with any type of windshield. The smart flex technology will help them assume the shape of your windshield and provide maximum contact.
  • Easy To Replace: If you need wiper blades that you can replace without needing any guidelines, the Michelin blade has a connector system that is easy to understand.


  • Smart Flex Fail: Due to it not having any definite shape or curve, the smart flex may fail and not provide a full contact in certain areas. The flexibility may wear off or refuse to function in certain situations.

Our Verdict

The Michelin 8026 is a class ahead of the rest. It is amazing how it can adapt to different shapes of windshields. However, this is also dangerous since the flexibility cannot be perfect. Regardless, it is good that Michelin has a product that most customers can rely on.

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5) OEM QUALITY AERO – All-Season Best Windshield Wiper Blades

best windshield wiper bladesThe first thing that strikes you about these AERO blades is the design. It is as sleek as they come. However, this design should not be mistaken for beauty purposes; its main aim is to provide the perfect aerodynamics for a smooth and noiseless wipe. It also ensures that the blades are firmly attached to the windshield, and no amount of wind will be able to lift them up or cause even the slightest detachment. The AERO Premium blades are among the few wiper blades that come with rubber protectors during shipping to ensure that their DuPont Teflon coated premium rubbers get to you in mint condition.


  • Sleek Design: They are very pleasing to the eye. They ooze class and world-class design.
  • Reliable: They are a direct replacement for the OEM meaning that you can use them knowing that they meet the industry standard and are compatible with your windshield.
  • High Temperature Tolerance: They are made using materials that can withstand up to 70 degrees Celsius and still function at -40 degrees.
  • Durability: Ideally, they can sustain up to a million wipes meaning that you will be using them for a very long time.
  • Flexible: Their flexibility enables them to easily stick to your windshield and provide full contact at all times.


  • Harsh Weather: As much as it is good for all weather, it may not be the best for heavy rains. It leaves a slight streak.

Our Verdict

AERO Premium wiper blades are the best blades for a modern-day driver. They are stylish and ooze class. They also perform as well as expected. However, you won’t be able to brag about them much during the winter or heavy rains. Other than that, they are very calm and quiet. They wipe the windshield smoothly, and you won’t find any substantial reason to be irritated.

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6) Bosch ICON 26A Best Wiper Blades

wiper blade reviewsBosch is one of the brands that have built their reputation based on the quality of their products. Ask any driver for their top 10 best wiper blades and a Bosch product is bound to be on their list. The ICON 26A sets the template as far as quality is concerned. With these wiper blades, you get one very important guarantee; they will stick to your windshield evenly no matter what weather condition they are in. They are specifically engineered with special fx rubber that is resistant to any form of deterioration be it from the ozone or time. They are proven to last 40% longer than the average windshield wiper blade. The kind of tension strings used keeps them firmly in position regardless of the environmental pressure applied to them.


  • Longevity: Their biggest advantage is the ability to last up to 40% longer than the normal blade found in the market.
  • High Quality: The special fx rubber is unheard of in the general market. This is a quality that is only reserved for the best.
  • Firm: ICON 26A does not lose its grip no matter what. It is as firm as ever whether you are driving in the sun or during a heavy downpour.
  • Very High Performance: The ICON 26A delivers perfectly on its most essential task; making your windshield squeaky clean.
  • Easy Installation: Replacing your standard wiper blades with the ICON 26A is pretty easy. It will take you less than 20 minutes.


  • Expensive: It’s quite pricey for the average guy.

Our Verdict

The Bosch ICON 26A has to be one of the best –if not the absolute best-windshield wiper in the market. Every element has been engineered for maximum efficiency. It is one of those products that over-deliver on its promise. Even though it may put quite a dent in your pockets, it is worth every penny for such quality.

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7) PIAA 95055 Super Silicone Wiper Blade

wiper blade reviewsThe PIAA 95055 is revolutionizing the wiper blade industry one wipe at a time. It is like nothing you will ever find in a regular wiper. First of all, the rubbers are made of silicone and not premium or fx or any other material that you are used to seeing. The silicone wipers last way longer than the other rubbers and uniquely wipe the windshield. With every single wipe during a heavy downpour, the blades smear the windshield with a substance that makes it water repellant. This means that the moment you switch off the wiper, water droplets will start beading as they roll off the windshield. It works even when it is not working. The silicone rubber used is resistant to tear and UV light from the sun.


  • Unique: The use of silicone is not that popular therefore with these blades, you will definitely stand out.
  • Durability: The type of silicone technology used enables the rubber to last up to twice as long as the normal rubber or premium rubber.
  • Price Efficient: Once you feel the blades are reducing in performance, you don’t necessarily have to replace them; you can just refill and boost it back to mint condition.
  • Tested: Before the silicone blades are tossed into the market, they undergo a lot of study and testing to make them the best.


  • It is a little bit too pricey.

Our Verdict

Buying the PIAA 95055 wiper blades will hurt your bank account, but it will put your conscience at ease. They are pricey because they over deliver and serve you for a very long time without a dip in performance. They are also unique since many brands have gone the synthetic rubber way.

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8) Trico 25-240 Force – High Performance Beam Blade

what are the best windshield wipersThe Trico 25-240 Force is the diamond mark of stability. It is like a military officer, strict and always focused on the job. Just like its name suggests, Trico Force is a force to be reckoned with. It was built to go hard. It is fast, smooth and swift. Under normal conditions, it swipes through with the utmost efficiency at a speed of 135MPH.  It is made up of a very firm structure that keeps it glued to your windshield at all times. Regardless of the weather, the structure never loosens its grip.


  • Fast: The Trico Force is one of the fastest wipers in the market. It is made using swept-wing spoiler system that allows it to cut through wind speed with very little effort.
  • Efficient: Just like a military soldier, Trico Force performs its job efficiently. It sticks to the windshield at all costs.
  • Ideal for Harsh Weather: Its firm outer structure makes it one of the best options for snow days and violent weather conditions. No amount of wind can lift it up.
  • Easy To Install: For it to satisfy the user, the connectors were made very easy to attach or detach. It will give you an easy time.


  • It is not for every vehicle. Some cars have exhibited very different results.

Our Verdict

It is tough to find anything negative to say about the Trico Force. The manufacturers have covered all their bases well. They paid attention to every aspect. They also made sure it is as tough as nails. If you want a wiper that you can put all your confidence in, the Trico Force will not let you down.  The best part is, you don’t have to break the bank. Its price is way better than other high-end wipers that promise the heavens and don’t deliver. The Trico Force is undoubtedly an excellent long-term investment.

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9) Valeo 9001810B – All-Season Wiper Blades

best winter windshield wipersIt’s time to take the minimalistic approach. The Valeo 9001810B is as minimal as they come. The Valeo proves that you don’t need a lot of elements to get the job done.  It focuses more on the rubber and its functionality rather than the exterior and the structure. You don’t need to be visible to stand out. This Valeo product has the best slim design in the market. It might as well be the slimmest of them all.

Most blades have two rubbers glued together on each side, but the Valeo 9001810B has only one. This does not make it any less effective. All the focus and attention has been given to that one rubber to ensure that it works better than the double ones.  The super slim design and single rubber enable it to be quiet and swift without any vibration whatsoever. While the normal wiper blade has roughly six pressure points, this blade has been boosted with up to 1500 pressure points.


  • Minimalistic: The Valeo 9001810B takes the minimalistic approach to a whole new level. It allows it to focus more on functionality rather than design.
  • Easy To Install: Due to its simple nature, installation is something that you can figure out in a matter of minutes if not seconds.
  • Pressure Points: Pressure is the most important aspect of any rubber. While other blades range between 4 and 8 points, this Valeo blade has a total of 1500 pressure points.
  • Silent: When it is at work, there is no sound or vibration whatsoever. Vibration and sound are usually caused by a bulky exterior which it doesn’t have.
  • High Performance: With no exterior to worry about, the manufacturers focused all their attention on making it meet the market standard.


  • Handle With Care: A small frame means it is a little bit more fragile than other designs.

Our Verdict

The Valeo 9001810B is a unique piece. It stands out even if it physically doesn’t want to. However, it is important to note that with the unusually small structure, it is prone to break more easily than the usual bulky windshield. Therefore, handle it with care. Other than that, it may be the classiest and most efficient wiper blade out there. It is all about performance.

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10) Michelin 8024 – Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blades

best wiper bladesEvery time you see a Michelin wiper blade, you already know the Smart Flex Design is to be expected. No other brand has utilized this amazing adaptability technology to its advantage as Michelin has. The Michelin 8024 Stealth Hybrid is proof of that. Just like the 8026 model, it can adjust to the shape of your screen in any given circumstance to ensure that it remains in full contact. As long as the Smart Flex is operational, no spot will ever be missed. It leaves a smooth wipe that enables you to see the road.

Michelin wipers have also solved a big problem that many traditional wipers experience; wind-lift. The Smart Flex ensures that enough pressure is applied all through the beam and hence no amount of wind, can lift it. Just like any proper windshield wiper, the aerodynamics is set right so that no snow or debris can clog the wiper and blades.


  • Smart Flex: The adaptable smart flex technology is a trademark of Michelin and they are the only ones who can deliver that kind of quality.
  • All Weather: It is ideal for any weather. No amount of rain or wind can make it lose its firm grip. Pressure is applied all though evenly.
  • Easy To Install: The EZ Lock system makes it easier to attach and detach during installation or replacement.
  • Tested: An independent test was done to determine its durability and it came out superior after 300,000 wipe cycles.
  • No Clogging: With its aerodynamics in check, it is hard for anyclogging to happen.


  • Fitting Problems: Some cars have had problems with making the Smart Flex adjust to their specific type of windshield.

Our Verdict

The Michelin 8024 wiper blades are efficient. The Smart Flex technology works for the most part, and it doesn’t cause any major problems since most windshield shapes are pretty standard. It can handle harsh weathers but don’t expect it to be perfect. No product is 100% perfect when it comes to performance. It will last you long enough without any serious complications. It maintains its efficiency even after a year or two.  Since it comes in three different styles (Stealth, Cyclone and Stealth Ultra) make sure you choose the style that best matches your car.

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11) Rain-X 5079279-1 – Latitude Wiper Blade

windshield wipersIf you are looking for one of the best-rated windshield wipers that have stood the test of time and have consistently been providing excellent performance, Rain –X 5079279 will certainly meet your expectations. With over 40 years in the market, Rain-X has certainly seen it all. They have improved their products all through the years, and they know what works and what doesn’t. For starters, they have gotten rid of protruding components that cause clogging of particles all over. One thing that Rain-X has adopted from its long run is adaptability to any weather change. Their design is as good in the sun as it is in the snow. It can also withstand strong winds and any dust particles. The whole frame is encased in rubber making it less vulnerable to environmental factors.

The blade is fitted with a high-quality synthetic rubber that is coated in graphite.


  • Smooth: The graphite coating on the rubber gives the squeegee a smooth wipe that is chatter-free.
  • Durability: Rain-X products are known to last very long. They have been in the business for over 40 years and their products continue to serve millions of drivers worldwide.
  • Weather Resistant: Unlike other wiper blades with metal structures, Rain-X has a rubber coating to ensure that the metal does not get corroded. It also reduced the number of metal components that are exposed to clogging debris. Everything just easily slides off the rubber.
  • High Performance: They have a certain contour that reaches all the areas of the windshield and provide a smooth wipe. It never misses a spot. There is a 40-year proof of that.
  • Other Products: Rain-X has diversified into other car care products that you can also use.
  • Easy To Install: They come with j-hooks which are compatible with nearly 98% of all the cars.


  • Squeaky after a while: After using them for quite a while, they may develop a little squeaky sound despite the fact that they still wipe properly.

Rain-X has a pedigree that makes you easily trust their products. No company would be in business for over 40 years if they did not deliver according to the customers’ needs. Granted, some minor problems like the squeaky sound are bound to appear after a while, but that usually takes a fairly large amount of time. It may be an indication that you have overused it and it’s time to get a new replacement. For the most part, Pain-X is dependable. The rubber coating works wonders when it comes to keeping debris off the frames.  It outshines all the other brands when it comes to winter.

It is advisable to be careful with the size since it comes in 10 different sizes. They range from 16 to 28 inches. You may experience some problems that arise from picking the wrong size and blame it on the quality.

The additional products also give it a big advantage since you can use them to wipe away stains and do basic car repairs.

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Best Windshield Wipers 2019 – Buying Guide (DEEP INSIGHT)

Here is a comprehensive buying guide for best windshield wipers 2019 to have a deep insight for a better decision.

Since the olden times, windshield wipers continue to impact greatly on the driver’s visibility especially in the harsh environments. For this reason, settling for a high-quality wiper now entails more than walking to a dealers shop and picking a pair. To ensure you qualify as a smart buyer in your selections, this guide offers a step by step guideline to the wiper features. We will also review some top brands to guide you through the purchase to ensure you settle for the best-rated windshield wipers.

What Are The Types And How To Select The Type That Suits You

Best Windshield WipersSome few years back, you would simply enter a random car dealer shop and purchase any windshield wiper. Today, however, you need to exercise utmost care to ensure you get the best windshield wipers for your car. This entails assessing the unique wipers features in terms of their compatibility with your car, the weather conditions and seasons.

The best windshield wipers feature a flexible metal with a rubber coating in their construction to enhance durability. The commonly used materials on these blades include rubber, silicone and other coated materials. Rubber materials are the most common for their availability and low costs. However, they wear out faster. Silicone on the other side is more durable compared to the rubber wipers but costs a little more. The coated blades are the least common but are gaining popularity with time. They are used together with rubber to increase the blade’s lifetime.

With the above in mind, there exist three main types of windshield blades as follows:

Conventional blades: these blades are flat and straight with a rubber strip coating their metal frame. They are best for pushing debris off the windshield. These blades are usable with the traditional cars which feature straight windshields. If you, therefore, have a new model car, consider the curved model which contours your windshield’s shape for a clean job. Also, during winter, conventional blades are inconveniencing for their limited movement over the windshield.

Beam blades: These blades, unlike the conventional, are curved hence suitable to use with different windshield types. Their curved nature enhances their free movement over the windshield to clear any debris on the windshield thus useful during the snowy weather. Instead of a metal beam, these blades embrace a steel beam with rubber strip in their make.

Hybrid blades: These blades comprise the conventional and beam blades features. The blades are straight with a slight curvature. Due to their advanced make, they offer quieter operation compared to the above blades.

Besides the above major blade types, there exist customized blades for different seasons. Most of these blades have a special application for the winter season. They, therefore, embrace additional features that ensure usability and efficiency during the season. These blades include the heated, winter and silicone wiper blades.

The heated wiper blades: the winter season, accompanied by winter storms is quite a difficult time for drivers. Thus, if you have the wrong windshield blades, you can either drive blindly or forego your traveling because of the snow coverage on your screen. To settle this problem, consider using the heated blades to reduce snow build up and increase visibility for a safer drive.

Winter wiper blades: These blades feature additional features that make them a perfect fit for the winter weather. Moreover, they are durable.

Silicone wiper blades: These blades employ a silicone technology in their make to fight the unfriendly winter conditions. They are water resistant, offering clear views even in the worst storms. The blades are resistant to the extremely hot, and cold weather conditions hence retain their shapes with no cracks or folds, thus durable.

Special Features That We Need To Consider

When buying the best windshield wipers for your car, you need to consider its special features vis a vis your car type. This implies a closer look at the following:

Size of wiper blades: knowing the size of your stock wiper blade is an important guide to purchasing a new one. This is because, even if you want to change the previous stock brand, you will discover the need to retain the size for compatibility purposes. To determine your blade size, check the size of your windshield. The blade size you select for your car should be smaller than your windscreen size.  Also, factor in the differences in size between the blade on the driver’s and passenger’s sides. Similarly, the rear window blades should be smaller than the windshield blades. Blades of the same size cannot work in tandem due to collision problems.

Connectors: In the past, everything was standard and could fit your need without trying it fast. However, with the technological advances, the products trend is towards customization. This condition applies to your wipers too. When buying your blades, ensure they fit well in your car. This will only be possible with the right connectors. In most cases, wipers and connectors come as a package. However, if you are still using the traditional models, you will need to select among the hook, Bayonet and Side pin connectors.

Compatibility: Getting the right windshield wipers means an efficiently performing wiper for your car. As a smart buyer, you need to buy perfectly fitting windshield blades with respect to your car’s model, brand and windshield. A poorly fitting wiper will not only be inefficient but also compromise on the functionality and clarity. Thus, getting the best fit wiper for your car will offer incredible benefits making your drive interesting under all conditions.

Durability: under normal circumstances, we use our wipers when we want to remove debris or water for a clear view. In other instances, these wipers tend to be a dormant feature on your car. When the summer season approaches, they gain exposure to the direct hot sun. This coupled with the winter extremes result in wear and tear. To ensure your wipers last for their estimated lifespan, consider buying those with durable materials. This implies going for the best quality windscreens with high tolerance to the harsh weather conditions.

Beam blades: As a smart buyer, consider buying beam blades to other blade types. Despite their higher prices, these blades offer quality service courtesy of their steel blades that exert consistent pressure on your windshield, giving a clean, clear view.

Installation: While some DIYers prefer to install the windshield blades on their own, I do not advocate taking this route. Getting a professional to fix your wipers will ensure a firm grip and hence functionality. Thus, unless you are a real pro, let the experts handle your fixing needs.

Car’s windshield curvature: A perfect grip on your windshield is the ideal state for a proper functioning wiper. Thus, whether your car has a straight or curved windshield, consider the hybrid or beam types respectively for perfect functioning especially during the harsh weather conditions.

Tech Specs

Purchasing your windscreen will entail analyzing its technical specifications to ensure good functionality throughout their lifespan. These specs include:

Stock wiper blade: The stock wiper blade acts as a reference when making your purchase decision. If your stock is the beam style, then do not purchase the bracket as the mounting styles are different. Also, an understanding of the attachments at this point is important to ensure you get the right accessories for your new purchase to fit on your car.

Warranty: Unlike other products, windshield blades whether high or low-quality brands do not feature guarantees. Thus, in the event of a malfunction, you will have to incur purchase costs once again. Therefore, bearing this in mind during purchase, commit yourself to proper maintenance practices. These include constant checks for clogging and other debris. With good maintenance, you will extend your wiper’s span of service.

Choosing The Right Windshield Wipers For Your Lifestyle

What are best windshield wipers?

The best windshield wipers offer the best services throughout their lifespan and are very compatible with your vehicle. Also of importance in purchasing your windshield blades is considering your environment. If you reside in extreme weather regions, then factor in the extra features for an efficient service. The following product features and reviews offer a guide to ensure you get the best performing wipers for your windshield.

The best wiper for all seasons: Among the challenges you may encounter as a buyer is getting one wiper that will serve you well in both the cold and hot seasons. Well, if this best describes your situation, then ACDelco 8-4422 should be your ultimate purchase. Featuring a metal wiper blade, these conventional wipers offer strength and durability. The steel construction further adds up to their ability to stand unfriendly weather conditions. To ensure a quieter operation, these wipers feature precisely fitted wiper elements. Finally, featuring a windshield wiper technology with an easy –fit universal adapter, this wiper is usable in more than 90% vehicle models on the road without requiring extra adapters.  Their dogleg blade design makes them a better suit for high wrap vehicles. Even with all these beneficial features, these wipes are economically priced and affordable with up to one-year parts warranty.

The best hybrid windshield wiper: Hybrid blades embrace both the conventional and beam designs in their make. Thus, settling for Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade, which is the best wiper in this category, is a perfect solution. In fact, due to its hybrid features, independent test results show that this wiper will still outperform other industry competitors after 300,000 wipe cycles. This wiper also, unlike other models bears a general record of confidence from all buyers on average, unlike other models which feature both praise and criticism.

With an EZ Lok connector, this blade is very easy to install or replace upon concluding its lifespan. In fact, the initial installation is simple courtesy of this connector system. All you need to understand is your car’s perfect fit with respect to the wiper’s wide range sizes ranging from 16 to 18 inches. This wiper embraces the Smart Flex technology in its make that it to your car’s windshield curvature for an optimal grip and performance during the harsh weather conditions. Its rounded blade makes this wiper not only suitable for the winter but also the tropical climates where dust and mud can be a nuisance to your windshield. To establish and maintain a firm contact, this windshield wiper has an independent suspension. The suspension also aids in adjusting the wiper to the screen curvature.

Finally, if you are driving in the dusty environment or a hail storm, you can also consider this wiper for its Sleek aerodynamic cover that ensures proper performance by preventing clogging from the debris.

The best winter windshield wiper blade: The winter season features cold weather with snow accumulation. This accumulation reduces the general visibility. When this happens on your windshield, your driving experience will worsen resulting in a life-threatening blind drive. To deal with this hustles, therefore, purchasing a winter specific wiper like the Valeo 60022 600 Series Windshield Wiper Blade, 22″ (Pack of 1) is advisable. This easy fit brand with a universal U-clip comes as a pre-assembled package in most brands. It is robust, durable and non-corrosive, courtesy of its galvanized steel material. This material further enhances contact between the blade and windshield for the efficient operation and removal of the ice and snow debris. Coating the steel blade is a rubber strip. Unlike the other models, this rubber strip features a Tec3 advanced Rubber Technology that ensures a natural smooth wipe while protecting the steel. As a smart buyer, purchasing and using the Valeo wiper will not only improve your visibility on the road but also enhance your confidence as you maneuver through the blinding hail storms.

FAQs About The Best Windshield Wipers

  • How often should you replace your wipers?

Unfortunately, most car owners insist on having the same wipers for many years. This limits their functionality. As a smart car user, consider replacing your wipes every 6 to 12 months. However, if you experience any problem with your wipers before the expiry of this time, you may take a less than usual time to do this replacement. During this span also, ensure you maintain your wipers and perform regular inspections and cleaning to retain them in good shape and function.

  • When should I replace my wipers?

Besides the once or twice general replacement rule for your wipers, other factors may trigger these replacements before their expiry. These include:

Rubber blade wear and tear: Most blades comprise a rubber strip coating which may wear out faster. Thus, in your regular checks, check for any splits, broken rubber, cracks or more rounded blade looks and replace them accordingly.

Excess noise: Windshield blades produce some noise in their operation. However, where the noise exceeds the norm and becomes irritating, it is a signal for you to install new ones.

Winter season: The winter season, unlike other seasons, demands that you have the best quality blade for your car. This is to enable you to deal with the blind drives and accumulating ice and snow debris. However, before you consider this replacement, conduct a thorough inspection on your blades status, check for any bends, and whether the blades sit well on your windshield to ensure a fine grip for the effective removal of any accumulating debris. If you project that your blades are not strong enough to withstand the season, then replacing them early enough before the season starts is advisable to avoid inconveniencing your schedule.

  • How should I pick the right blade for my car?

When picking a specific blade for your car type, consider the size and curvature of your windshield. Next, decide whether you want the entire blade or just the rubber refills. Consider the blade’s special features that match your needs as well as how these features perfectly enhance its functionality. Also, consider the installation and whether your choice is compatible with the environment in which you will use it. Finally, assess your budget against the quality.

  • What causes wiper deterioration?

Harsh and extreme weather conditions are the major contributors to the wipers deterioration.  With a high temperature, the rubber blades cook leading to wear. This effect followed by extreme contractions during the colder seasons results in wear and tear. Besides the weather triggers, subjecting your wipers to heavy tasks such as cleaning abrasive materials and dust rather than doing it manually will also trigger wear. Environmental contaminants like dirt and acid rain also fasten the wear and tear processes.

  • What constitutes an effective blade?

An effective blade features high-quality materials in their make, strong blade pressure over a wide area and a multi-point suspension system for streak and smudge reduction.

In conclusion, windshield blades just like every other part of your car are important. As a smart buyer, you should, therefore, endeavor to maintain it in good condition. Their maintenance not only ensures your visibility but also protects your windshield. Hence, before an accident smashes your windshield, make sure you have the right wiper to keep it clean and scratch free with high-quality blades.

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