Configure Wireless RouterWireless routers have provided us with convenient networks and WIFI signals. All the routers, though with different features and deliverables, have the same installation procedure. The steps might not be identical, but the framework is similar. Different routers have different-looking administration panels too. You can read the router’s manual to get acquainted with the various controls on the wireless router. Configuring the routers can be done conveniently using the user interface. The Best Wireless Routers 2019 are in fact quite easy to install.

We take pride in being able to bring you the relevant information about wireless routers. We seek to educate you and ensure you get the best out of your wireless router. This is a synopsis of the basic steps of configuring a wireless router using the IP address.

Configuration Steps

Follow the following steps set up your router.

1) Connect the data cable or modem to the data port of the wireless modem.

2) Connect the router to a computer through one of the LAN cables.

3) Switch off the router and the computer and allows them to boot again while connected to each other.

4) Open the browser on the computer and type the IP address on the address bar.

5) The browser will open a login page. The page will prompt you to log in to the administration panel of the router.

6) Use these credentials to log in. Username-admin and password-password. These are the default login credentials, if you had changed them before, you will have to use the current credentials. If you don’t remember them, you have to hard reset the router.

7) Once you are on the administration pane, click on the setup wizard icon on the left hand side or on the toolbar. Click yes then next. The router will recognize whether you are connected to the internet and complete the configuration process.

The is the default network that is assigned to any internet gateway. You can use it to conveniently access the administration panel of your router. The specific layout and labeling of icons on the administration panel might differ from router to router. Each brand of the router as its own user interface system. For instance, some of the best netgear routers use the netgear genie platform.  All the routers will feature the basic installation steps, whether it is the Best Wireless Travel Routers or the Best wireless router for home 2019.

Configuring your wireless router should not be a headache. We hope that we can help you get the best wireless router for the money you have. Whether you want the Best wireless router for under 50 USD 2019 or the Best wireless router for under 100 USD 2019, we hope to lead you to it. You can always visit the support page of the router you are using and seek clarification. You will find a lot of the information you need here though.

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