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When talking about windshield wipers, we are referring to one of the vital parts of a vehicle designed to protect the vehicle, particularly when it is raining. However, they are not made to be used for the entire life of a vehicle. As a result, they need to be changed once they are weak or worn out completely. The damage can be due to the drying out of the rubber blades after an extensive use and the sun.

But the question now is; how do you determine the time to change the wipers of your car to a new one and how exactly do you go about changing them? Continue reading to find answers to this question.

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To know that you need new wiper blades, they will show some of the following signs:

–  The wiper leaves milky film when wiping

–  Wiper is frayed

–  Wiper is weak and the rubber will be flaking off when you touch it

–  Wiper screeching

–  Windscreen smearing

–  Windshield streaking water

–  Any other reason that seems your windshield wipers are not working well

But just a minute! Before you change the wipers, first try using a wet rag to wipe hardened rubber and dirt off your blades. You can still get some life out of them sometimes. But if the action didn’t yield any positive results, you can decide to buy new wipers.

I don’t know when last you change your windshield wipers, but the best quality windshield wipers should last for a reasonable period of time before changing them. Good windshield wipers should last you for a long period of time before changing them.

Buying Windshield Wipers

Different windshield wipers are available on the market today. There are the low-quality ones and there are the high-quality windshield wipers.

How to Find Best Wiper Blades

To find the best wiper blades should not constitute any problem if you understand all that is involved in buying one. The fact is that you must be able to identify the size and type of windshield wiper that will work effectively for your car. Once you have established this, it is time for you to go and buy the wipers. Use the information you have to choose the windshield wiper model for your vehicle.

When it comes to buying windshield wiper, they are available in different varieties and prices. However, the general rule here is that you don’t have to go for the one with the lowest price tag or the highest price tag. But note that the best windshield blades are always expensive and you will always get what you pay for.

Steps to Changing Windshield Blades

Changing the wipers of your vehicle is a no-brainer once you are equipped with the tricks and tips involved and have the necessary tools and materials needed to achieve the best results. After all, why do you have to pay a mechanic $80 to change the windshield wipers you bought for less than $30?

Tools and Materials Needed

–  Needle-nose Pliers

–  Tape measure

–  Screwdriver

  1. Remove the Old Wiper Blades

Getting the old wiper blades removed is the initial step you need to take towards changing the windshield wipers of your vehicle. The wiper arm is metal while the windshield is glass. Therefore, be very careful when you are removing them. Once you make any clumsy move, you could crack or scratch the windshield – too bad!

For a save removal, draw up the whole wiper assembly in order for it to be vertical. Once that is done, twirl the blade upright towards your arm so that you can see the hinge. There is a small tab located by one side of the hinge. Just draw it out and drag the wiper down in the direction of the vehicle. Remove the blade from one of the holes on the wiper blade, now that you have detached both the arm and the blade.

The wiper arms are no longer protected as you have detached the wiper blade from it. Therefore, do not be careless with the arms, particularly if you want to go and pick the new wipers.

  1. Fix or Install the New Windshield Wipers

The next step is for you to take the new windshield wipers and insert the arm into the right hole for it to push the wiper up. Glide the new wiper blade onto the arm until it clicks into position. To establish which hole the blade enters, adjust the hinge to be perpendicular to the wiper and line it up so that the hook of the arm will go over the hinge. Simply line the popper on the hinge and push them together once the arm is in the hole. When it snapped inside, you will hear and feel a click. Get the arm lowered, wash and repeat and you’re done!

Wiper-Arm Mounts Types

The Pin Type Arm― This type of wiper arm makes use of the matching notion of the hook-slot arm, apart from the fact that you will see a pin as a substitute for a tab. Depress the pin from the back of the blade or raise out the pin with a screw driver. Make all the necessary adjustments required until you get the expected results. Once that is done, fix your new windshield blade in the pins.

Hook Slot Connector―This is the simplest to replace of all the available wiper-arm mounts. With the arm at a right angle, find the flap that connects the wiper to the slot. Move it forward and somehow, it will let loose the blade and let you draw it out. Pull it with your pliers if it proves difficult. Fix your newly bought windshield wiper and glide it alongside the slot till it fixes into position.

Straight-End Connector―Replacing this type of wiper-arm mount needs a drag, as it can be a daunting task. The best way you can let loose a tab or notch protected by a blade is to use your screwdriver. Draw out the old blade and fix the new blade by gliding it inside and locking it.

Final Thoughts

Windscreen wipers are important parts of your vehicle and need adequate care and maintenance. Don’t wait till when it starts to rain before you remember that you want to change your old wipers to new ones. Once you have decided to change them, make sure you shop for the best windshield wipers on the market. With the simple steps above, you can fit new wiper blades on your vehicle and save that money you would pay that mechanic in your neighborhood!

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