Innovation in locomotion has been progressive since the industrial revolution. Large locomotion scopes have mainly seen massive technological development. A twist in these innovations has been experienced in the current decade over the past few years. This twist has seen locomotion inventions in a small scope, like moving around the house or office. The most popular of these inventions is the self balancing scooter/hover-board. The best self balancing scooters are widely used these days. These are personal transportation devices that consist of two wheels and pads on which you step on. You control the hoverboard by either leaning forward or backward and twisting your feet.

Is it tiring to keep walking around the house running chores? Does your work involve moving from office to office inspecting work progress? If you fit these descriptions, then self balancing scooter could be the device you need. Being a relatively new invention, very few people know the technical aspects of a hoverboard. There are currently many different types being manufactured and put up for sale. Therefore, being able to identify the best hoverboard might prove to be a daunting task. However, that’s not a reason enough to stop you from easing your movement by getting a hoverboard. Below is a carefully compiled review of different types of hoverboards available for purchase. This review compares the technical specifications of the various hoverboards and their performance. First, below is a comparison table of the various hoverboards we are going to look at.

Best Self Balancing Scooter & Hoverboard 2019

NameMaximum weight
Wheel size (inches)Average single charge travel distance (miles)Top Speed (mph)Price
SWAGTRON T580 App-Enabled Hoverboard2207117Check Price
SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road Hoverboard430101212Check Price
SWAGTRON T1 - UL 22722206.588Check Price
OXA UL 22722208177.5Check Price
Segway Mini PRO22010.51410Check Price
SagaPlay F12206.588Check Price
HoverHeart UL 22722206.51010Check Price
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover2208.51010Check Price
Razor Hovertrax 2.02206.588Check Price
TOMOLOO UL 22722206.588Check Price

1) SWAGTRON T580 App-Enabled Hoverboard

self balancing scooterThe Swagtron T580 is an excellent example of locomotive technology being taken to the next level. The hoverboard is Bluetooth enabled and you can, therefore, control it with an app. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The hoverboard has sleek looks and comes with speakers through which you can play music from your phone. If you like to have remote control of your gadgets, this hoverboard is a good option for you. The control of this scooter is simple; it has very comfy non-slip footpad. The sensors below the foot-pads are sensitive and respond well to your body’s equilibrium changes.

Core Features

  • It comes with two settings modes. Standard and learner mode.
  • It supports persons weighing 44-220 lbs.
  • It charges for 90-100 minutes.
  • It travels 8 miles on a single charge.
  • It pairs to other devices through Bluetooth to play music on inbuilt speakers.


The Swagtron T580 delivers enough traction and smooth movement. Its systems enable it to handle tough terrains. You can stroll down the city lanes with this scooter. You can also push your way through muddy pools with ease. It delivers a top speed of 7.5 mph and can handle gradients of up to 30 degrees.


  1. It can handle steep and rough terrains.
  2. It comes equipped with zero emission motors.
  3. It is splash-proof.
  4. It has Bluetooth capabilities; this makes it convenient.
  5. The learner mode ensures safety for beginners.


  1. The Bluetooth system and speakers may get damaged quickly if you ride on rough surfaces.


The Swagtron T580 performs moderately well. The speed is good and its design pays more attention to safety features. There are several complains about this hoverboard on Amazon about its charging system and riding vibrations. The charging issue could be specific to just one device, while the vibrations are largely dependent on the surfaces on which you ride. The control is simple and easy to master. The Swagtron T580 is, therefore, a great option to consider next time you go shopping for a scooter.

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2) SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

self balancing hoverboardThe SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road does not disappoint either when it comes to technology and connectivity. The Swagtron T580 is dwarfed in comparison to the T6. The T6 off-road capabilities make it superior over many other hoverboards. It still comes with Bluetooth connectivity and speakers. It has a strong bodywork and tires that are capable of handling heavy weights. If you desire power and off-road dominance, this is one of the options you should have in mind.

Core Features

  • It supports a weight of 44-430lbs.
  • It hits a top speed of up to 12mph.
  • It has 10’’ rugged tires.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity and inbuilt speakers.


The SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road handle all sorts of surfaces with ease thanks to it’s 10’’ rugged tires. Hitting top speeds of 12 mph and cruising over gradients of up to 30 degrees, it appears to be a top of the range scooter.


  1. It has high speeds.
  2. It handles all types of terrain with ease.
  3. It convenient; the Bluetooth connectivity makes its operation convenient.
  4. It simple to operate and control.
  5. It can handle heavy weights making it suitable for all persons.


  1. The high speeds and power levels may not be suitable for beginner and young riders.
  2. The Bluetooth connectivity and speaker always at risk of quick damage due to exposure to rough surfaces.


The SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road is made for speed and power. If speed sends adrenaline rushing all across your veins, then this one of your options. The tops speeds and power qualifies this hoverboard to be among the best. Its bodywork appearance is a sight to behold, the large tires make it look domineering. It is safe to assume that this hoverboard will deliver the results you desire.

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3) SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Best Electric Self Balancing Scooter

electric self balancing scooterThe SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 is a moderate performance self balancing electric scooter. It has amazing safety features though. The hoverboard comes in a sleek and attractive design. It is equipped with fantastic LED indicator lights and other great control features. It has a learner mode that is specially engineered to work well for beginners.  It comes with powerful motors that enhance balance and control downhill.

Core Features

  • It takes one hour to charge.
  • It comes with the sentry shield system that protects its batteries.
  • It has all-electrical systems.
  • It supports a top weight of 220lbs.


The SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 hits a top speed of 8mph. It does up to miles on a single charge. Its sentry shield systems protect its batteries from some defects to make them last longer


  • The sentry shield system protects the batteries from.
  • Short-circuiting.
  • Overheating.
  • Overcharging.
  • Overcurrent.
  • The all-electric systems make it very effective.
  • It goes up to 12 miles on a single charge.
  • The learning mode allows even young riders to use it.
  • It is easy to ride and control, with effective indicator features.


  • Materials used to make it are not the sturdiest. They tend to fall off if it is subjected to tough conditions.
  • It cannot handle rough surfaces


The SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 has an acceptable performance level. The speed is appropriate, and it lasts longer on a single charge. It is however not suitable for all surfaces. It is made for smooth surfaces only. This hoverboard is suitable for young children and learners. Still a good hoverboard if you are looking for a means of quick movement around a small area.

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4) OXA UL 2272 Hoverboard Self Balancing scooter

self balancing hoverboardThe OXA 2272 is made for riding over long distances. You might be looking for a hoverboard that will take you to the mall and back to the house. This hoverboard fits that description. It comes with an intelligent control system that monitors the changes in the body equilibrium of the rider. This hoverboard delivers incredible power and speed. Its outward appearance is sleek and beautiful. It features broader stepping pads surface than the other hoverboards we have reviewed above.

Core Features

  • It has two riding modes. Self-balance and non-self-balance.
  • It has a 17 km range on a single charge.
  • It has a 3-hour charging time.
  • It has a 3rd generation intelligent control system.
  • It has multiple safety features.


The OXA 2272 hit a top speed of 7.5mph. It can handle a slope of up to 30 degrees. It goes up to 17 km on a single 3-hour charge. It can handle massive weights.


  1. Long distance capabilities will ensure you don’t have to worry about running out of charge while riding away from the house.
  2. The intelligent control system can adjust the hoverboard accordingly to fit every rider.
  3. The self balancing mode allows beginners and kids to ride.
  4. Has multiple safety features that protect the parts of the hoverboard as well as the rider.


  1. The charging time is a bit long.


The OXA 2272 is a powerful machine designed to ride over longer distances than many other hoverboards. It is ideal for outdoor adventures. It could, however, use better wheels to be able to maneuver over different surfaces. Most reviews of the OXA 2272 on Amazon rate it excellent. There are a few complaints about its performance and speed though. The hoverboard is designed to cruise long distances, and it does deliver the required performance.  It is, therefore, an effective and top of the range scooter.

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5) Segway Mini PRO

best self balancing scooterThe Segway mini-PRO is a next level hoverboard when it comes to comfort and control. The smart hoverboard allows mobile app connection for easy control. It comes with a saddle that supports your legs in position. The large and rugged tires are perfect for outdoor adventures. This hoverboard will easily cruise through muddy pools and uneven surfaces. It comes with several safety features that ensure it lasts for long and you ride safely. The Segway mini-PRO is handsfree and easy to control.

Core Features

  • It has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It supports a weight of up to 220lbs.
  • It has precision sensors.
  • It features a knee control saddle.
  • It comes with an 800-watt dual motor.
  • It has automatic head and tail LED lights.


The Segway mini-PRO come through as a powerful hoverboard delivering a top speed of up to 10mph. It lasts up to 14 miles on a single charge. It has multiple safety features that make it last longer. It can adjust and handle uneven surfaces with its large and rugged wheels.


  1. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to control.
  2. The precision censors enable young riders and beginner to learn fast.
  3. The knee control helps to keep you in position.
  4. The 800-watt dual motor aids it to adjust to uneven surfaces.


  1. Its battery does not last very long.


The Segway mini-PRO is an evolved hoverboard regarding control and safety. It, however, does not match up to other hoverboards of its size when it comes to power and speed. There are numerous complaints about its battery on its Amazon profile. The knee control saddle is incredible and helps many riders to stay safe. The hoverboard performs moderately but adds inconvenient control and enhanced safety measures. It, therefore, does fit into the category of best hoverboards.

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6) SagaPlay F1 Electric Self Balancing Scooter

self balancing electric scooterThe SagaPlay F1 comes in to prove itself as an all-around self balancing electric scooter. It promises impressive power levels and speed. It is an all-terrain hoverboard; you have the liberty to go virtually anywhere. The design looks very compact. It does is be bulky either, which is great considering it has power. The design has paid a lot of attention to its self balancing abilities which go a long way in enhancing safety.

Core Features

  • It has 250-watt dual motors.
  • It has lithium-ion battery with intelligent protection.
  • It is Splash-proof.
  • It comes with 6.5’’ wheels.
  • It features Gyroscopic sensors.


The Saga-Play F1 last for 9 miles on a single two-hour charge. It can support the weight of up to 220lbs. The hoverboard allows spinning in either direction.


  • The hoverboard is all-terrain; you are at liberty to tackle all sorts of surfaces.
  • The gyroscopic sensors are effective in control.
  • It has the learner mode appropriate for young riders and beginners.
  • The intelligent battery protection ensures it lasts longer
  • The splash-proof ensures it does not get damaged when maneuvering through wet conditions.


  • The material used to make it, though compact, is not very strong, they can easily break


The Saga-play is a fantastic hoverboard if you take into consideration its ability to maneuver across all terrains. It sits well with beginners and young kids with its well-thought safety features. The charge retention duration is a bit low. It is a moderate performance hoverboard which is more suitable for persons who are just starting to use hoverboards.

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7) HoverHeart UL 2272

best hoverboardThe HoverHeart is compactly designed to last long. This electric self balancing scooter has a good enough touch in every aspect of an excellent hoverboard. It delivers impressive speed and power. It has all the appropriate safety measures and an attractive aesthetic appearance. The Hoverheart manages to attain a good balance in all features making it one of the best hoverboards available. Its compact design makes it appear sleek and possibly last long.

Core Features

  • It has an anti-fire plastic cover.
  • It features front and tail LED lights.
  • It has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker.
  • It comes with a 36V-4A battery.
  • It has 6.5’’ wheels.


The HoverHeart delivers a top speed of 10mph and lasts up to 10 miles on a single charge. It supports a weight of up to 220lbs. It comes equipped with strong motors that enable self balancing and spinning.


  • It has a high top-speed.
  • The anti-fire plastic is strong and offers ample protection to inner components.
  • It is convenient with the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker.
  • It can handle all terrains.
  • It is compact and sturdy.


  • The Bluetooth speaker gets easily damaged.


The Hoverheart has a good performance regarding speed and power. It also has all the other standard capabilities of most hoverboards. It is compact and can last very long if well maintained. The anti-fire plastic is tough and long-lasting. This is a plus. It has a few negative reviews on Amazon, but it seems like an otherwise fantastic hoverboard.

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8) EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover

hoverboard reviewsThe Epikgo hoverboard is a gamechanger in hoverboard technology. It has a perfect touch on all aspects of great hoverboards. The wheels are phenomenal and promise to deliver incredible traction. The design is compact, and the materials are strong making the hoverboard sturdy. Its aesthetic is amazing. The machine is powerful and has incredible speeds. The safety measures have all been put in place to ensure you remain safe even at high speed. The rugged tires ensure that you will not shy away from any terrain.

Core Features

  • It comes with 400W dual motors.
  • It is bigger than most standard hoverboards.
  • It comes with 8.5’’ solid rubber rugged tires.
  • It has an aluminum alloy body.
  • It is splash proof.


The Epikgo can handles slopes of up to 18 degrees. It lasts up to 10 miles with a single two- hour charge. It delivers huge levels of power, and it is easy to balance since it has more stepping-room.


  • The strong motors and broad stepping-space making it very stable even over uneven surfaces.
  • The rugged rubber tires enable it to handle multiple terrains.
  • It has high power and speed levels.
  • It has enhanced safety features.
  • The aluminum alloy body ensures it lasts long.
  • It is splash proof; it cannot get damaged while moving over wet environments.


  • It is heavy so it might be difficult to carry it through places you can’t ride on it.


There is no questioning of the power of the Epikgo. The board has several complaints about breaking right in the middle. This could be dangerous for any rider. It is, however, a powerful and durable board. Its weight could be the result of these breakages. Overall, a well-developed Epikgo hoverboard will deliver good performance and for long.

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9) Razor Hovertrax 2.0

best hoverboardThe Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is perfectly designed aesthetically. The razor-sharp edges and LED front light makes it very attractive. It has intelligent systems that can automatically adjust themselves to fit various situations. It wheels come in a unique and sharp design that is attractive and powerful over rough surfaces.  This hoverboard is the only auto balance hoverboard we have seen so far. The auto balance means the hoverboard can be ridden by anyone even if it is their first time. It is applicable both indoors and outdoors.

Core Features

  • It comes with 350-watt dual motors.
  • It has a 36v lithium-ion battery.
  • It features an auto-balance system.
  • It has front and tail LED lights.


The hover delivers a speed of over 8mph. It lasts for an hour after a single charge. It can support a maximum weight of 220lbs.


  • The strong dual motors aid the hoverboards to adjust over various terrain.
  • It is an all-terrain hoverboard.
  • The auto-balance system enhances safety. Almost anyone can ride on it.


  • The main material is not the strongest. It is therefore prone to breakage.


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a leader as far as smart hoverboards are concerned. Its intelligent systems allow it to take most control of the movement, leaving the rider to control the speed and direction only. The enhanced balance is a major plus since it ensures a high level of safety. The hoverboard performs moderately regarding power and speed. The levels are however acceptable. It, therefore, qualifies to remain on the list of best hoverboards one can purchase. It has amazing reviews on various online platforms, more so Amazon.

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10) TOMOLOO UL2272 Self Balancing Scooter

self balancing hoverboardThe TOMOLOO is yet another wonderful hoverboard when it comes to smart hoverboard technology. It has Bluetooth connectivity and comes with an app and an inbuilt speaker. The electric self balancing scooter has an eccentric outward appearance that makes it look like a sports car. The TOMOLOO is a winner when it comes to aesthetic features. It doesn’t fall any short when it comes to performance. It is powerful and durable. It is compactly designed and has a broad stepping space. It makes use of innovative technology to enhance sensitivity and safety. It has strong motors that make sure it can handle uneven surfaces with ease.

Core Features

  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It Features RGB lights.
  • It has 300W dual motors.


The TOMOLOO hoverboard can handle a top weight of 264lbs. It hits a top speed of 10mph and can travel up to 12 miles in one charge.


  • The strong dual motors help it to maneuver over uneven surfaces.
  • It is an all-terrain hoverboard.
  • It used top technology to enhance stability. It is hence safe for almost anyone to ride.
  • It has high speeds and keeps a charge for longer.
  • The RGB lights make it very attractive.
  • It is compact and sturdy hence durable.


  • Its materials are prone to breakage or vibrations.


The TOMOLOO is beaten by none concerning its looks. The performance is among the top performances too. Durability is subject to how you use a product so we should probably not dwell too much on that. This hoverboard also adds top-notch technology to enhance convenience and safety. It, therefore, qualifies to be among the leading pack in the list of best hoverboards. It has an almost perfect touch in many if not all of the aspects of hoverboard technology.

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We have gone through some hoverboards available in the market. Each of these hoverboards is designed to be used in particular situations. Knowing which is the best hoverboard requires that you consider your specific situations. Numerous factors will affect the performance of a hoverboard. These machines need proper maintenance for them to last too. Therefore, even if you get the best hoverboard available, how it serves you will ultimately depend on how well you can maintain it. Up to this point, it is likely that you have a clear idea of the technical aspects surrounding the performance of a hoverboard. You need to consider several factors so that you can make an informed decision. These factors include;

  1. Who, Where and How.

You need to know who the hoverboard is intended for, where they are going to use it and how they are going to use it. These factors are important because, for instance, some hoverboards are not suitable for small children (most of the time we buy hoverboards for our little ones). Similarly, some hoverboards cannot be used outdoors. The most suitable hoverboard will be informed by the answers to these questions.

  1. The Performance

Performance is the main aspect of any hoverboard. You need to get a hoverboard with a performance that matches or surpasses the needs implied by the questions indicated above. The performance of the hoverboard will tell you whether it can handle your specific circumstances. Always go for better performance.

  1. Safety

These gadgets can be dangerous if not properly used or defective. The safety of the user is always a top priority. As you go for higher performance and speeds, you need to ensure that the hoverboard you get has the recommended and standard safety features. The UL2272 is the standard safety specification. You, therefore, need to ensure that the hoverboard you get has met all safety conditions and awarded this certification. Additional safety measures are also a plus. Always go for the hoverboard that can guarantee the safety of the rider, especially if you are buying it for a kid.

  1. Price

The price difference in the various hoverboards we have looked at is massive. The different specifications and features make the prices vary. Ultimately, your budget gets to determine which hoverboard you are going to get. Therefore, you need to carefully go through several of them so that you can get the one that gives you the most value for your money. You should never compromise quality for the price though. Always strive to get the best hoverboard if you can afford it.

Having considered the various aspects surrounding hoverboards and looked at various options that are available. It would be a safe bet to assume that you are in a better position to choose the best hoverboard for yourself.  Ultimately, the choice of hoverboard is dependent on personal preferences. The best hoverboard for you might for you might not necessarily be the best for someone else. This review might seem very long to memorize every detail. Therefore, below is a table that contains a simplified compilation of the various hoverboards and their features. The table will help you quickly compare the hoverboards next time you are out shopping for a hoverboard.

NameCore FeaturesPrice ($)
SWAGTRON T580 App-Enabled Hoverboard
  • The hoverboard has two setting modes. A learner mode and a setting mode

  • Maximum weight is 220 lbs

  • It charges for 100 min

  • Travels 8 miles on a single charge

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Inbuilt speakers

  • Check Price
    SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road Hoverboard
  • Maximum weight is 430lbs

  • Top speed is 12mph

  • It features 10’’ rugged tires

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Inbuilt speakers

  • Check Price
    SWAGTRON T1 - UL 2272
  • One-hour charge

  • Sentry shield battery protection

  • All-electrical systems

  • Maximum weight 220lbs

  • Check Price
    OXA UL 2272
  • Two setting modes.

  • Self-balance and non-self-balance

  • Travels 17km on a single charge

  • 3-hour charging time

  • 3rd generation intelligent control

  • Check Price
    Segway Mini PRO
  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Maximum weight is 220lbs

  • Precision sensors

  • Knee control saddle

  • Dual motor- 800 watts

  • Head and tail LED lights

  • Check Price
    SagaPlay F1
  • Gyroscopic sensors

  • 5’’ rubber tires

  • Splash proof

  • Intelligent protection

  • Lithium ion battery

  • Dual motors-250 watts

  • Check Price
    HoverHeart UL 2272
  • 5’’ rubber tires

  • 36v, 4A battery

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Inbuilt speakers

  • Front and tail LED lights

  • Anti-fire plastic cover

  • Check Price
    EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover
  • Dual motors- 400watts

  • Huge size

  • 5’’ rugged tires

  • Aluminum alloy frame

  • Splash proof

  • Check Price
    Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • Dual motors- 350 watts

  • 36v lithium ion battery

  • Auto-balancing system

  • LED tail lights

  • Check Price
    TOMOLOO UL 2272
  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • RGB lights

  • Dual motors-330watts

  • Check Price

    Best Self Balancing Scooter & Hoverboard 2019 – Buyer’s Guide (DEEP INSIGHT)

    Here is a comprehensive buying guide for best self balancing scooter and hoverboard 2019 to have a deep insight for a better decision.

    A self balancing scooter is a double wheeled gadget which utilizes internal gyroscopes to detect the intended user’s direction. Thus, depending on the direction the user leans, this gadget responds accordingly until they reach their destination. Hoverboards trace their origin in China with widespread use and manufacture in the USA. The original aim during the innovation of these two wheeled gadgets was to reduce pollution in China by facilitating transportation without emitting exhaust.

    When the scooters landed in the USA, their use became widespread among celebrities who made posts on instagram with some citizens also embracing them. However, this popularity started to fade shortly after innovation and use when reports about these gadgets catching fire increased.  The result was the move by USA to come up with safety tests which these gadgets must pass to be considered safe for use. Thus, in the USA, for safety purposes, you can only use these gadgets if they have a UL certification. With UL certification, you are sure of good quality and safe hoverboards. Being a new innovation also, these devices are likely to undergo more manipulation in the future years in an attempt to further improve their designs and performance.

    As a smart buyer, before jumping to the specifics of hoverboards, you need to understand the benefits these gadgets offer to the user and those around them. This way, you can encourage more friends to tag along the next time you buy yours. The benefits include:

    They are economical. Besides their lower initial costs unlike other transport devices, these gadgets operation depends on battery power rather than fuel hence cheaper running costs.

    They are environmental friendly. From their initial design, the goal of these devices was to reduce pollution by emitting zero by products to the environment. These gadgets also feature quiet operations hence environmental friendly.

    They are convenient. Due to their small size, these gadgets do not require a parking space when not in use. Also, when you get tired using them, their small size and lightweight allows for portability.

    An electric self balancing scooter is also beneficial in that you can never arrive late to your destination due to traffic. It is thus a time saving means of transport.

    Types of self balancing scooters

    Hoverboards use a common operating principle featuring two wheels, a board and a gyroscope. Thus, in their classification, the power and wheel features are the determining factors. For this reason, there exist two major types of hoverboards:

    City commuters: just like their name suggests, these hoverboards are suitable for use in cities where the roads feature a friendly terrain. They have small wheels with mid class motors.  The small wheels facilitate easy acceleration due to their proximity to the ground. Also, with this feature, it is much easier to turn and control these scooters. City commuters also feature a lightweight and sleek design which makes them a stylish and easy to carry gadget.

    Off-the road commuters: unlike the, city commuters, off the road commuters feature high quality motor with bigger wheels. These wheels, made with solid rubber, provide maximum stability making these scooters ideal for use in the rough terrains and muddy roads.

    Special features to consider when buying a self balancing scooter

    Analyzing a scooter’s unique features is an important step towards settling for the best. The best electric self balancing scooter feature differences in these unique features that make them stand out in specific functions. Some of the special features to look for and compare when buying your hoverboards include

    The brand: as a smart buyer, buying from trusted and leading brands, despite the high costs is way to go. These brands have an established quality reputation, eliminating the possibility of explosions and malfunctions of your gadget.

    UL certification: when buying your scooter, check for UL 2272 certification printed on the board. With this certification, you can use your scooter with a guarantee of no overheating, sparks emission or fire. If your purchase is online, be careful with scooters whose description does not mention this feature. Among the tests that scooters must pass before receiving this certification include the short circuit, drop, water exposure, imbalanced charging, shock and crash tests among others.

    Speed: an average scooter has a speed of about 10mph. This speed is equivalent to an adult jogging speed. Hence, buy a gadget with at least 10mph and above for speed efficiency.

    Battery life: the duration your scooter’s battery lasts after charging is subject to the user’s weight and travel speed. Also, the brand of battery you purchase will dictate the running time hence the need for a quality brand. Among the batteries you can consider include the LG and Samsung types for their durability. On average, buy scooters with a battery life of one or two hours for maximum efficiency. These batteries will allow use for up to 10 miles travel distance. Also of importance is your battery’s charging time. An average battery should take about three hours charging to full battery. This charge should run you for the rest of the day, if you only use your scooter for short distances. If you use it for longer mileages, then the run time should be more than an hour for an efficient battery. In fact, with a good quality battery for your scooter, you can take up to eternity without experiencing serious effects of a low battery charge.

    Price: if you are among the individuals who quantify quality with price, then consider scooters worth $300 and above. These scooters in most cases feature high quality advanced features with maximum operating efficiency.

    Power: a scooter’s power is its pulling capacity when carrying your weight. A powerful scooter will remain stable regardless of the terrain in which it runs.

    Usability: as a smart buyer, you do not want to purchase a gadget that you cannot use. Thus, the scooter you purchase should be stable enough with quality sensors that will detect your movements during operation.

    Technical specs

    Tire size: the tires also contribute to usability. In fact, tires affect the scooters weight capacity, stability and the ability to maneuver through the roughest terrains. Large wheels offer smooth rides compared to the smaller ones. Also, when riding on rough terrains, the large wide wheels will be more stable compared to the small narrow wheels. Thus, when purchasing your scooter, consider one whose wheel size ranges between 6 and 8-inches.

    Weight capacity: this refers to the amount of weight the scooter can support. Majority of the scooters can hold 220lbs., hence ideal for most adults. Scooters with very low capacities should be left for the younger, lightweight children. However, do not allow your child to ride a scooter if he or she is not yet of age.

    Warranty: hoverboards have a bad history with respect to safety. This is why as a smart buyer; you need to consider the warranty feature which in most cases is reflective of the gadget’s quality. Moreover, with the fragile nature of their parts, purchasing hoverboards with parts warranty is ideal to cut down on the unnecessary future expenses.

    Additional features: technological advancements are aiming at making scooters as comfortable as possible by incorporating luxury features similar to those found in cars and motorcycles. These features include LED lights which illuminate your riding path to ensure a safe ride especially in the dark. Other scooters feature Bluetooth speaker which allows you to enjoy your Mp3 as you ride your hoverboard. Additional luxury features include the reflectors and mobile apps with other hoverboards featuring operation modes whose settings adjust the operations to suit your needs.

    Choosing the best self balancing scooter for your lifestyle

    Lifestyle needs with respect to hoverboards will vary depending on the user’s location and weight. While some users reside in the cities, others reside in the countryside where there is no access to smooth roads and pavements. For this reason, the scooters these individuals purchase will vary greatly in terms of the features. Also, plus size group of people will require hoverboards with specialized weight features. The following is thus a review of the top three brands that will conveniently meet these user lifestyle needs:

    The best hoverboard: when it comes to the best scooter, go for nothing less than the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. Being a Razor brand scooter, this gadget features a globally competitive high quality design, hence a reason for you to trust it. Besides the quality features, this machine is safe to handle courtesy of the UL 2272 certification, that allows you to use it without fear of shocks, overheating or fire. It is also a fast speed self balancing scooter, operating at a silent speed of 8mph.

    When using the Razor device also, you do not need to worry about the battery life as this gadget uses high quality lithium ion battery with 36V. This battery features a run time of one hour after charge enabling you to enjoy a continuous ride over several miles. The gadget can support most adults courtesy of its 220lbs weight capacity. Also, to ensure a safe drive through the rough terrains, this gadget features anti-slip rubber wheels combined with an EverBalance technology that provides traction ensuring safe and easy mounting and an eventual smooth ride. Besides the above special features, this self balancing scooter embraces luxury in its make to maintain a cool style. This include an LED light and power indicators, fender bumpers and two operating modes that allow you to adjust the gadget depending on whether you are training or doing a normal ride.

    The best off the road self balancing scooter for heavy weight users: scooters are quite limiting when it comes to riding them on tough terrains or muddy roads. This is more so for plus size users. However with technology advancements, Swagtron T6 breaks off this limitation. This scooter has superior features that make it ideal on rough terrains. First and foremost, this gadget can handle up to 420lbs hence ideal for both the light and heavyweight riders. To facilitate this also, the device has metal guards for feet protection and its high power is ideal for safe handling all size individuals. In fact, this Swagtron model was the first type of scooter to ever handle more than 380pounds.

    In order to safely transport the heavy weight it carries, Swagtron T6 features dual 10-inch tires which are tubeless hence easy movement through the terrains. These tires have a rugged design that provides maximum traction and grip, enabling you to maneuver terrains with 30 degrees inclinations without falling. The wide tires provide stability with much of its area resting on the ground. Featuring a lithium ion battery, this gadget requires around two to three hours charge time after which you can enjoy your adventure for up to 12miles. With T6 also, speed is not a compromise. In fact, this gadget, featuring a speed of 12mph is among the fastest self balancing scooters. To add to your comfort during the drive, T6 features additional luxury features which include a Bluetooth app that allows you to play music from your phone as your ride. To simplify your work, this gadget features a LED lights that illuminate your path when riding in the dark. The gadget also features a battery indicator that allows you to check your battery status during the ride without having to make a stopover. While undertaking the above roles, this gadget, featuring UL 2272 certification also ensures user safety.

    The best self balancing scooter for all terrains: while the above two scooters are ideal for specific terrains, SagaPlay F1 is the best you can buy if you want to undertake your adventure in both the smooth and rough terrains. Featuring a powerful dual motor at 250W, this gadget is ideal for climbing steep terrains with up to 15 degrees inclinations. Moreover, their 2 hour fast single charge can last for more than an hour run time, allowing you to cover over 9miles hence the most powerful self balancing scooter in the market. Also, their LG smart battery features high quality hence durable.

    To facilitate movement in all terrains including the muddy, sand and grass terrains, SagaPlay F1 features non-slip foot pedals with rubberized tires that provide maximum grip and traction. Also, its LED battery indicator allows you to observe your battery charge percentage as you ride through your adventure. Being the best hoverboard for all terrains, this gadget features a dynamic equilibrium that allows you to maneuver to and fro and even spin without falling. To safeguard you during use, this gadget features a UL certification passing 159 safety tests hence guarantees of safety from potential fire hazards. The gadget also has a one year warranty on the parts and labor hence worth the investment.

    FAQs About Self Balancing Scooter

    • Are hoverboards life risking?

    Some few years back, using a scooter was dangerous as the probability of this gadgets catching fire was very high. However, today, things are different, courtesy of the UL certification. With this certification, hoverboards undergo several safety tests in the UL laboratories until they get user safety guarantee approval.

    • Can kids ride on self balancing scooters?

    Hoverboards feature weight capacities as low as 40lbs. This weight range is common in many kids over 10years of age. However, with these gadgets, the ideal age is 14years or more. This however does not mean that your 12 year child cannot use it. When you allow them to ride, make sure you monitor their moves to prevent them from falling and getting serious injuries.

    • Do scooters come with a charger?

    Yes, as part of the package, scooters feature a charger. As a safety precaution also, ensure your charger features UL certification.

    • What is the difference between Samsung, LG and Chinese batteries?

    Hoverboards use lithium batteries which feature a battery cell and protection circuit. The difference in these cell features differentiates the above bat types. For Chinese batteries, the protection circuit has no UL Certification. LG and Samsung on the other hand feature UL certification and are common in the United States.

    • Can I ride my hoverboard in the rain?

    In as much as hoverboards need to pass a water proof test for UL certification, these boards can only stand mild rains. Heavy rains and flooding can be damaging to your scooter thus you should avoid riding them when it is raining.

    In conclusion, hoverboards offer a convenient and safe transportation option. With newer advancements on these gadgets, usability will increase even among the children whether for fun or as a transport means. Thus, as a smart buyer, having the right information on the models and special features is necessary to facilitate your buying decision. Most importantly, whether you plan to shop online or intend to walk physically to a dealers shop, you should put your safety first by prioritizing in hoverboards having the UL certification. With the above guide therefore, you can confidently walk to a dealers shop and come out with a quality hoverboard. However, anytime you are unsure of your decision, consider liaising with your dealer for further advice.

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