Wireless Router SecurityYour wireless router is like the door of your network. It is an access point. All devices on the network must be connected to the wireless router. As such, the security of your router is very paramount. There are various security features on a wireless router that you can use to ensure your network does not get infiltrated. You should take the security of your network very seriously. You do not want other people to access the data on your devices; neither do you want anyone to be using the internet service you pay for. Always ensure you have the following four security features turned on to ensure your network is secure.

1) WPA2

WPA2 is arguably the most crucial security feature of any wireless router. WPA2 ensures that no one can gain access t your router without your authorization. WPA2 allows you to set up a password that everyone will be required to key in before they gain access to the network. WPA2, though not enough on its own, is your first line of defense against infiltration. It will ensure the nosy neighbors are not going to scavenge on the internet service you pay for.

2) Firewall

The Firewall is yet another very important feature of your router. Many infiltrations into your network come from other people on the internet. Firewall helps filter off any suspicious traffic from the internet. Sophisticated infiltrators and hackers are always lurking in the internet looking for their next victim. They could access your data or send you malware. Ensure you have the firewall protection on so that it can block any suspicious traffic.

3) Guest Access

Wireless routers have a guest access feature. You may receive guests from time to time, and need to give them access to the internet. The guest access feature allows you to provide your guest with internet access without compromising the security of your network. The router creates a different network for the guests. They cannot access the data or files on your network.

4) VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allows you to access the internet anonymously. You may want to access the internet anonymously from time to time. Being anonymous on the internet gives you an extra layer of security. Anyone seeking to attack you specifically will not be able to find you. VPNs allow you to assign a random IP address to your router and appear as if you are in a different location too.

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